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  • DUP-An Experiment

    I've been quiet on the interwebz, trying some things on my own. I started on this board a long time ago under DCBliever, did my first show then my first meet with SAMMICH and JohnCaesar who has since disappeared but stays in contact.

    I'm doing a version of DUP that Dr. Zourdos set up for the FSU PL'ing team and I've modified it for myself. Each day has a Power, Strength, and hypertrophy aspect to it.

    I've put on quite a bit of size without getting fat, I hover around 230 and still pretty lean for this being my heaviest bodyweight. I'll have to cut weight to make 220 and maybe an outside chance of 198.

    Last Weeks Training

    Squat [email protected] Belt only
    Bench [email protected]
    SUMO DL 315x12,10

    Bench [email protected]
    Squat [email protected]

    DL [email protected] beltless
    Bench 260x10,8,8
    Squat 480x10,8 Belt & Wraps 420x7 no belt/wraps

    Next week will be altered a little
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    Welcome back Robb. Good seeing you on here again.
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      What does your DUP program look like? How have you set it up in terms of weeks and blocks?
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        Its conjugate and periodized

        Comp Squat 5x1
        SLDL 5x8
        Floor Press 3xAMRAP

        Bench 5x1
        SUMO DL 3xAMRAP
        Pause Only Squat 3xAMRAP

        DL 5x1
        Inc Bench 5x8
        SSB Squat 5x8

        Percentages increase in 5x1 and AMRAP sets every week. Hypertrophy is by feel
        This is leading up to my meet December 13th.

        Looking to go (700-725)-415-650
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          Hey brosef!
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            Originally posted by trucelt View Post
            Hey brosef!
            Whazzup T?

            Well had one hell of a sinus infection and yesterday was my first day in the gym so this week was DUP BUST. Had a good one anyway

            Work sets
            500x3 no belt/wraps
            525x2 no belt/wraps
            550x1 no belt/wraps
            575x1 belt only

            Bottom Position Pin Squats
            500x3 no belt/wraps
            550x3 no belt/wraps
            600x2 no belt/wraps

            Paused 1 Inch of Chest Bench

            Rear Delt and Upper Back Volume Work

            Down to 219 and going to try and keep it that way.


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              Any meets coming up Robb?

              Glad to see you back in here!
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                Originally posted by nexa View Post
                Any meets coming up Robb?

                Glad to see you back in here!
                Mississippi State PL'ing Championships 12/13/2014
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                  Those are some big ass numbers! I'll be following ... Good luck working toward dec
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                    Originally posted by Jen View Post
                    Those are some big ass numbers! I'll be following ... Good luck working toward dec
                    Thanks Jen, I've come a long way and have a long way to go. I will be switching gears after this meet back to boybuilding though.

                    11/10/14 AM

                    Excentric/Bottom of Lift/Concentric/Top of Lift

                    A1)Neutral Grip Pulldowns 4011 [email protected]
                    A2)Dips 4101 [email protected](220)

                    B1)1 Arm BB Row 3012 [email protected]+Bar
                    B2)Inc Cybex Press 32X0 [email protected] per side (180 total)

                    Bench Techniqie Work
                    10x3 Paused 1"off Chest with 135, working on explosiveness

                    PM Work
                    Squats up to 525 for Max Reps
                    Pin Squats 5x1 Progressively Heaier Singles, up 700+ Hopefully from 1/4 squat
                    Paused High Bar Close Stance Squat 3-5x3

                    I tried the DUP and it crushed me the first week, I'll need to work into, 2x week squatting, benching, and pulling will be fine. Just started intra MD as well for recovery and Diet is full on

                    *Specializing on my back for the last four weeks and dropping all direct arm work as it's a waste of energy at this point


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                      525x7 belt + wraps
                      *cardio gave out first

                      Pin Squat from 1" above parallel
                      *belt only

                      Paused Front squat
                      [email protected]
                      *first time.doing these and I was spent at this point


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                        Good to see you starting a journal, as well, Robb!


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                          Originally posted by Ken "Skip" Hill View Post
                          Good to see you starting a journal, as well, Robb!

                          Thanks SKIP, I'm ready to get back to body building to be honest lol. This is the first site I ever joined. Ready to get this ship sailing the high seas again.


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                            Leg Ext 4x25
                            *very light to help with soreness

                            A1)Hammer High Row 4x10 60s rest
                            A2)Seated Row to Neck 4x10 60s rest

                            B1)Push Ups 100 Reps
                            C1)Pec Minor dips 3x12

                            D1)Machine Shoulder Press 4x12
                            D2) Front Plate Raise 4x10 60s rest

                            20 minutes on spin bike, good pace, light resistance. 2 scoops Intra MD with 50oz water


                            Feeling generally beat to hell but its expected at this meet prep


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                              A1)Medium Parallel Grip Chin Up 3x8
                              A2)Wide Grip Seated Row 3x10
                              A3)Wide Grip Pulldown 3x12
                              A4)Pullover 3x15
                              A5)StraightArm Pulldown 3x20
                              Rest 60s between giant set

                              20 minutes on spin bike
                              1scoop Intra MD 1 scoop HBCD

                              Weight 221.8