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  • The Crawl out of Mediocrity


    1. Really milk madcow 5x5 for everything i can.
    2. increase strength and muscle mass
    3. hit 2 hard conditioning workouts a week, along with 1 long cardio session.


    194 lbs

    Week 2, Workout 3:

    Squat: 100x5; 140x5; 160x5; 175x5; 195x3; 140x8

    Bench: 105x5; 140x5; 160x5; 175x5; 195x3; 160x8

    Row: 115x5; 135x5; 165x5; 180x5; 190x3; 155x8

    Accessory Work:

    Machine Preacher Curls: 4 sets
    Tricep Pushdown: 4 sets

    Post workout selfie
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    did 35 min cardio total today.

    Here's an outline of my diet:

    1: 50g protein shake, 1.5 cup oats, 1/2 cup strawberries
    2: 8 oz chicken w hot sauce, 1 cup rice, brokly
    3: Qdoba double steak burrito (8 oz steak) w brown rice, fajita veggies, tomato salsa
    4: 8 egg whites, 1/4 cup cheese, 2 tbsp evoo
    5: 9 whole eggs, cheese

    eat clean everyday, and once a week have a cheat meal which is usually an all you can eat buffet or sushi, something tasty.


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      Nice to see someone else milking Madcow for everything! Been on it for 5 weeks now and enjoying the progression


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        I just have to give props for the well titled thread.


        Facebook: Skip Hill
        Instagram: @intensemuscle
        YouTube: TEAMSKIP
        TikTok: @intensemuscle

        For Training Inquiries: [email protected]

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          Halloween Workout!

          Squat: 105x5; 140x5; 165x5; 180x5; 195x5

          Bench: 110x5; 145x5; 165x5; 180x5; 195x5

          Row: 135x5; 160x5; 170x5; 1805; 190x5

          Accessory Work:

          Standing Cable Crunches: 5x12-15
          Facepulls: 5x12-15

          Prowler + 90 lbs 50 yard push, 1 minute rest
          repeat 10 times

          Went to outback steakhouse for dinner last night, split the nachos with a friend, some salad and a nice 16 oz rib eye steak + rice for me. Need to run some errands and ill be doing the recovery workout today.

          Originally posted by tallis71 View Post
          Nice to see someone else milking Madcow for everything! Been on it for 5 weeks now and enjoying the progression
          Its a solid program, i like it.

          Originally posted by Ken "Skip" Hill View Post
          I just have to give props for the well titled thread.

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            Squat: 105x5; 140x5; 160x5; 160x5

            Press: 75x5; 105x5; 120x5; 135x5

            Deadlift: 155x5; 210x5; 260x5; 290x5

            Accessory Work:

            DB Side Laterals: 10x12; 15x12; 20x12; 30x6
            Pullups: 1 chainX8; 1 chainX8; BWX10
            Kneeling Cable Crunches: 4x12-15
            Hanging Leg Raises: x8; x8

            Quad DOMS from prowler really kicked in this morning. other than that very good workout, weights are flying up.


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              Squat: 105x5; 145x5; 165x5; 180x5; 200x3; 145x8

              Bench: 110x5; 150x5; 165x5; 180x5; 200x3; 165x8

              Row: 135x5; 155x5; 170x5; 185x5; 195x3; 165x5

              Accessory Work:

              Dips: +30x12; +30x12
              Skullcrusher: 45x12; 65x12; 85x9
              Face Pull: 5x8-12
              Abs: 5x12-15

              Running out of some groceries
              Yeah i know that TN whey is 500x better quality and taste wise than this EAS garbage, but this whey is super cheap and fits student poverty budget well enough, the cereal is for free meal on friday. and the oatmeal bars are a on the go snack.
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                Mowed the 1/2 acre plot we got, that took about an hour


                Free meal day, hit up a buffet. Ill be doing the volume day today.
                Here's some pics from the buffet.. im missing another 2 plates of food but yeah, i ate much more than $11 worth food thats for sure..
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                  Squat: 110x5; 145x5; 165x5; 185x5; 200x5

                  Bench: 115x5; 145x5; 165x5; 185x5; 200x5

                  Row: 145x5; 160x5; 175x5; 185x5; 195x5

                  Accessory Work:
                  Facepull: 4x12-15
                  Abs: 5x12-15
                  Machine Fly: 4x12-15

                  Debating on whether i should do 205 on bench or 202.5 come tuesday. I think ill just have to wait and see how i feel when tuesday arrives. Squat im not sure if i should do 210 or 205, i guess same deal here.


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                    This was November 9th workout:

                    Squat: 110x5; 145x5; 165x5; 165x5

                    Press: 85x5; 110x5; 125x5; 140x5

                    Deadlift: 145x5; 215x5; 265x5; 295x5

                    Accessory Work:

                    Side Laterals: 5x15; 15x15; 30x10
                    Chinups: BWx10; BW+27.5x8; BW+10x8
                    Cable Crunches: 5x12-15
                    Hanging Leg Raises: 3x8

                    Conditioning: 90 lb prowler for 50 yard sprint and back - 1 min rest between each.

                    For press, i think im going to stick with 2.5 lbs a workout from now on, so next week will be 142.5, 145, etc... the weight was heavy but the last rep was just too slow to merit another 5 lb increase.

                    Chinups, im going to do a heavy set 6-8, and work upto 8 reps before more weight, and then do a lighter weight... seems more effective that way.
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                      November 11th:

                      Squat: 115x5; 145x5; 170x5; 190x5; 210x3; 150x8

                      Bench: 110x5; 140x5; 170x5; 185x5; 202.5x3; 170x8

                      Row: 145x5; 160x5; 175x5; 190x5; 200x3; 170x8

                      Accessory Work:
                      Dips: BWx10; BW+35x10; BW+25x14
                      DB Curls: 20x12; 30x10; 40x7
                      1 Arm Overhead Cable Extension: 4 sets

                      Decided to go with +10 on squat, and it felt really good. I think I had 6-8 reps with that weight. +2.5 on bench because the reps didn't feel very smooth when working up today. Back wasn't very tight.
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                        November 13th:

                        55 min cardio

                        went a little longer because i was feeling good.

                        idk what the scale says, but my shirts are getting tighter around the delts/upper back area.


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                          November 14th:

                          Squat: 115x5; 140x5; 170x5; 190x5; 210x5

                          Bench: 110x5; 145x5; 170x5; 185x5; 202.5x5

                          Row: 135x5; 155x5; 175x5; 190x5; 200x5

                          Accessory Work:
                          Machine Flies: 4x8-12
                          Facepull: 5x12-15
                          Standing Cable Crunches: 5x12-15

                          Squat was good, not sure if im going for 215 or 220 on the heavy triple day. bench was decent, grip and back tightness could have been better on the last set.


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                            Squat: 120x5; 150x5; 170x5; 170x5

                            Press: 90x5; 110x5; 125x5; 142.5x5

                            Deadlift: 155x5; 220x5; 270x5; 300x5

                            Accessory Work:
                            Chinups: BWx10; BW+30x8; BW+10x9
                            Side Laterals: 10x15; 20x12; 35x7
                            Abs: 5x12-15

                            Things are progressing nicely.

                            Had a large pizza with ham, beef, chicken, olives, pineapples and red onions from pizza hut on friday as cheat meal and i will never do that again. still feel shitty from eating that.


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                              November 18th, 2014

                              Squat: 120x5; 150x5; 175x5; 195x5; 220x3; 155x8

                              Bench: 115x5; 145x5; 175x5; 190x5; 205x3; 175x8

                              Row: 145x5; 165x5; 180x5; 195x5; 205x3; 175x8

                              Dips: BWx10; BW+35x10; BW+25x15
                              Decline Skullcrusher: 70x18
                              Abs: 5x12-15
                              Facepull: 4x12-15

                              This was the worst workout i have ever done. Slept for 2 hours last night and basically wasnt ready to do this but seeing as i get 2 days off, i might as well. Felt groggy the whole time.. the weights werent too heavy but i wasnt stable on anything and by the end was dead tired. Need to get back to 8 hours again.
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