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2014 workout and diet journal

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  • 2014 workout and diet journal

    Well I have been with Skip as a client for about a year...I have been keeping track of my progress but thought this will make me more accountable and a bit more consistent with this process.

    To start out I work in northern Alberta in an oilfield camp. That's right a camp where all the food is supplied and as much to eat as you want.

    The downfall is.... the food itself! The food is there that Skip requires me to eat its the prep by the kitchen that sucks shit. There is no shortage of salt in the food (I think the salt is even salted lol), everything is cooked in oil fried or sauteed, casseroles, premade sandwiches and sub par vegetables. Eggs are purchased prepeeled off site and brought in by 5 gallon pales of egg and brine and dished into the salad bar for us to consume...these are just a few of the examples.

    The food as you can see is the challenge. So to overcome this issue I precook, freeze and cryovac chicken, fish, and sweet potatoe from home in premeasure quantities. All in one suitcase with my clothes (all on the plane ride) for my twenty-one days away from home.

    So with this I am going to hold my self more accountable to keep on track to always have progress and to try to be as compliant with my eating plan as possible.

    Now the training is on going. I go in everyday with a plan and its as follows..

    Monday - chest
    Tuesday - Cardio and Shoulders
    Wednesday - back
    Thursday - Cardio and Arms
    Friday - Legs
    Saturday - Cardio and calves/traps
    Sunday - SKIPload day

    This isn't always a solid plan. The gym at camp is designed for 30 people at most and this camp has a capacity of 4700 people... For this is a challenge also but overcome with an assessment of equipment before working out to determine what workout it is for the day.

    Yesterday was Chest

    Incline press 4 sets 10
    Incline flies 4 sets 10 - 12
    Decline press 4 sets 12
    Decline flies 3 sets 10
    Flat Bench 3 sets 12
    Flat bench press 3 sets 12

    15 minutes of cardio

    So starting tonight I will post daily of my workout and meals and this will help even me.

    Thanks guys and gals and any question people can ask will gladly help!

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    Welcome! That's some serious dedication and discipline. Good luck!
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      Well I have fallen behind with these posts and with that I have to buck up and stay on it as much as possible.this is my journal and it will help in every sense. It's 1:47am here and I slept for a couple of hours and now wide awake. I am still in camp working for another week so I figured I better get out of bed, quit staring at the clock, prep today's meals for work and hit morning fasted cardio.

      Over the last couple of days meals have been almost spot on just a couple of hiccups. They happen at this stage and I am aware of that I must correct by not reducing any food or punishing myself with skipping a meal or pushing harder in the gym but rather just correct the behaviour and proceed from there. God I eat a lot of chicken!!!! Next time I have to prep more for camp than this least half as much.

      Workout for 07/02/14

      Cardio - 20 minutes

      Back Attack

      Bent over barbell rows - 3 sets 10 @ 225
      Pull-ups - 3 set to failure
      Seated rows - 3 set 10 @ 240,260,200
      Hi and wide cable rows - 3 set 12 @ 140,180,160
      Lat pull downs - 3 sets 12 @ 160,200(9reps),160
      Dumbbell rows - 3 sets 10 @ 100(biggest size at gym)

      Close grip pull downs/alternating wide grip pull downs
      3 sets 12 140,180,160



      Seat shoulder press 2 sets of light warmup w/25 reps each 35lbs/side

      SS shoulder always

      Seated press 4 sets 8 @ 45/90/160/135
      Bent over DB rear flys 4 sets 8 @ 35/50/70/60

      Front raise 3 sets 10 @ 45/55/50
      Side laterals 3 sets 10 @ 40/55/45

      Laying on a bench @ 45degrees
      Front raises 3 sets failure 30/35/35
      Rear delt flys 3 sets failure 30/35/30

      Shrugs DB 3 sets 15 @ 85/100/100
      Shrugs smith machine 2 sets @ 180

      Cardio stairclimber 15minutes

      I was a puddle of sweat and was soaked to the core. Used Gat. Nitraflex for my pre-workout again.

      Well today I will post today's leg workout tonight before bed. Another half hour and I will be heading out for my fasted cardio..........