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    So I've been meaning to start and post a log for a while now. I don't think I'm the type to keep up with it, but I'm gonna try to do my best.

    I'm into STRENGTH and being STRONG. I'm not a powerlifter, or a strongman, or a bodybuilder... However, I am into all 3 and train like all 3.

    I don't compete, nor do I have any desire to.

    I've been training for over 15 years and have tried every method and routine under the sun. And I am still constantly researching and learning, I'm never satisfied. But I'd like to think that the program I've created and am currently running has yielded my best results yet.

    I've taken all the bits that I've liked from other programs....531, juggernaut, cube, bbsm, DC, lillibridge , etc.... And put this together.

    The main lifts remain the same, but the assistance programming does change a lot, however, I have been using this template for a while.

    I train at home, but do have a lot of tools in my shed, which often causes assistance work to get complicated, but the main lifts stay the same and the percentages as well.
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