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    Right I've set a date of May for a show so time to commit rather than hovering at 10-12% BF and being happy.

    I'm utilising skiploading in my diet but with my own adaptions to expedite progress. Currently I load all day long on a Sat just to maintain weight through the week. I'm going to strip this back to a strict 6-8 hours regardless of how water weight drops off and see how we go.

    Today was chest.

    Incline db press - 5 sets
    Decline BB press - 5 sets
    Seated Hammer Press - 4 sets
    Incline flyes - 4 sets
    Cable X-Overs - 4 sets
    Cardio - 20 mins

    Got a niggle in my shoulder but still able to press decent weight and reps.Did some drop sets on hammer press and x overs just to ensure complete fatigue.

    Put on 12lb yesterday so nice and full. Target weight for end of the week is 216.5lb

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    A show......

    In the UK.....

    Home of Dorian Fucking Yates.......

    Well ....... Holy Fucking Shit !!!!!!!!

    Break out the posing trunks, dust off that nautilus pullover machine, fuel up on fish and chips, and crank the fuck out of some Wham! on those loud speakers.........

    If you win this show, then we celebrate !!!!!

    SLAPPERS FOR EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    (yes, I've been drinking.)
    "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." - Dr. Suess


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      This week has been a good week training wise. To recap:

      Monday - Back

      Pull Ups - 5 sets to get to 45 reps
      Bent Over BB Row - 4 sets
      Seated Cable V-Bar Row - 4 sets (tripple drop to finish)
      V-Bar Pull Down - 3 sets (tripple drop to finish)
      Hangs - 2x25kg plates - 3 x 30 secs
      Straight Arm Pull Down - 4 sets (tripple drop to finish)
      Incline Bench DB Row - 3 sets
      20 mins cardio

      Tuesday - cardio, tri's and abs
      40 mins cardio to start
      cable rope push downs - 3 sets
      cable seated french press - 4 sets (tripple drop to finish)
      incline skull crushers - 4 sets
      overhead db extension - 4 sets
      dips - 4 sets
      Abs was a tri-set circuit of hanging leg raise, cable crunches and decline sit ups

      Weds - Legs - high rep day (still sore from this!!)

      Seated leg extension - 3 warm up sets and 2 tripple drop sets
      BB Squats - 2 sets
      Leg Press - 2 sets (second set is a tripple drop set)
      Bench Lunges - 2 sets
      Superset of seated leg curls and rom db deads - 3 sets of each
      Calves superset - seated and standing (on box) smith raises

      Today was shoulders and traps

      Seated smith press - 5 sets
      stop press - 3 sets
      behind neck press - 4 sets
      plate lateral raises - 4 sets (last 2 were single drop sets)
      cable front raise - 4 sets
      face pulls - 4 sets (tripple drop to finish)
      Shrug Superset - BB front shrugs and plate shrugs - 4 sets
      shrug pull down (variation of behind neck pull down) - 3 sets
      20 mins cardio

      Still holding 4lb of "load weight" - exactly as in line as previous weeks so expect to weigh in at exactly 216.6lb on Sat which is the weight I have been the past 3 Saturdays. Load this week will be reduced from an all day affair to accomodate comitment to reducing bodyfat for contest.


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        Lost 0.5lb.

        Pulled my load back to 8 hours rather than 6 given that I'd done 15 hours (all day) the week before and still lost half a pound. I don't want to be losing more than 2lb a week at this point so I. Hoping this should be about right.... If not will tweak next week.

        I always sleep like dog shit the night before a load, even melatonin doesn't always help. Early start as our youngest is 3 months and was having a fucking mental at 6am.

        Load was:

        4 large maple syrup pancakes with real maple syrup and 1 chopped banana
        4 large white choc chip pancakes with hot fudge sauce
        2 large bowls kids cereal
        2 pop tarts
        5 large cookies
        2 cereal bars
        2 scoops whey

        5 large cookies
        2 cereal bars

        1/2 white baguette with extra light philly
        2 packs low fat crisps
        3 thick slices of ham
        3 fish fingers
        2 hash browns
        2 large choc chip pancakes
        1/2 tub Ben and Jerries fro yo with 1 cookie crumbled in


        2 large bowls kids cereal

        Job done. Did some single leg work in the gym too as had a very serious knee injury about 18 months back and trying to a) strengthen weaker leg b) address lack of symmetry in legs due to previous atrophy and scarring.

        Chest in the morning. Hoping to be super strong

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          Are you legs dominant?

          I ask this because your workload for chest, bi's etc is about double what it is for your wheels?
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            I wouldn't say they are dominant but I hold all my bodyfat up top. Even at my absolute heaviest I just don't put fat on my wheels. Also have underlying knee and arthritis issues along with a DVT issue 18 months back so I make sure not to overdo it on legs... Not that I need to mind.

            Lost 2lb last week. Was a good week. Will get the book out and write up workouts for reference.

            Loaded 8 hours yesterday but only put on 7.5lb...much less than normal...

            Meal 1
            12 pancakes and maple syrup
            2 bowls cereal
            4 pop tarts
            5 cookies
            2 bananas
            2 scoops whey


            3 bowls cereal


            1/2 white baguette with extra light philly
            2 packs low fat crisps
            3 fish fingers
            3 hash browns
            4 cookies
            1/2 tub b&j
            1/2 tub sorbet

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              Quick post on typical weekday diet for resistance training days.

              4:30AM – pre workout shake + 10g BCAA
              During training I sip on 2l of water with 30g of my own personalised intra workout formula added
              6:30AM – post workout shake: 40g whey, 60g dextrose/malto mix, 5g creapure, 3g BCAA
              7:30AM – 100g oats, 1 scoop protein blend, 150g 0% fat greek yoghurt (all mixed up and chilled overnight) topped with honey, 100g fresh pineapple, 100g blueberries, 7g supergreens powder, 1 or 2 weetabix (depends how heavy training was), multi vits, fish oils
              10:00AM – Chilli made with minced turkey breast (200g) and loads of veg, 100g cooked weight wholegrain rice.
              1:00PM – 200g chicken breast, mixed salad, half a large avocado
              3:30PM – 1.5 scoops whey, 1 scoop casein mixed with 25g almond butter and a little water to make protein pudding
              6:00PM – Omlette (3 whole eggs, 4 whites) topped with a little cheddar or 250g steak & veg, fish oils and multi vits
              8:30PM – 200ml egg whites, 1 scoop protein blend, 1 scoop casein. 25g peanut butter

              The eagle eyed will spot that a) I don’t mix carbs and fats b) I consume all my carbs in my pwo shake and the 2 meals directly after training.

              Approx macros are PRO 350g CHO 225g FAT 75g (2,775kcals)

              Crazy thing happened that I can't get my head round and doesn't usually happen. I put on 7.5lb for my load, but the next day I put on another 2.5lb.

              Anyway I will get some logged work outs up soon but today was leg day. I work legs in a Y3T style which has really worked for me over the last 3 months. This was my "week 2" workout with reps typically in the 12-16 range.

              Seated leg extension - 3 warm up sets, 3 working sets of 15-12 reps
              Front Smith Squat - 4 sets of 12
              Hack Squats - 3 sets of 15
              Leg Press - 3 sets of 20 - drop sets to finish (5 in total!)
              Supersetted db rom dls and seated curls - 2 warm ups, 4 working sets of 16 each
              Single Leg Standing curls - 3 sets of 12 reps
              Calf tri-set (leg press raise, seated raise, donkey raise) - 12-15 reps per move x 3 sets

              Hungry as a beast today! legs sore as buggary too!

              Measured my calf muscles last night. 18.5inches cold. Not sure if that is good or bad... I have big defined calf muscles imo - hopefully that measurment backs this belief up?
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