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    Right I've set a date of May for a show so time to commit rather than hovering at 10-12% BF and being happy.

    I'm utilising skiploading in my diet but with my own adaptions to expedite progress. Currently I load all day long on a Sat just to maintain weight through the week. I'm going to strip this back to a strict 6-8 hours regardless of how water weight drops off and see how we go.

    Today was chest.

    Incline db press - 5 sets
    Decline BB press - 5 sets
    Seated Hammer Press - 4 sets
    Incline flyes - 4 sets
    Cable X-Overs - 4 sets
    Cardio - 20 mins

    Got a niggle in my shoulder but still able to press decent weight and reps.Did some drop sets on hammer press and x overs just to ensure complete fatigue.

    Put on 12lb yesterday so nice and full. Target weight for end of the week is 216.5lb

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