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    Been a while since I last posted here. Hard to believe it's been so long - between the last time I was here and now I
    - got a masters
    - got into and out of the world of high finance
    - got married
    - moved back home
    - got tired of being out of the gym and am slowly re- building my strength levels

    On the two way split. Just finished two weeks so have run through all three A and B workouts. Tomorrow I get to try and beat the log book.

    If you're reading this and have any advice or comments - thank you


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    25 October 2013

    My diet (on gym days: weights only)
    615 am 3 tabs red zone (pre workout)

    During workout (7am to 815am)3 scoops of xtend mixed in 34 oz of water

    830 am (post workout) 3 scoops of whey in water

    915 am bowl of oatmeal with crushed almonds or big bowl of veggies with chicken sausages

    1030am one black coffee and a granola bar

    1230pm 10oz grilled chicken with 3 cups of steamed vegetables

    330pm one scoop of whey in water with a cereal bar

    730pm make another 34 oz bottle of 3 scoops of xtend (keep sipping through the rest of the night)

    830pm 8 to 12oz of grilled chicken/lamb/fish with steamed veggies

    1030pm 2 scoops of whey in water

    During the day:
    More coffee
    About 140oz of water
    More almonds

    So that's the diet on non workout days I don't do the red zone pre workout or the mornin BCAAs (xtend) it's straight to the whey protein shake.

    I believe that the above gives me ~ 310 grams of protein a day at a current body weight of ~ 210 aiming for an end goal of ~ 225-230 lbs in fairly lean shape
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      25th October 2013

      Incline smith press
      205 x 18 RP plus static
      Up 10 lbs up 2 reps

      Seated DB shoulder press
      65s x 19 RP
      Up 5/side up 1 rep

      Close grip decline barbell press
      195 x 16 RP
      up 10 lbs up 1 rep

      Weighted pull ups
      BW plus 10 x 15RP
      Up 10 lbs down 1 rep

      Reverse grip EZ bar rows
      210 x 16
      240 x 9

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        Just got my quarterly check up done

        Total CPK levels are off the charts - attributing that to muscle breakdown from the weightlifting
        More concerning were the blood urea and uric acid levels that were on the higher side - anyone else face this issue?? Do not want to cut back protein am aiming to cut back the BCAA inputs from ~ 42gm a day to 21gm smaller doses taken at more regular intervals also adding a scoop of raw oatmeal with each whey shake to help with cholesterol (see below)
        HDL and LDL - not enough good cholesterol a little too much bad cholesterol - changed fish oil brands to ON soft caps taking one with breakfast lunch and dinner
        Lymphocyte count was a little high - not actually sick or anything but have had some allergies of late - that's the most likely culprit however muscle wear and tear could also be attributable to this

        Either way - if anyone has any advice or thoughts please do let me know I'm not really comfortable posting actual numbers up here but am glad to PM if any other members can help


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          28 October 2013

          Ez spider curls
          60lbs x 17 RP
          Up 10 lbs down 9 reps

          Reverse cable curls (2 arm)
          30lbs x 35 SS
          Up 5 lbs up 5 reps

          Standing calf raises
          173 x 14 SS

          Up 5 lbs up 5 reps

          Lying leg curls
          163 x 23 RP

          Up 5 lbs up 2 reps

          Plate loaded leg press
          650 x 20 SS
          Up 20lbs same reps

          810 x 8
          Down 190 lbs down 2 reps

          Really fixed my form on these and brought my knees back to almost touch my chest therefore the weight drop but honestly quads felt toasted even with a slightly lighter weight.

          All in all happy with today's workout


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            30 October 2013

            Plate loaded flat hammer press
            195 x 21 RP
            Up 5 lbs up 4 reps

            Smith behind the neck press
            160lbs x 23 RP
            Up 5lbs up 8 reps

            Lying ez bar skull crushers
            65 x 35 RP
            Up 5lbs up 13 reps

            Lat pulldowns
            230 x 30 RP
            Up 5lbs up 11 reps

            Rack deadlifts
            365 x 9 SS
            Same weight up 3 reps

            Early conference call this morning had to cut the workout short so ditched the final set on back thickness and am running to work now. Just wondering my workouts take me about an hour and fifteen to an hour and 40 is that too long?


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