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  • First Timer DC Training Journal!

    Hey everyone!

    I will start with an introduction of myself (boring I know). My name is Jeremy and I am 22 years old. I have been lifting since I was 13 years old. Started in my basement with those old cement weights (I know some people know what I am talking about!) When I was 15 I joined my first gym, which was a mass monster gym in Stratford, Ontario. Some national level competitors and strongmen worked out there and they were all very friendly and helpful. I also did a lot of my own research and had diet plans, supplements, different training protocols even when I was just working out in the basement.

    When I started I was 140lbs and one of those skinny fat kids, and took my weight up to 207lbs in January of this year. At that weight I was fairly high bodyfat however I had built quite a bit of strength. Here were some lifts:

    Barbell Bench Press: 285lbs x 5
    Close Grip Bench: 235lbs x 5
    Deadlift: 385lbs x 5
    Squat: 275lbs x 5 (My squat has always been the weakest, working really hard to bring it up)

    At that point I then started to diet down for my first natural bodybuilding show in June. I dieted for close to 6 months and went from 207lbs to 168lbs. I kept a lot of my strength and muscle mass and ended up placing first in my weight class.

    My plans moving forward are to take as long of an "off season" as I need so that I can go back on stage a bigger and better package. I would like to compete again in November 2014, however if I need to take longer I will wait till the 2015 season.

    As far as training, from October 2012 till just recently I have been using the PHAT training protocol as outlined by Layne Norton. It has given me results however I reached a sticking point last December. I have researched DC Training in the past (when I was 16-17 years old) and found that it wasn't for me at that time. I am glad I waited and feel like I have learned my body and know what it is capable of.

    For nutrition I did what a lot of people do after their show..binged! It was only for 2 days and the damage was 10lbs in 2 days. My metabolism was also shot after the show and I found my strength went down fairly drastically. I have been reverse dieting and have now been fairly stable at 185lbs with these macros:

    Protein: 220g
    Carbs: 300g
    Fat: 70g

    My plan is to continue to add slowly, but as a little test I had upwards of 400g of carbs last night the results were that I gained .2lbs. So this confirms that my metabolism has rebounded and that I can introduce calories at a faster rate.

    My new macros are the following:

    Training Days

    Protein: 277.5g (1.5g x bodyweight)
    Carbs: 375g
    Fat: 75g

    Rest Days

    Protein: 277.5
    Carbs: 305g ( still want to give myself enough carbs as I have a physical job)
    Fat: 75g

    I track all of my foods via myfitnesspal and will post up various days as well as macros hit.

    I have already completed 2 DC workouts and will post up the latest one I did, and then others after.

    Sunday - Chest/Shoulders/Triceps/Back Width/Back Thickness


    195lbs x 13rp + 15s static
    E/S w/ 75lbs x 40s (will have to use lighter weight next time, this killed!)


    70lbs x 16rp + 10s static
    E/S 60 seconds


    155lbs x 20rp + 20s static (Felt I could of gone heavier, so will for sure next time)
    E/S w/ 50lbs x 60s


    200lbs x 13rp + 15s static


    315lbs x 8
    275lbs x 11
    E/S 60s


    Intensity level was very high throughout, at the end of the static on the SM Incline I felt a sharp pain in back of my head, sort of like starting of a headache but then it went away, almost like I was pushing so hard I popped a vessel in my head!

    If anyone has any input as far as diet that would be great, I stick to whole foods and try to not eat any processed foods. For my protein I mainly consume Chicken Breast and Whey protein powder, with exception of steak every once in a while.

    One last thing I am going to list my supplements I am currently taking:

    Whey Protein Powder (3-4 servings a day)
    Creatine Mono
    Pre Workout (currently using Mr Hyde, VERY good supp)
    BCAA Intra Workout/throughout day (8/1/1 formula, 15grams)
    Test Booster (my levels were pretty low post show, so needed to boost em up, using CORE Alpha)

    That is pretty much it, after today I will give a run down of the day including diet, supplements and training. It is my second workout for Biceps/Forearms/Calfs/Hammys/Thighs today!

    Looking forward to this amazing ride and can't wait to make some gains!