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  • Let's_grow gets skinny, road to the stage

    Hey everyone,

    Ive been lurking this board for a while, so i decided to start posting more and make a pre contest thread.

    usually id post on T-nation, but my work blocked that site, and since i dont have a working computer at home, it makes it hard to post.

    on this saturday, im going to be 16 weeks from my 2nd show. Its an IDFA show (international drug free athletics)

    my first show was a hell of a journey (nov 2012), I went from 215 lbs to around 175ish in 18 weeks (never doing that again).This year, i decided to stay leaner at the top weight i reached in the off season was 193 lbs, currently im about 191.5.

    I plan to make the 175 lb class and make improvements on my conditioning, presentation, and hopefully look like i gained some muscle from my last show.

    Shelby Starnes is handling my diet, and my training is all my own, but mostly its John Meadows style training.

    Right now i dont have any pics to post, but you if look up "GRINDOVERMATTER" on google images, youll find a handful from last year.

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    Trained Back today:

    warmed up to one working set
    365x10 (pr)

    Wide gripx20
    Neutral gripx20
    Wide grip x20
    Neutral grip x20

    Deadstop Dumbell rows:
    100 lb dumbels 3 x10 , focussing on driving the elbows back

    Seated cable rows
    3x10, and on the last set a drop set

    Dumbell Pullover- 3x10

    Barbell shrugs- with 1 second hold at the top

    trained some abs as well after this.


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      That's some serious pull up strength. Welcome!
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        Originally posted by LG1 View Post
        That's some serious pull up strength. Welcome!
        thanks, for some reason ive alwys been decent at pullups, a lot of times i do 100 pullups in a back workout, i got the idea from the matt kroc article on t nation with his take on back training.

        One time last year i did a set of 30 reps with a medium/wide grip. Im sure they werent all full range motion though


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          Welcome to IM.
          "SET NO LIMITS"

          "When the knees hurt you just wrap tighter."-Skip

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            Wow, serious pull-up strength indeed! Welcome.
            500 deadlift, 305 bench, 360 ATG squat

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              Originally posted by v1hyp View Post
              Welcome to IM.
              thanks, nice MM in your avatar!


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                Trained some upper chest and arms today

                Incline Bench 185lbs--5x5
                Single arm incline hammer strength-1.5 plates/side for 2x12, then normal set with both sides for 35 reps
                moved onto arms:
                Tricep pushdown SS with single arm cable extension
                5 sets, 30-45 seconds rest between super sets

                Dumbell cross body curls-
                5x10 (30-45 seconds rest)

                Seated dip machine 4x15 (30-45 seconds rest)

                Preacher curls with ez bar- 4x8 (30-45 seconds rest)

                Overhead tricep extensions with ez bar 3x10 (same rest period)

                Cable curl triple drop set


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                  2nd leg day:

                  around october of last year i sent John meadows some pics of my physique and asked him what i needed to work on the most to place better in shows. He told me i looked pretty balanced but needed to work on legs the hardest, he suggested i do main day and a 2nd pumping day for legs, today was more of the pumping day.

                  Lying leg curls- 6 sets of 10 (60 seconds rest)
                  squats- 135x10, 185x6, 225x6, 245x6, 265x6, 275x6 (didnt go super hard on these, just trying to go explosive)
                  smith lunges- 25 lb/sidex12, 35lb/sidex12, 45/sidex12, 55xsidex12
                  hack squat 3x20 (60-90 seconds rest)
                  Standing calve machine- 4x10 ramping weights and super setting each set with 50 reps of dorsiflexion

                  wasnt meant to be super hard, just give me legs a bit more of a boost, tuesday will be my main leg day.....

                  have some HIIT cardio on the menu tomorrow.


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                    HIIT cardio

                    used bike

                    5 mins warmup
                    15 mins intervals
                    45 seconds at 50 percent, 15 seconds all outx15
                    10 minute cool down

                    tanning: 7 minutes lol


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                      Monday- chest/shoulders

                      Dumbell twist press- 3x10
                      Decline barbell bench- 135x8, 185x8, 205x8, 225x8, 245x5
                      incline hammer strength- 2.5 plates/side for 3x8 plus partials every set
                      decline smith bench- 135x30, 225x20, 275x10,DROP SET- 275x10, 225x6, 135x30
                      Cable flys high to low- 1x12
                      DC chest stretch, on to shoulders:
                      3x12-15- side laterals strict, 1 destroyer set with partialsx 50 reps
                      Rear delt flys on incline bench- 3x25, one destroyer set of 50 reps
                      barbell shoulder press- 1 set


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                        Tuesday- Legs
                        Lying ham curlz- 1x15, 1x12, 1x10, triple drop set plus 30 partials after the 3rd drop, also 2 iso holds at after the partials
                        Squats- ramped up to 295 for 4x4---however my back was feeling funky so i cut the 4th set short after only doing 2 reps
                        cybex squat press- 4 plats/sidex40, 5 plates x30, 6 plates x20, 7 plates x10 (3 second descents on this set)
                        leg extensions- 3x20---last set had added partials
                        3 sets DB stiff legs
                        standing calve raises, also finished with a few sets of abs.

                        Post workout meal= 6 oz steak, 1.5 cups white rice


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                          Not quite as good a back day this week:
                          ramped up to 385x5--then got told by the owner, that i was being too loud and that it was annoying. Been dealing with this at this gym for a while, the trick is to train deads when that guy is not around.
                          Dumbell rows: 130x8, 120x10, 120x10
                          Seated cable rows with 1second squeeze- 3x12
                          Pullups, Widex20, Neutralx15, wide x10, neutral x10, wide x10, neutral x10. (not as good one pullups after 6 sets of rows)
                          Dumbell pull over- 60x15, 70x15
                          ***lat stretch**
                          Dumbell shrugs with 3 second squeeze- 90lbsx10 extended by just shrugging at a normal tempo till failure for 4 sets


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                            trained arms today and used a workout straight from, its called Fascia splitting arm pump

                            I wont post it because its paid content on the website, but the pump was insane!!!!!!!!!!

                            Updating shelby tommorrow.


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                              12 weeks out, 1st thing in the morning, no food , water or pump
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