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    I had a journal here about 7 or 8 years ago. I stopped doggcrapping and started powerlifting. I've mostly done westside and 531 since then. Now I will do some doggcrapp for atleast the next couple of months.
    I'm currently losing weight, aiming for 175 wich will hopefully be around 10% bf. I think I will keep dieting for the rest of may so my numbersbwill not be very impressive.
    I started today with:
    Saturday 4/5
    incline bench
    165 x 15 (9+3+3), the safety pins were taken and I did them without a spotter, maybe I could have pushed it for another rep
    pbn i smith
    121 x 18 (11+4+3), got a good pump in my delts.
    Bodyweight x 29 (17+7+5), hade some trouble with my shoulders before so I havent done dips for a long time. Will keep going for high reps with just bodyweight the first weeks.
    lat pulldowns
    165 x 18 (11+4+3), always hade weak lats so I will focus a lot on them
    rack pulls
    308 x 8
    352 x 4, the bar was slippery and I didn't have any chalk. Will probably go beltless in every excercise and will definetly not use straps.

    Had no time to stretch so I will do them next tim.
    It was real fun to get another focus and get some reps. Loaded with carbs after the workout so I will probably feel more energetic next session. Looking forward to the widowmaker...

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    Are your weights in kilograms or pounds?
    Ph.D., Theoretical Physics '16
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      Pounds, I wrote that the weights won't be very impressive...


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        monday 6/5
        Seated dbcurls
        37,5x23 (14+5+4), felt weird starting with biceps..
        Calves in a legpress
        308x10, dc-style
        225x10, having problems with weak gluteus, this is a really good excercise
        Technogym legpress
        242x33, I dont think my shoulders will like doing widowmaker frontsquats. Went for 25 reps, got a headache and had to stop at 33.