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  • Reggie's first journal

    Been in here for a few years and after lurking, reading, learning and experimenting I'm ready to take my training to the next level.

    I work a shitty 12 hour swing shift so the typical M,W,F splits are pretty much impossible for me to follow and stay sane. So my training is centered around 5/3/1 on my days off from work. The upside to my work schedule is 14 days off with a straight 7 days off each month. So I'll hit the gym 2-3 days in a row at a time, making sure squats and deads are not in the same set of days. Sometimes arms are trained as accessory work or sometimes they get there own day. Right now I'm 5'11" at a soft 216 lbs. The goal is to progress on my lifts (get bench over 300, squat and deads over 400) but to recomp and lean down. For that reason I will try to not beat my body up too much and concentrate on recovery.

    Diet wise, and not afraid to admit it, I'm tracking with weight watchers. Mainly because my girlfriend uses it and she wanted the support. I use it to control my overall intake, keeping it low carb and fat. I just started adding in skip loads again. I have done them before and loved them but the rest of my diet at the time wasn't up to par, I did more shitloads than actual skip loads and I went from 204 to 225, strength went up but so did body fat.

    I will be stricter in my carb intake during the loads and keep fat as low as possible. I loaded on Sunday after getting out of work at 5am and sleeping a few hours. Some pancakes, sushi, Pringles and Swedish fish over 6 hours. Never too full but never let myself get hungry.

    It's just what I needed to kick my metabolism up. Last 2 nights I've been sweating my ass off just laying in bed, my muscles filled up nicely and my chest workout last night was the best in a long time. (It could also be that it was my first workout with my new slingshot- hit 295 for 2!)

    Current lifts
    Bench: 250, Squat: 335, press: 144, Dead: 374

    Sorry for the long first post. Hope having the journal here keeps me motivated. Squats later today.

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    Squats and biceps this afternoon.
    225x10 strict form
    Hack squats:
    2pps 2x10

    Seated HS preacher: 105x 12 RP
    Butterfly curls: 65x10, 65x8
    Rope cable curl: dropset


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      My only day off this week after 3 day shifts, back to work tomorrow night. Got in back and dead lifts today before we head out to Syracuse to celebrate St. Patty's day and watch SU crush Louisville in the Big East finals.

      Dead lift

      I think next cycle of 5/3/1 ill need to move the weights up for dead lift.

      HS seated row 135 per side, 3 sets of 8
      HS pull downs, 180x8x3
      Low cable row narrow grip 2 sets 12

      Was happy to hit a PR with the 385 today seeing as I've been going on 4-5 hours of sleep the last 3 days. Shoulders up on Wednesday.


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        Weight: 215.9
        Military Press day 3's week


        HS shoulder press 3 sets of 8
        Machine seated lateral raises SS rear delt flyes 2x15

        Went for reps last set. Been fighting with a tweaked rear delt for a few weeks. It's annoying at low to moderate weight but kills me if I push heavy. Haven't been able to do DB pressing in a while, and its getting old doing machine work. It's getting better week by week, trying to concentrate on rehabbing it. My weight is dropping nicely, adding the skiploads back in is definitely getting my metabolism stoked. Planning on hitting another skipload on Saturday or Sunday. Biceps and triceps tomorrow then Squats Friday.


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          Good work!!
          PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.


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            Changed things up today. Been really craving carbs and realized I was pushing my skip loads too far apart. Missed the gym yesterday but not too worried as it was just arms. Decided to do my skip load today and started off throwing down a stack of pancakes. Since I won't be able to get back into the gym until Wednesday I decided to hit squats AND bench. Just feel my original setup isn't getting me enough frequency. So, since I'm having good recovery time and with only 3 day windows each week, I'm gonna hit one day chest/Squat next, day 2 off, day 3 deads/ shoulders. I may need to alternate the days so that every other week I'm not hitting the same exercises coming off a 3 or 4 day rest. Gotta watch recovery but I think as long as I can get a decent workout on day 3, I'll see better gains. Workout today was really good with the increased carbs from the pancakes, felt strong and was able to push it through both bench and squats. Hit my reps and weights, all in all a good day.

            bench 5/3/1 day

            Ended at 225x7
            Slingshot 275x2
            Slingshot 300x1

            Incline bench 135x10 for 3 sets
            Superset DB flyes with DB presses with DB's pressed against each other keeping chest tight throughout

            Squat 3 day
            Ended at 265x9


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              Missed a few posts... Workouts weren't spectacular anyway the past week. Hit squats and bi's on Tuesday before going back into work on nights for a week. Deload this upcoming week- hopefully that's what the doctors ordered.

              In the meantime I've been reading "Why we get fat and what to do about it" by Gary Taubes. It's been an interesting read, as someone who is not scientifically inclined, it talks about the role of insulin and carbs on fat gain. His premise and evidence makes sense and his thoughts on why we get fat are easy to see and understand. But I think he fails to look as in depth about what to do about it, despite what the second part of the title suggests. Basically the book in a nutshell: carbs increase insulin, high insulin levels increase fat storage, so don't eat carbs. But the evidence he uses and the explanations of biological processes make it easy for dopes like me to understand. That being said I'm going to move into reading Lyle McDonald's book on keto I think, to see if i can put this new knowledge to work in any way.
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