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Boxing, Skiploading, HRV and Making the Weight.

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  • Boxing, Skiploading, HRV and Making the Weight.

    Decided to make a journal as people on here are very knowledgeable and the may be able to help me fine tune somethings.

    I am currently cutting weight for the national boxing championships and have decided to use a weekly skipload to help me on the way.

    This diary will focus primarily on my diet more so than my training as that is pretty much the same on most days and people may not find it that interesting.

    I also use a HRV (heart rate variability) tool to access my recovery from the day to day training stress. People interested could either google myithlete or bioforce to see the details of that.

    Basically the HRV works by you wearing a heart rate monitor and an app on your phone reads the intervals between each heart beat and then gives you a score at the end of a minutes reading. The score indicates your recovery and the higher the score the better but mainly just getting your baseline and see where the trends go up and down. It really is an excellent tool to make sure you don't push too far in your recovery.

    Yesterday was a light cardio session in the morning and also my skipload. Must say I was disappointed with the load itself. I normally consume 1400-1600g of carbs but due to my food choices I only managed to consume just under 1000g. Water intake was very poor getting in roughly 0.5 of a gallon. I was just so bloated!!

    Pre load weight: 70.5kg (2lb drop below previous baseline )
    Post load weight (Morning after): 73.8kg

    Calories: 5200

    Carbs: 991g

    protein: 129g

    Fat: 62g

    Foods: 1 pack haribo, 1 box cookie crisp cereal, pancakes, maple syrup, sultanas, 1/3 of a box of sugar puffs, crumpets, thick sliced white bread, macaroni cheese, egg fried rice and a mcflurry.

    To be honest I feel the addition of the rice pudding (dairy has been noted to slow digestion) and the bread (I was really craving mac and cheese toasties!!) contributed highly to the bloat I experienced.

    It's so scary waking up and see the scale up 9lbs but I am putting trust in the load as I have done it for the last 3 weeks and it seems to get better and I seem to baseline quicker each time. Be interesting to see when I baseline this week as my load was of a poor quality and I will see how this effects it.

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    Just to give people a visual of the HRV and what I mean.

    The attached image shows my readings for the last 5 months. The peaks and valleys indicates the movements in the day to day readings. Amber lines mean to back off slightly in the training and a red line basically means you need to take a rest day.

    Green or white lines basically mean everything is fine and that you should train as your normally would. The blue line indicates the overall trend and as you can see it slowly improves as the months have passed. I higher HRV score is also correlated to a better aerobic system so this could mean that my training has been working well.

    My score for today was 88 which is good as I was having some pretty low readings (In the low 60's) and I knew I needed to back off a tiny bit and employ some relaxation like hots baths and stretching.

    Usually a big drop in a HRV score would indicate that the sympathetic nervous system is dominant (which is what was in my case) and visa versa with a big rise indicating the parasympathetic side is more dominant.

    So with sympathetically dominant scores an athlete should focus on stimulating the parasympathetic side and use relaxing means to bring balance to nervous system and a higher than ordinary score a person would look to stimulate the sympathetic side by using things like hot and cold contrast showers and things like that.

    It really is a wicked thing and I used to find in my training I would run myself into a brick wall but it has helped me a lot in pushing when I can and backing off when I need to.

    Thought people might like to see what its about
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      Morning body weight: 72.4kg (down 2lb from yesterday)

      HRV morning score: 87 indicating I'm well rested. But my legs did feel slightly dead today though.

      12:00pm Strength workout: Reverse pyramid training.


      130kg x 5, 120kg x 5, 110kg x 6

      Chin ups:

      bw + 25kg x 6, +15kg x 6, bw only x 8


      Hour worth of boxing cardio.

      Calories: 3500 (ate way too many and probably ate 500 over maintenance)

      Carbs: 400g

      Fat: 90g

      Pro: 240g

      Need to be more disciplined on the caloires and carbs as as soon as I ate a bowl of sugar puffs after the cardio session I couldn't really stop. Be interesting to see how it effects the baseline.


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        Pre skipload (24/2/13): 157

        Today (3 days later): 161

        The high carbs yesterday definitely kept my weight from dropping towards the baseline.

        Today calories were at 2200 with roughly 100g carbs.

        I feel I will wake up lighter tomorrow as I did 60 minutes of bag work, running, jump rope and some footwork. Average heart rate was 148 over the time with a max heart rate of 178 (during pad work).

        HRV: 73
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          Pre-skipload: 157

          Today: 157

          Happy I've baselined this morning.

          Would love to drop below baseline tomorrow and I feel I would h e but went to another gym tonight to get one final hard sparring session in before next weeks final.

          Due to the stress of the hard spar I should imagine I will hold water.

          Late dinner tonight and check weight in the morning. Overall happy


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            Had to read 3 times before I realized your title didn't say you had HIV.


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              Originally posted by Adam2433 View Post
              Had to read 3 times before I realized your title didn't say you had HIV.
              Haha! Yeah, never thought of that

              Pre-skipload: 157

              Today: 159 (a two lb increase!)

              The increase was no doubt due to the fact that I did not have time at all when I got in at 10:30pm to defrost my chicken breast and I ran out of eggs so I made a 6 smoked bacon rashers and cheese meal. No doubt there was a huge amount of sodium compared to my usual intake and that why the increase as I was low carb for the day and calories were below maintenance.

              I am 1 week from my weigh in for the championships and so I need to time my skip load to be 7 days from then so I need to move it one day short and have it on the tomorrow instead of the Sunday. It gives me one less day to get below baseline but I think I will drop below tomorrow anyway.

              HRV: 69

              So a drop in HRV but assumed I would as I had a tough spar last night.

              Heres a video of me in a recent competition. Knocked this guy out in 18 second and went on to win the gold the following week:



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                Cool video. His seemed to be leaving himself open on the left from the start.
                PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.


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                  Not sure if it counts as skiploading, but I did eat two dozen glazed donuts this past Tuesday.

                  It was delicious.

                  Nice knockout, by the way!
                  "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." - Dr. Suess


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                    Cheers guys.

                    Pre-skipload: 157

                    Today: 156 with one day to spare as I had to skipload 1 day early.

                    Post skipload tonight: 168! Haha 12lb. This better drop during the week or I'm fucked!

                    Managed 1500g of carbs, 74g fat, 200g protein. Calories roughly 7,500.

                    Its weird as the day started really hard, started at 10am on my first break at work and couldn't finish a whole 500g box of frosties, managed about 400g and just bloated got bloated, I usually piss two boxes! Craved something savoury after.

                    Later I moved onto a loaf of Danish light bread with sweet chilli sauce, chicken and rice, a pack of haribo and a 6" chicken tikka sub.

                    Got to the misses at 7pm had 175g of pasta and sauce. Then had more haribos. My hunger picked up massively after the pasta meal and in still craving more pasta! But I think 1500g is enough for 11 hour refeed.

                    Actually kept my water reasonably close to my usual intake so hopefully I have a big shift in water over the next few days.

                    Only had a dump once today as well?! Usually I go 4-6 times on a refeed but only once today and that was about 30 mins ago before I got into bed.

                    *edit* you need to try thorntons coconut ice!! Had a bag of them as well, sloghy more fat than id like but 12g of fat per 80g of carbs isn't disasterous
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                      Pre-skipload: 155.5

                      Morning after skipload: 161.5

                      Rest day today. Going to relax and enjoy a Sunday roast with the family later on. I'll most likely fast until the meal at 4pm and load up on the meat and veg, maybe even treat myself to a Yorkshire pudding and a roast potato as I'm going to low carb from now until the weigh in next Saturday.


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                        Pre-skipload: 155

                        Today: 160

                        Couldn't get to the gym today as I messed up my train journey tickets.

                        Just went a for a steady 3.5 mile run and 15 minutes shadow boxing.

                        Starting to drop the carbs now and hit 2,100 calories for the day.


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                          Pre-skipload: 155

                          Today: 157.7

                          Switched to the Anabolic Diet for the last week so I can cut carbs and drop water weight for the weigh in.

                          Started to water load today as well just got slightly over a gallon and will increase by a litre each day.

                          Very easy cardio session today for 30 minutes.

                          Hopefully I baseline tomorrow.


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                            Pre-skipload: 155

                            Today: 154

                            So I am a lb below baseline 5 days after my load of 1500g of carbs.

                            Now I won't take too much from this as the drop is most likely due to me upping my water intake drastrically over the last two days.

                            I woulkd also drop at least another 2lb as I havent had a shit for about 3 days even with eating plenty of vegetable sand getting about 50g of fibre from them with two tsps of psyllium split in the day...


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                              Pre-skipload: 155

                              Today: 154

                              Seems pointless referencing the skipload weight as I am manipulating water intake and the likes to make weight for boxing.

                              I have drank 3.5 liters of water today and stopped drinking anything at 5:30pm. This gives me 24 hours to piss out what I need to make the 147lb limit.

                              I feel I will wake up at roughly 149lb and with the dandelion root and vitamin C tabs I should piss the other 2lb by time the weigh in comes. At worse I'll spit in a cup :P