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    Hey Everyone -

    Im no longer part of the board Ive been with for the last 3 years so Im here now.

    The purpose of this blog will be to stay true and honest. I tend to put on more bodyfat in the offseason than necessary, so ill use this form and hopefully enough people will call me out when I have ideas of putting on 50lbs in the offseason.

    A background?
    135lbs at 5'7""
    Graduated High School after training with weights at a soft 185 and 5 10.
    First semester in College went down to 165lbs and hung out there. Second semester went from 165 to 205 (soft) and slowly decided this is where I wanted to be. Bodybuilding was for me.

    Age: 29 (Aug 4th 1983)
    Competition History:

    2009 - Colorado State Novice Heavy 1st and Overall. Open 2nd Place
    2011 - Colorado State - Heavy 3rd
    2011 - Rocky Mountain - 1st Heavy and Overall
    2012 - Rocky Mountain 1st Heavy and Overall

    Its get on a national stage in 2013. I had an imagine in my mind of where I wanted to be...and im close. Close enough to compete Nationally, at least.

    Pics from the Rocky (11.17.12)

    It may take me a little while to figure out the formatting on this site...but Id like to call it home.
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    For this 2012 Show - I weighed in friday night at 213 and dried out to 205 Saturday am and 199 Saturday Evening (the pics above are 199)
    I knew my competition and knew he would be a big and full heavy so my game plain was to come in dry to the bone. I learned some things during this prep about my body and could have been better, but I was very happy with my condition.

    Ill be honest in saying Ive never suffered so much during a prep. 2.5 hours of cardio a day, no fats, no carbs...I was struggling. But I didnt make the decision to do the show till 6 weeks out and had work to do.

    Goals for this offseason:

    1. Stay Lean
    2. Add 3-5lbs of quality muscle. If I can add more...excellent.
    3. Stay Lean

    My issues:

    For some reason for about a week leading up to the show and now a week after the show I can not sleep. My mind is buzzing. Ive been giving opportunities to be published...get sponsored...and its all very new and exciting to me.
    Klonopin does a little. I have prescription sleep meds and help me fall asleep for 1-2 hours.
    The only thing that seems to work is listening to very relaxing music and trying to be in a meditative state. I feel at a very difference place at 29 than I did at 26. Ill explain more if asked but im at a much more peaceful place.

    As far as bodyfat...The picture below was taken at 5 weeks out. I was depleted...and I weighed 215lbs. I will one day post me at 250 or so when I started dieting because I was a fat ass...I had convinced myself that I needed 600-1000g of carbs along with 12ius of slin with 4-5 meals a day.

    Never again will I allow some idea of being a 250lb monster come into my head.

    Attached is where Id like to stay this make a much more productive contest prep where I dont have to suffer...and also feel like a bodybuilder and not have to make the decision to go up the stairs or just sleep on the coach LOL

    I dont know if people care so ill wait for questions, but questions regarding supplements, training, my opinions will come out if they are asked.

    For now...I havent trained since the show and even then the last week flat out sucked. I could barely move. I slept on the couch because I didnt have the energy to walk. I thought I was going to crash and burn hard but somehow I made it to the show and walked away with an overall. Never again will I go thru that.

    Ive gained 30lbs of water (and probably a bit of fat since the show) so have been doing 30 minutes of am cardio along with peptides AM and this morning (thanksgiving) I did an hour. I weighed 240 this evening but will wake around 230. Over the next 10-14 days I intend to bring my weight down into the 218-222 range and stabilize before getting back on supplements and increasing my training volume and intensity. This should happen by Dec 3rd
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      This will be an interesting post as ill continue to edit as I refine what Im doing:

      Supplements Used (11.22.12)

      General Health and Longevity
      • NAC AM and PM
      • Milk Thistle AM and PM
      • Zinc 100mg
      • d3 8000ius
      • Kelp - 1 pill a day
      • Bromelean - 1 pill a day
      • fish oil 6-12g a day
      • psyllium husk with apple pectin

      BodyBuilding Stuff
      • PeptoPro
      • Whey Protein Isolate/Egg White Mix
      • Leucine/Glutamine/Glycine/Alanine (my during workouts cocktail)

      Supplements to research (for me to gain insight on)
      • Curcumin (heart)
      • creatine monohydrate
      • Taurine (cant use CM without taurine or welcome to cramp city
      • Glycerol
      • 7-keto DHEA
      • Beta Glucans
      • Maca Extract -
      • Phosphat Serine
      • Tudca (liver protectant)
      • Sleep Aid (from TrueNutrition)
      • Zinc Mag Asp GABA
      • Co Enzyme Q10
      • IP6 (my iron is high

      Another goal for me personally is to be able to live a long peaceful and enjoyable life after bodybuilding. I want to spend more time and money dedicated to that side, as well.
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        Hey Nik
        Welcome to IM looks like you bring a wealth of info, you might want to throw out some non-BB related info to round out your profile (ie- age, marital status, work, interests outside of BB etc)
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          Thank you truecelt.

          Ive actually been on this and other boards before...but Im using a different screen name and starting fresh.

          I am currently 29 years old and live in Denver. I will be training at the same gym Skip trains at from time to time.

          Ive been a personal trainer for about 10 years. Im from Maine and moved to Colorado in 2008. I had never been here - I threw a dart at the map and love it here!

          Probably my most favorite thing in the world is to wake up...and on the spot decide to drive to the mountains. When I lived in Maine I did the same thing but it was a 6 hour drive and to NYC. Here I can drive to Aspen in less than 4 hours...get a cup of tea at the Red Onion in Aspen and enjoy the scenery with my amazing girlfriend on the way home.

          I have delt with anxiety/social phobia since I was 13. I once locked myself in my room for 2 weeks because I was having panic attacks at the thought of being in public. My first show in 2009 was to prove to myself that I could get over a fear of being on stage. Ill be honest in saying I was pretty drugged on anti-anxiety meds for that show LOL.

          Ive since make a commitment to myself to spend at least 20 minutes a day quietly meditating. More recently its been an hour. In the shower every day I try to think of 10 reasons why I am thankful to be alive...and frame my mind in the most positive way I can. It doesnt always work but its gets better daily. My favorite book is Beyond Positive Thinking and it completely changed the way I viewed the world.

          Ive written a lot (never published) about why I think *I* bodybuild. What void it fills...what void it fills in others. The need to be looked at...the need to feel bigger and better than others...the psychology behind why we lift, why we take supplements...why we spend thousands and thousands of dollars to be more muscular yet rarely spend 100$ a year to stay healthy. All are things that are on my mind...

          Im not sure if that will help but...sometimes...I feel at peace. Ill go for a jog because I want to. I dont know if people think the way I use to but before...I was a bodybuilder and I could not go catabolic. That was before I even competed. I missed out on a lot of life because of my inflexible thinking. I wouldnt go for a hike with a girlfriend because it *might* not allow me to train hard enough for my next workout...or I might go catabolic and lose muscle (if I think back I was probably 250 @ 16% bodyfat LOL). I had built my life around bodybuilding and I should have bodybuild around my life.

          I am NOT the guy who has to get up at 3am to eat a meal, not anyore. In fact...if I post my diet you'll find that I often go 16-18 hours without eating to create a fat loss environment. Last night in last bite of pie was at 7pm and my first meal today of turkey and green beans was at 1:30 pm. I did cardio at 9am along with peptides...and wanted the fat loss to continue until 1:30. I then ate a meal...trained legs (first workout since the show) and came back for another meal of turkey and veggies. No carbs post workout. How will I recover?

          I guess we will find out!

          Nice to be back
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            "SET NO LIMITS"

            "When the knees hurt you just wrap tighter."-Skip

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              Nik- Did you use to frequent Dat's board? Your intra-workout drink and post workout diet guidelines leads me to this assumption.


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                Yes. Although I don't always do carbless post workout.

                Tonight I enjoyed a few cups of ice cream with natural peanut butter and sugar free syrup
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                  Great to hear you've overcome the social phobia that well! It could've ruined your life.
                  Have you ever tried mindfulness (psychological) exercises? I find them great if I'm having stress. The idea is to concentrate your mind on your senses, and learning to really live in the present moment. Its funny how much it helps to relax and drop some stress off.
                  The fight against my worst enemy
                  " - So what is discipline? -Mike Tyson: Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but nonetheless doing it like you love it. - And how do you that?
                  -Mike Tyson: [Smiles] With discipline.


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                    Thrashsatan -

                    Mindfulness -- of course! Its little things. The first time I read about this (and had been talking to a counselor as well) wasnt actually too long ago...Maybe April. One day I had an intense leg workout and my HR was elevated...breathing rapid...I had 15 minutes to change, shower, eat and get ready for my next client so my mind was racing and I felt a panic coming on. Instead of focusing on the feeling of panic I stopped, sat down I told myself if I had to be 2 minutes late it would not be the end of the world. What I did was sit down and start moving my toes in my shoes.

                    It sounds silly...but I pulled myself out of thinking about the future and what I had to do in the next 15 minutes...and focused on what it felt like to move each toe. I brought myself back to the present moment and guess what? My anxiety disappeared. It was an amazing feeling to feel like I had control over my mind...and it was in my mind. It wasnt a chemical was my mind and I could take control

                    I do the same thing now when I workout...if I feel my mind thinking about the future...thinking about what to do...I pull myself back in and focus on the feeling of getting a pump. If Im holding on to a bar ill think about what the bar feels like in my hands, the texture, temperature...all of that. And so far it works.
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                      Im gonna go off topic for a second and talk about Magnesium.


                      Ive done a lot of research on magnesium and 100% of it has come from the link above. I havent taken magnesium for over a year and for the past two weeks my sleep, my mental clarity (this is been an issue for years b/c of some of the anti-anxiety drugs I was on and continue to stay on) but really Ive been dealing with insomina and feeling like a zombie during the day. I have a hard time with memory and focus. My girlfriend will tell me something and I have 0 recollection of having a convo. Ill drive somewhete and not realize how I got there. Ill go past a light and wonder if it was green or red. I will be training clients and honestly zone completely out. So sleep is a big component that Id like to get under control.

                      So last night, after my first workout since the legs were already aching within hours. I decided I wanted to take a nap and found a bottle of Magnesium Glycinate and 5-htp. I took 200mg of 5-htp and 400mg of Magnesium. I put on some relaxing music in my headphones and about 30 minutes later I was out. I slept for about 75 minutes which was amazing.

                      Later last night I took another 400mg Magnesium Glycinate - this time I held it under my tongue for about 30 minutes (the time it took to dissolve 2 large pills).

                      It took about 2 hours to sleep and the sleep was choppy (it kills my insides so I made a few runs to the bathroom) but when I woke up my girlfriend said..."WHAT DID YOU TAKE LAST NIGHT??? Ive never heard you snore before...and you were sucking the sheets in last night and sweating like crazy, are you okay?"

                      Ive been known to get really frustrated in the night and take klonopin and ambien only to stay wide awake and get more the fact that this combo (despite killing my stomach) put me out...Im very excited.

                      My goal in addition to a bodybuilding goal would be to use magnesium and 5-htp to come off klonopin. Benzo withdrawal is not a fun thing I will slooooowly taper over the next 3-12 months.

                      But clearly something happened last night. Im going to experiment with inject-able Magnesium sulfate as it comes without the intestinal issues (magnesium pulls water in the colon) and can cause you to lose other minerals vitamins as well.

                      Exciting news for me, at least.
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                        Great stuff here Nick! I have issues with anxiety myself, it always help discussing it with people that get what you're feeling


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                          From around 2006-2011 I did a variation of DC Training. For the first year I made amazing gains in strength...but over time I noticed the strength plateaued and maybe some increase in mass but not to my satisfaction.

                          Dec 2011 - May or June 2012 I worked with John Meadows and did MountainDog Training.

                          Around June I kept some of his exercises but did a combo of DC and MountainDog

                          Going, my INTENT is to go back to DC...but on the 3-way split done 5 days a week:


                          Day 1: Calves, Hams, Quads
                          Day 2: Chest, Shoud, Tri + Abs (1 set)
                          Day 3: OFF (45 mins cardio AM)
                          Day 4: Back + Bi + Abs (1 set)
                          Day 5: Calves, Hams, Quads
                          Day 6: Chest, Should, Tri, (1 set)
                          Day 7: OFF
                          Day 8: Repeat the week from day 4

                          Something like that. If I need an extra day to recover, Ill take it. But that will be the basic outline.

                          **One exercise for all bodyparts...3-4 warmups and 1 rest pause. Calves will be 6-10 straight sets...I just go back and forth and do 6-10 sets in 15 minutes or so.

                          Week 1-4 - As described above.
                          Week 5-8 ill increase volume on bodyparts that need to come up (chest, hams)This may mean one exercise of 3-4 warmups and an additional rest pause..or a widow maker style set.
                          Week : 9-12 continue to increase volume on bodyparts that need it. Just on those bodyparts though...

                          I did chest, shoulder, tri and abs today and it took 50 minutes. So thats about the time I want to be in the gym if im going 5x a week.

                          ***Cardio is done every morning for 20-30 minutes to keep metabolism going control some of the rebound from the show on 11.17.12.
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                            Awesome pics man. Looking great. Love the attitude!
                            Looking forward to learning more from ya.
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                              Ive been waiting since the show to get sick. Went from 244 to 228 last night in 2 hours last night. Woke up tight at 225 but feel sooo much better. Well minus feeling like I have the flu and my insides are jacked but damn...I dont look 6 months preggo anymore! So good!

                              Ill take a few days off and just sip on some Apple Juice and whatever but damn...I ate some veggies yesterday and they just sat in my stomach undigested for 5 hours until I tossed my cookies. Its like they were fermenting or one point I was on the couch and my stomach was resting on my quads...couldnt pee...couldnt burp I was filled with gas and I couldnt get rid of it. When I threw up I was very impressed because things usually pass thru me in 2-3 hours...if I have veggies they are out of me within 3 hours max. It was like the entire contests of the meal were just sitting there for 5 hours...that cant be good.

                              Hopefully as I continue to bump my fluids and everything this headache/body ache will go away and ill be able to keep the weight down...cause 225 feels so much better than 244...god that was miserable! So just gonna keep keep and eye on things...
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