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DW 2012-2013 "off-season" log

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  • DW 2012-2013 "off-season" log

    Man been a while since I've been surfing around here but im back! I just started back with DC training after my contest in august. I just finished up my first 2 weeks of my blast, planning on 4-6 more weeks.

    I am currently "recomping" bc of a little un wanted fat gain post show trying to implement IF/Lean Gains. Anyways Im back on my keto diet, been so for 4 weeks. 300gr protein and 150gr fat, trace carbs from broccoli and spinach. My diet looks similar to the "Palumbo" diet but I eat more fat and drink 50gr carbs intra workout. Carb ups are around 500gr every sunday.

    Classic m/w/f split with 30min fasted cardio every day (except leg days)

    So far im up ~2lbs and waist is down ~0.5" with an increase in strength.

    Stats (10/12/12)
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight (carb'd up): 187~190lbs
    Waist: 31.5"

    I'll get some pictures and other measurements up here soon, good to be back and love this forum for the DC knowledge as always, im open to suggestions & discussion!

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    Heading to the gym for some LISS cardio, hoping they'll ha e the Lions game!


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      Having some stomach problems today, made workout a little difficult but beat the log book.

      Incline smith

      Hammer behind press

      CG smith bench

      Lat Pulldowns

      BB ROW

      Really hope stomach issues go away. I look leaner than I did 4 weeks ago no doubt. I have shoulder veins all the time. In another 4 weeks I'll be close to as lean as I was around my show. I love carb cycling, probably going to do my own prep next time.


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        Best user name EVER.
        Ph.D., Theoretical Physics '16
        kind of a douche


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          Thank you sir

          30min LISS cardio this morning, my upper body is soooore today.


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            Beat my log book Wednesday but left my book at the gym! Hope it's still there Tuesday when I'm back in town. Epic fail on my part


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              :frusty:Been there done that!!! :frusty:
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                I'm sick as ever. Looks like my cruise will start a little early. Taking the week off but will be back at it next week. I'll probably do a 4 week cruise then blast again.

                Any of you guys have experience with carb backloading?


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                  Finally feeling better! Probably try training 2maro, cruise for a few weeks. Then maybe the 3 way split for a while


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                    Hit back with some face pulls yesterday.

                    30min LISS cardio this morning & hitting chest/calfs later. I'll be doing 10 days no carbs again re-establish ketosis.


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                      Trained chest today. Everything short of failure...

                      Incline smith

                      Flat DB Bench

                      Cable flys

                      10 sets of calfs. Here's a wheel pic, this was mid chest workout
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                        Solid old are you?


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                          Thanks, I'm 25


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                            Originally posted by distilled water View Post

                            Any of you guys have experience with carb backloading?
                            There was a thread about it somewhere on here. Have you read up on it? There are about 4 articles by john keifer which explain the basics and will get you started.

                            Looks good in here, nice wheels
                            Originally posted by thsfootball
                            Stressing about what's catabolic- catabolic


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                              It doesn't seem like you're doing DC training really at all here. (I am aware that you're cruising now, too.) Could we change the title of your thread to reflect that?...

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                              The Book Has Arrived!

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