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My start on DC

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  • My start on DC

    Did my first dc session today, doing the 2 way split. Was as brutal as i thought it would be but a breath of fresh air from volume training and stopping short of failure on first sets of exercises.
    Incline bench-85kg-13, 5, 3 (well over 15 will put 90 on the bar next cycle to get reps down)
    Seated barbell military press-57.5kg-12, 5, 4 (over 20 total will put 60 on the bar next cycle)
    Reverse bench press-80kg- 13, 5, 3 (over the 20 total, first time i have done this exercise, felt awkward as it was new but definately taxed the tris, next time will put 85 on the bar)
    Wide lat pull downs-180lb-10, 4, 2 (felt good, lats were taxed at the end will go to 190lb next time)
    Rack pulls-160kg-4 140kg-10. (was really drained at the end for rack pulls had got 12 out on 140 week before starting dc. Bottom position was 2 inches below my knee. had only had 2 meals before workout, might train later in the day in future to see if more meals increases stamina though the exercises).