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    Hey all,
    Finally getting seriously into lifting and hopefully eating right. Figured I would make a log here. I'm 5'9" or so at about 157. I'm pretty lean, not shredded by any means, but flexing all abs have definition with some intercostals going on at certain times so I think its a good place to start adding some weight without getting too fat. Not looking to be a huge bodybuilder, not even sure if I want to compete, but I am looking to be 180-190 lean at some point. Of course that's just a number and I may change when it becomes more of a reality.

    The past ten weeks or so I have been working out four days a week with something that looks like this:

    Various pulldowns

    upper body stuff

    Leg Press
    various curls and ext for a set or two

    Basically a more machine oriented version of tuesday

    In that time I have put on about 7 pounds with minimal to no fat gain.
    Deadlift has gone from 345 x 1 to 345 x 5
    Bench from 180 x 1 to 180 x 3
    Squat has been pretty shitty and I have switched to box squats which I finally can progress with on weekly basis. thats at about 245 x 5 right now.

    My immediate goals are to finish the year around 180 lbs, pull 405, hit 225 on the bench and 305 on my box squat.

    No real cardio per se, but I am pretty physically active with pick-up sports (ultimate, tennis, basketball) that I should be able to pound away food and stay relatively lean.

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    good luck man.


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      Here is a photo of roughly where I am at. It's a few weeks old, but it's not too far off.
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