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My attempt at Doggcrapp training 2nd July 2012

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  • My attempt at Doggcrapp training 2nd July 2012

    Right basically I've been reading a lot about Doggcrapp training for the last few weeks and I've got my diet and routine planned out and I figured I'd post it here to see what you guys think.

    I'm 18 years old, I've been training for 3 years.
    Squat 180kg x1
    Bench 130kg x1
    Deadlift 170kg x1
    Overhead Press 65kgx5 (never maxed out on this before)

    I have an internal locus of control so if for whatever reason the programme doesn't work for me (which is technically impossible seeing as it has progressive resistance and calorific surplus!) it will be my fault, as its not the routine that doesn't work it's the person.

    The reason I want to start this programme is because in the past I've experimented with frequent muscle group training and I've made good results and I've also experimented with rest-pause training and made good results, so why not put the two together.

    I weight 83kg at around 13% body fat, I have sort of visible abs.

    Okay so the routine is this:
    Workout a1
    Weighted dips 11-15RP
    seated dumbbell press 15-20RP
    close grip bench press 15-20RP
    pull ups 15-20RP
    t bar row 11-15RP

    workout a2
    incline smith machine press11-15rp
    smith machine overhead press 11-15rp
    seated french press 15-30RP
    close grip pulldowns15-30RP
    deadlifts one set of 5-8 next set of 9-12

    workout a3
    dumbbell press 11-15rp
    seated barbell press15-20rp
    lat pull down15-20rp
    barbell row 12-12 SS

    workout b1
    barbell curls15-30RP
    reverse grip curls11-20ss
    hack squat calf raise 10-12ss
    squat 4-8 straight set then widow maker
    stiff leg deadlift 10-15 straight set

    workout b2
    dumbbell curls 15-30 rp
    reverse grip cable curls 11-20ss
    leg press calf raise 10-12
    lying leg curl 15-20RP
    hack squat 4-8 then widow maker

    workout b3
    preacher curls 15-30RP
    hammer curls 11-20 ss
    seated calf raise 10-12
    standing leg curl 15-30 rp
    leg press 4-8 then a big arse widow maker

    and you can see my chosen exercises in the plan as well.

    Any criticisms are welcomed so long as they are constructive, although I will get pretty mad if you mention that I'll fuck it up because of my age, I don't drink and I go out so I don't really have any distractions.

    Next post will feature my diet,

    Thank you for reading

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    Diet for DC training
    Protein: 273g
    Carbs: 364
    fat: 80g

    Workout days:

    6AM: 150g chicken breast
    100g oats
    2 table spoons Udos oil
    Protein 40
    carbs 60
    fat 30

    9AM 150g chicken breast
    200g whole grain rice

    protein 40
    carbs 60
    fat 2

    11:30 am 2 scoops of nrg No2 MAX
    10g protein
    10g carbs

    13:00pm post workout
    2 scoops whey isolate
    100 maltodextrin

    40g protein
    100g carbs

    13:40 150g chicken
    200g wholegrain rice

    protein 40
    carbs 60
    fat 2g

    17:00 pm
    150g chicken
    200 rice

    fat 2g
    protein 40
    carbs 60


    19:00pm 150 meat
    veggies cooked in olive or covered with two tablespoons of udos oil

    protein 40g
    fat 30g

    21:30 Pre bed shake (aww)
    2 scoops of whey protein


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      Moved to journal section....
      Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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        Okay thank you can you give me any feedback at all please


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          Right okay here's how today's workout went

          Smith machine incline bench 80kg on the bar 6 3 3
          smith machine seated ohp 50kg on the bar 7 4 3
          Seated French press 40kg 6 5 4
          hammer strength lat pull down 80kg 8 4 4
          T bar row 80kg on the bar 7

          Chest 25kg 30seconds
          shoulders, this felt a bit funny couldn't really feel it in my delts as of yet I'll keep working on it 45 seconds
          triceps 15kg 60seconds per arm

          I dont have any lifting straps at the moment so i just held on to a wide bar for 60seconds at bodyweight my straps should arrive before my next A workout


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            Best of luck to you.
            Follow my NEW journal if you please:


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              My first workout felt good, very intense
              Was sweating a lot

              Incline smith machine bench 80kg on the bar 6 3 3
              Smith machine overhead press 50kg on the bar 7 4 3
              Seated French press 40kg 6 5 4
              Close grip reverse grip pull downs (hammer strength) 80kg 8, 4, 4
              T-bar row 80kg on bar 7 reps

              Chest stretch, 30 seconds with 25kg
              Shoulders, this one felt a bit funny I need to practise it as I can't feel it in my shoulders at the moment, but I held it for 30 seconds

              Triceps 15kg dumbbell 60seconds per arm
              Back one I couldn't do as I haven't got straps however they are coming today so on Friday I will hit them hard

              Doing my first workout B later on today, I will keep you all updated on how it's going


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                Today was a great workout

                Barbell curls 40kg 8 6 4
                Reverse curls 25kg 12ss
                Hack squat calf raise 120kg (ouch)
                Hamstring Curls 65kg 8 6 5
                Squats 120kg 8 reps (eaasy) 100kg 20 reps

                Hanging leg raises 10

                My lungs were on fire after the widow maker

                bicep 30s
                hamstring 30s
                quad 30s

                Good workout I'm enjoying the programme so far


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                  Originally posted by n1ckage View Post
                  My first workout felt good, very intense
                  Was sweating a lot

                  Incline smith machine bench 80kg on the bar 6 3 3
                  Smith machine overhead press 50kg on the bar 7 4 3
                  For no other reason than variation within the workout, I only do one smyth machine exercise per workout. I try to do the same thing with dbs and Hammer press. Just my own preference. (Also my gym only has one smyth machine so if I did back to back exercises on it, I might be there a while and I try not to hog equipment too long)


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                    Dumbbell bench 40kg 8 4 3
                    standing ohp 50kg 8 3 2
                    close grip bench press 70kg 14 7 5
                    weighted pullups +5kg 12 6 4
                    deadlift 120kg 8 100kg 12

                    stretches chest 25kg 35 seconds
                    shoulders 30 seconds got the feel of it this time
                    triceps 17.5kg 45s
                    back +20kg 25seconds

                    Good workout sweating like mad feeling noticably bigger although this may be because i have increase my calories for the first time in about 4 weeks so gains are coming