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    Started lifting at home about 2.5 years ago. I became more serious around 7 months ago and finally got a gym membership. Weight roughly 130lbs when I first started lifting. I have no desire to be a bodybuilder, I simply enjoy lifting.

    6' tall, ~195lbs
    Deadlift: 325x7
    Bench: 275
    Squat: NA
    Diet: 3,800/3,500 cals with a minimum of 225g protein. I don't track carbs of fat. I always train fasted, my stomach can't handle any food before lifting.

    Day 1: Chest/Tris/Bis
    Day 2: Back
    Day 3: Shoulders/Traps/Legs
    Off/Accessory: Forearms/Calves/Abs

    Current goals,
    1. Lat width, have always had a very hard time isolating them.
    2. Triceps, progress have always been weak with them.

    My log:

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    BB incline: 190 4x5, 16
    DB bench: 80s 2x10, 12
    Flys: 50s 2x10, 18
    CGBP: 150 4x5, 10
    EZ curls: 120 4x5, 10
    Skull crushers: 85 3x10
    Preacher hammer: 35s 12, 17
    Vbar pushdowns: 65 2x15, 19
    Preacher: 95 2x15, 19

    Wasn't my intent to go that high on reps for Incline, didn't expect to gain any more reps after adding 5lbs
    My log:


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      Wide pulldowns: 175 4x5, 11
      Neutral pulldowns: 140 2x12, 20
      CG UH pulldowns: 135 15, 21
      Tbar rows: 125 4x5, 12
      Cable rows: 150 2x15, 20
      Deadlifts: 255x11 295x5 W/bands
      My log:


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        HS shoulder press: 110s 4x5, 7
        Upright rows: 80 2x12, 20
        HS dips: 345* 3x5, 11
        HS shrugs: 455* 2x8, 16
        Prone ham curls: 170 2x12, 17
        Hack squats: 325* 2x5, 11
        Leg press: 455*x18

        Anyone have any advice to help prevent wrist pain during upright rows? I'm using an EZ bar and "pulling with my elbows" but still having a hard time gripping the bar.

        * On Hammer strength machines I record the weight as if it were on a 45lb barbell for simplicity reasons. I record three plates per side as "315" instead of 135ps to keep it simple.
        My log:


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          Just did so "accessory" work today,

          BTB forearm curls: 120 2x12, 16
          Calves: 165* 1x20 w/slow neg, 1x16 regular reps
          LF ab machine: 185 2x8, 12
          Leg raises: 2x8, 16
          Reverse pec deck: 150 2x15, 20

          Started using the hack squat machine for calves, like it alot better then the two hammer strength calve machines because I'm able to do it with just my toes on the platform. With the designated HS machines my shoes always start sliding off toward the middle of the set, HS seems to be more concerned about putting their name on the foot pad, then the functionality of their machine. With the hack squat, I can have my feet off the edge and still get a much better grip.
          My log:


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            Incline BB: 205 4x5, 10
            Flat DB: 80s 2x10 14
            Flys: 52.5s 2x15, 17
            CGBP: 160 4x5, 10
            EZ curls: 125 4x5, 8
            CG SC: 80 2x10, 14
            Preacher hammer: 40s 12, 14
            Vbar pushdowns: 70 2x15, 18
            Preacher curls: 100 2x15, 16

            My forearms felt like the were going to snap when I let go of the bar after doing the EZ curls, had to hold the weight on the ground for a few second after the set before releasing my grip on the bar. :shocked:
            My log:


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              Wide pulldowns: 185 4x5, 7
              Neutral pulldowns: 150 2x12, 20
              CGPD: 145 15, 20
              Tbar rows: 145 4x5, 10
              Cable rows: 155 2x12, 20
              Deadlifts w/bands: 265x11 305x5

              Going to change up my exercises next week
              My log:


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                New routine

                Incline DB 5x5
                Flat BB 3x10
                Flyes 3x12
                Floor ext 5x5
                BB curls 5x5
                Lurker ext 3x8
                Reverse curls 2x12
                Pushdowns 3x15
                Seated DB curls 3x15

                SW pulldowns 5x5
                Wide pulldowns 3x10
                Damico's 2x15
                BB rows 5x5
                Cable rows 3x10
                Deadlifts 2 SS

                Smith press 5x5
                DB laterals 3x12, Machine WM
                HS dips 4x5
                HS shrugs 3x8
                Seated ham curls 3 sets increaing weight
                Hack squat 3x5
                LP 1 SS

                Forearm curls 3x10
                Calves, maybe smith 1x20 slow neg, 1 set regular
                Reverse pec deck 3x12
                Ab machine 3x12
                Leg raises 3x10
                My log:


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                  Where's the pullups if you want to build lats?! lol
                  PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.


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                    I've tried adding them in a few times, but always plateau after a couple weeks. It seems like my biceps end up doing most of the work, harder for me to focus on lats while suspended. I have a hard enough time isolating them while sitting down with pulldowns.
                    My log:


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                      Leg pic
                      Attached Files
                      My log:


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                        HS press: 112.5s 4x5, 8
                        Wide Upright rows: 2x10, 20
                        HS dips: 355* 3x5, 11
                        HS shrugs: 475* 2x8, 16
                        Prone leg curls: 175 2x12, 17
                        Hack squat: 335*
                        LP: 455* 20

                        Felt a sharp pin in my pecs during the last set of dips
                        My log:


                        • #13
                          Forearm curls: 115 2x12, 24
                          Hack squat calves: 175* 1x22 slow, 1x16 reg
                          Ab machine: 185 2x8 16
                          Leg raises: 2x10, 16
                          Reverse pec deck: 2x15, 20
                          My log:


                          • #14

                            Incline BB: 215x5, 210 2x5, 195x5, 11
                            Flat DB: 82s 2x10, 13
                            Flys: 52s 2x12, 17
                            Floor ext: 95 4x5, 15
                            BB curls: 115 4x5, 13
                            Overhead cable ext: 65 2x10, 17
                            Reverse curls: 75 12, 17
                            Pushdowns: 60 2x15, 20
                            Incline curls: 20s 2x15, 21

                            Probably going to have to stop doing 5x5 for curls, forearm strain is becoming too much
                            My log:


                            • #15

                              SW pulldowns: 180 4x5, 15
                              Wide pulldowns: 140 2x12, 21
                              SA pulldowns: 70 15, 15
                              BB rows: 190 4x5, 14
                              Cable rows: 160 2x12, 20
                              My log: