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Doberman: Poor Genetics to Massive Muscles Log

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  • Doberman: Poor Genetics to Massive Muscles Log

    I'm starting this log and will keep it active if there is enough interest. I'm staying with the my diet coach Jeremiah Forster and his UP DAY/DOWN DAY diet approach, but we are modifying to fit within my new trainer, John Meadows. The goal with all of this is to add 10 lbs of stage weight while keep my ab skin folds between 7-10 during this offseason.

    I feel that the combination of this diet, John's training approach and some of his dietary practices will get me to my goal. For a genetically average to below average bodybuilder I invite you to follow me and ask any questions. What I like about Jeremiah, Skip, and John is that they take the old bodybuilding dogma and slam it on it's head.

    At present I'm coming back from a two week break from training and diet. I competed at 153. I started some light high volume training this week and am currently sitting at 180. My abs are blurred, but I still have vascularity in my arms and legs. A lot of the gain is water, but I still need to keep aware of fat gain. Depending on what the ab skin fold is I may do a short hardening phase.

    DIET: 5750 on training days and 500 on off days. Training will be 2 on 1 off, 3 on 1 off.

    Supplements: Creatine, Beta Alanine, NO booster, Multi Vitamin, Anti Oxidants, Protein Powder, BCAA's (with meals), Liver Tabs (with meals), and a pre/post workout BCAA's Drink.

    Training: More to come on this later, but tentatively it is 2 on 1 off 3 on 1 off.
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    Best of luck to ya man. I'll follow this for sure. Look forward to reading about your training.
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      I am extremely interested in following your progress. Thanks for posting!

      Have you tried anything like this before, perhaps with less extreme differences?


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        Good luck D, I'll come along for the ride!!
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          Always enjoy reading about your way of doing things. Looking forward to it.
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            Get it Doberman! Ever since I found about your diet it has fascinated me (not saying it is for me) and think it is pretty unique concept.

            By any chance are you using some Beverly products (Ultra 40s and MASS aminos)?
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              im in for the ride dober, how do you like that up/down diet. i feel like the down day would kill me. Whats ur down day look like?


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                Like the contrarian attitude! How tall are you?


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                  I'll be following along!


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                    I'm looking forward to reading more, especially about your diet. Sounds very interesting. Also curious how cardio plays into the UP/DOWN cycle...


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                      Good luck

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                        DIET: 5750 on training days and 500 on off days. Training will be 2 on 1 off, 3 on 1 off.

                        Is that 500 on off days correct 500 calories?
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                          Sounds interesting. This should be in journals forum, eh?
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                            I am interested in following this as well. 5750 cal. on training days, and 500 off-training - talk about from one extreme to the other. I am not sure I could eat 5,750 cal. in a day and I am certain I wouldn't last long on 500 a day.


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                              Ill definately be following along too.