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Peak Weak for the Kentucky Derby

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  • Peak Weak for the Kentucky Derby

    I thought I'd throw up a summary of my prep week since it is working so well.

    Saturday and Sunday
    1.5 lbs of Tilapia
    7 servings of spinach
    Salt kept the same

    Monday and Tuesday
    Same food, but cut salt
    2 gallons of Spring Water

    9 meals of
    250 grams of potato
    2 liver pills
    9 meals of
    40 grams of extra lean beef
    3 rice cakes
    200 grams of Sweet potatoes
    188 ml of water per meal

    supplements include vit C, multi mineral, xpel, creatine, and a carb utilization supplement containing Vanadyl Sulfate and Chromium Polynicotinate

    Haven't gotten here yet, but the plan is to eat the same as Wednesday with a slight reduction in carbs and a slight increase in protein.
    135 ml of water per meal

    supplements are kept the same

    9 meals of
    3 tbsp of PB
    8 rice cakes
    cut water

    Dinner steak, potato, cheese cake, glass of wine

    pancakes with butter

    rice cakes with PB throughout the day

    pre workout supplement and candy bar before hitting the stage.

    I'll let you all know how it went down after the weekend. Wish me luck!
    1994 Ohio Gran Prix 4th place
    2010 Kentucky State Championships 1st place
    2011 Northern Kentucky 4th place
    2012 Kentucky Grand Prix 1st place
    2014 Francois Classic 3rd place
    2015 Francois Classic 2nd Place
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    Dobs, every try beef liver powder instead of the pills? if so, thoughts? BTW: good luck!
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      at what point will you pul your salt?