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Training Log- 2012

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  • Training Log- 2012

    Hey guys,

    I thought I would give keeping a training journal another shot. I have recently got back into serious weight training, as for the last couple years I have been more focused on muay thai and boxing. I've taken a break from that for the last few months and want to try and put on some size and get strong. So the plan is that I will be doing 531 for at least a year.

    I'm 22 years old and 185lb. I'm used to training 6-7 days a week including weight training 3x a week (though this has been fairly stagnant for a long time) and will probably continue to do a fair bit of conditioning. If I start struggling with weights I will dial this down.

    I read posts on this board frequently, and feel like this is probably the best place for this log as the people here are experienced and there isn't a lot of bullshit. Please feel free to chime in with any tips, advice, etc...

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    Week 1- 5s week

    Starting conservative so that I have somewhere to go...

    Squats 531- 225x9 for final set
    squats BBB- 135x10x5
    -5 sets of 8 chinups in between sets

    leg curl 3x10 - I have weak hamstrings so am trying to throw in lots of extra work for them throughout the week.

    leg press- 3x10

    leg raise- 5x10 - touching feet/shins to bar
    -5 sets of 20 pushups between sets

    20 mins intervals on treadmill. Basically just kept raising incline and speed. 20 seconds on 40 break.

    Felt pretty good. Motivated.


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      04/24/2012- 5s week- Bench

      Bench 205x7
      bbb 135x10x5
      chins/pullups bwx8x10 in between sets

      dips bw 10x5

      rope pushdowns- 10x5
      lateral raises- 10x5

      20min cardio

      Was an ok workout. Went and got a bunch of vaccines this morning (8) so my arms felt like someone had punched me repeatedly. Also seems to have made me kind of tired, which might just be a placebo effect because the doc said I might be tired...

      Have to go study. Its exam time.


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        5s week deadlift- pushed back onto friday due to exams on thursday

        deadlift- 305x9- pretty easy but no chalk and the plates being kind of octagons is annoying
        5x8 chinups between sets

        front squat- 5x10 - just started doing these
        -dips between sets- 5x10

        -hamstring curls - 3x10

        kroc row- 80x17

        leg raise- 3x10

        20 min cardio


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          5s week- Military press

          squats- 3x10 with light weight just to get some extra practice in

          military press- 115x6
          bbb 5x10
          chins/pullups 10x8 between sets

          incline db bench- 3x10
          curls- 3x10

          Gym closed earlier than during the week so didn't have time for abs and cardio.
          School finishes on monday for me so I'm looking forward to more free time.