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    BW: 195.5

    Wide Grip Pullups
    BW x 8 [2]
    BW x 8 [2]
    BW x 9.5
    *wordddd...go for 8,9,9 next week

    DB Rows (strapped)
    85 x 9 [2]
    85 x 9 [2]
    85 x 10

    V-Bar Pulldowns (narrow grip)
    140 x 9 [2]
    140 x 9 [2]
    140 x 10 (rest-pause after about rep 8 or so)

    Kneeling Cable Pullover w Rope Attachment
    70 x 10 [2]
    80 x 10 [2]
    90 x 10 [2]
    *start with 90 next week!!

    Rack Deadlift
    315 x 10 [Auto]
    365 x 6
    *try starting with 365 next week and maybe go for 405??

    Hammer Curls
    40 x 10 [Auto]
    25 x a lot
    *try starting with 45's next week


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      *weight loss is going alright i guess. I was losing a bit too fast so ate more this past week which helped me perform well this week. Goal is 10% body fat or less. Have never really been that lean in my life. Nervous because I might have to get down to like 180 to achieve that a height of 6 foot.....thats pretty puny.....


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        Low Incline DB Press
        80 x 9 [3] *CT
        80 x 9 [3] *CT
        80 x 7.5

        Incline BB Press

        135 x 8
        145 x 4

        *still trying to get form down on these

        DB Twist Press
        50 x 8 [2]
        50 x 8 [2]
        50 x 8

        Seated DB Lateral Raise
        25 x 8 [2] *CT
        25 x 8 [2] *CT
        25 x 9 *CT until rep 7

        Reverse Pec Fly Machine (rear delts) [seat position: 1]
        100 x 20 [2] *CT
        50 x 12+ [2]

        Pushdowns w Rope
        50 x 12 [.5]
        50 x 12 [.5]
        50 x ?? [.5]
        50 x ??

        DB Skullcrushers
        25 x 5 [1-1.5]
        15 x ??

        Good session! probably gonna ramp up volume next week on chest. then maybe shoulders the week after.


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          ATG Front Squat
          225 x 2

          Trap Bar Deadlift
          315 x 7
          *really weird. was feeling real heavy today.

          Seated Calve Raise Drop Set
          3plates+25 x 8
          3 plates x 10
          2 plates x 12+
          1 plate x failure

          Lying Hamstring Curl
          stack x 9 [auto]
          150 x 10

          Seated Leg Extensions
          140 x 11 [1.5]
          140 x 10 [1.5]
          140 x 10

          Ab Pulldown
          Stack x 4
          150 x 12+


          Worst session in a while. Did 2 reps with 225 and decided not to go for a third...didn't feel like I was gonna get it and didn't want to grind and fry my CNS and kill the rest of the workout. So I racked it. But then, trap bar deadlifts were really fucking hard for some reason. I had to do them with shoes on today because a gym employee was being vigilant, could that have been it? idk. Today was just one of those days I guess. The sets I got in after trap bar deadlifts were fine though.

          I have a feeling the caloric deficit may be catching up with me. Diet today was pretty poor as well. breakfast went alright, linner - not so much.


          1 bowl oatmeal
          scrambled eggs
          7 egg whites
          1 banana


          8-10 slices pizza
          2 scoops whey protein


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            fuarkkkkk I just wanna be 10% body fat so I can go back to bulking again!!!!

            BW is currently around 195ish. Essentially I would like to be down at 185 with the same amount of muscle i currently have. At that point I'd hopefully be pretty lean, then I could go back to bulking.

            If I can lose 1 lb/week, I can get to 185 in 10 weeks. So the goal is by December to be 185 lbs, 10% body fat.

            After holding/improving conditioning for a month further, the new year would start. and my 20th birthday would be around the corner. so in short the goal is to have hawt abzzz by the time I'm 20.

            then to get fucking huge.


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              Woohoo you're doing trap bar deads, best lift. The bulking line was funny, I can't wait to add some more cals in... damn being pudgy
              Originally posted by thsfootball
              Stressing about what's catabolic- catabolic


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                So although updates have been...absent....I have still been hitting the gym and the diet (somewhat). The past two weeks were full of exams/stress and I took the time to increase my caloric intake and scale my training volume down a bit. Although I seemed to have hit a weight loss plateau (194.8 gym weight at last weigh in), I think the two weeks were good to give my body a bit of break from the dieting.

                Now its time to kick it back into gear on the diet. I'm debating whether to slightly increase calories and cardio, or use reduced calories as my only fat loss variable. Bodyfat is around 15% perhaps. Maybe a bit less, I'm not sure.

                Chest Session today

                Low Incline DB Press
                8 x 85s
                8 x 85s
                7 x 85s

                Incline BB Press (no lockout)
                6 x 150
                8 x 135

                DB Twist Press
                8 x 50
                7 x 50
                7 x 50

                DB Seated Lateral Raise
                10 x 25s (constant tension)
                10 x 25s (rest pausing ~rep#7)
                10 x 25s (started rest pausing ~rep#5)

                Rear Delt Fly Machine
                15 x 140

                Misc. Face Pulls

                Vbar Tricep Pushdown
                3 sets of 50 for 12 reps, 30 sec rest in between

                Lying DB Extensions
                8 x 20
                8 x 20
                7 x 20

                supersetted w

                3 sets of 5 chin-ups


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                  first arm workout in 3-4 weeks...went pretty well

                  First I warmed up with 4 sets of 20 triceps pushdowns

                  Narrow Grip Weighted Drips

                  Back against the wall BB Curls
                  *meh...this is about where I was 3-4 weeks ago...but also, i've been cutting...I'm probably going to switch to more looser form barbell curls with like 115..we'll see...

                  V-Bar Tricep Pushdown (setting:24) supersetted with DB Hammer Curls (30-45 sec rest b/w SS)



                  *PRed on this SS.

                  One arm DB hammer preacher curl SS w/ Lying Tricep Extensions


                  forgot to do the rest of the sets. O well haha I was pretty gassed by this point anyway. overall a good session. I think skip's tip about training arms LESS frequently has merit. The more broad concept of cycling volume has been time-tested. I don't think taking 3-4 weeks off from training arms directly was ideal..maybe 1-2 weeks. But you can be damn sure I'll be hitting some PR's in the ensuing weeks...I'm hungry and my first day back to arm training I either got the same reps or more...


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                    Chest Session today

                    Low Incline DB Press
                    8 x 85s
                    7 x 85s
                    7 x 85s
                    *lost a rep but maintained CT all the way through on set 1

                    Incline BB Press (no lockout)
                    5 x 150
                    4 x 135

                    DB Twist Press
                    8 x 50
                    8 x 50
                    8 x 50

                    DB Seated Lateral Raise
                    10 x 25s (constant tension)
                    10 x 25s (rest pausing ~rep#7)
                    10 x 25s (started rest pausing ~rep#6)

                    Rear Delt Fly Machine
                    19 x 120 <- used wrong weight oops

                    Vbar Tricep Pushdown
                    3 sets of 50 for 12,12,10 reps, 30 sec rest in between

                    Lying DB Extensions
                    8 x 20
                    7 x 20
                    7 x 20




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                      BW 191.8

                      Wide Grip pullups

                      100 lb DB Rows

                      Close Grip Neutral Pulldown (180 lbs)
                      9 reps

                      Rope Pullover (110 lbs)
                      12+ reps

                      Rack Pull (455 lbs)
                      5 reps

                      45 lb DB Hammer Curls
                      10 reps


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                        Bulking starts today. Will continue for at least a year I think. Routine (for now): layne norton's phat

                        Let's see if I can adjust to this volume. Recovery must be a priority. Aiming for 3500-4000 cals/ day, 6-8 hrs of sleep.


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                          Day 1: Upper Body Power Day
                          Pulling Power Movement: Bent over rows
                          205 for 3,4,5
                          Assistance Pulling movement: Weighted Pull ups
                          BW+45 for 6,6
                          Auxiliary Pulling movement: wide grip pullups w/ 1 second pause at top
                          BW for 6,6
                          Pressing Power Movement: Flat dumbbell presses
                          100 for 3, 95 for 4,4
                          Assistance pressing movement: Weighted dips
                          BW+45 for 7,6
                          Assistance pressing movement: Seated dumbbell shoulder presses
                          60 for 9,7
                          Auxiliary curling movement: Cambered bar curls
                          100 for 6, 90 for 6,5
                          Auxiliary extension movement: Skull crushers
                          80 for 7,5, 40 for ??

                          Decent session. Notes for next time:

                          - do rack chins instead of paused wide grip pullups
                          - use 95's for flat DB press
                          - forgot to do 3 sets of DB shoulder press, only did 2
                          - switch to the cambered bar for curls, stop using EZ barbell...shit hurts my wrists..
                          - use 70 on skull crushers


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                            Day 2: Lower Body Power Day
                            Pressing Power Movement: ATG Squats
                            225 for 3, switched to ATG Front Squats did 205 for 3, 185 for 5, 135 for 10, 135 for 10
                            Assistance pulling movement: Stiff legged deadlifts
                            Couple light sets with 135 and 185
                            Assistance pulling/curling movement: Glute ham raises
                            3 sets of 7 reps
                            Auxiliary calf movement: Seated calf raise
                            4 plates for 6, 3.5 plates for strict form for 6
                            Auxiliary calf movement: Standing calf raise
                            41.0 kg for 6,6,6 reps


                            - weird ass leg workout. First time ATG Back Squatting in more than 2 years I think haha. The triple I worked up to today is my PR for ATG Front squat. Pathetically weak lol.
                            - Gonna just stick with ATG Front Squat as main leg movement. Back squatting just didn't feel as good. Front squatting is more natural to me now.
                            - I kind of gassed after the squatting, lower back was tweaked, thats why I didn't go for the SLDLs and also cut the volume of the session down a bit. Still hit it hard on the exercises I did do though, that's what counts
                            - Thinking of switching the two leg workouts that Norton has for the two leg workouts form Joe DeFranco's Westside-template based program. Norton essentially has a Max-effort day ("Power" day as he calls it) and a Dynamic Day ("hypertrophy day")...he even says in his article that the program is based off of powerlifting methods so I assume he is referencing the Westside type of training. That being said, I trust that Joe D knows how to train lower body better than Norton.


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                              Nice log so far man. Good luck with your bulk. I've never tried norton's routine, but I've been thinking of trying it lately. Right now I've been doing DC and have been increasing about 1 more rep every time I get around to the next exercise.I feel the same same way with the squats: front squats just seem much more natural for me and I've been progressing on them more so then my back squats lately.
                              "Where the mind goes the body follows." -Arnold


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                                Nice job in here, keep hitting it!
                                "SET NO LIMITS"

                                "When the knees hurt you just wrap tighter."-Skip

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