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    I had a log I started last year but it was titled "DC Log" and I'm not doing DC at the moment and I didn't want some new guy to come in at the end of it and get confused!

    I'm officially/unofficially prepping as of yesterday. Which is to say I really want to do the NC State's in April but the date hasn't been announced yet, and most likely I don't have time to get into condition. I might have 14 weeks at the most if it is around the same time as last year. So what I want to do is prep for it and see where I'm at half way through. If it looks like I can make it I'll continue balls out and go compete. Otherwise I'll back off a little/crank it up as necessary for a May or June contest.

    So yesterday I neglected to note exactly what I ate but it wasn't much.
    I made this awesome stuff my wife showed me once called "chicken picante" it's real easy to make it's really just chicken breast(I cut it up and sautee it, she cooks it whole) in a sauce made from picante or salsa and spicy brown mustard. I forget the ratio, but I can usually wing it pretty good. It ads a ton of flavor and little calories to the chicken. I ate that a couple times on some jasmine rice as my last two meals before the gym, and a 16 OZ true moo chocolate milk as my post workout drink!


    Behind neck smith press. Warmed up for a few sets and did one work set to failure with 2 plates a side for 9.

    Supersetted Arnold Presses with standing DB lateral raises
    Started at 60/40 then 45/30 and 40/25 all to failure with the reps oddly enough being 12/9 each set.

    Front raises, really sucked cause my front delts were toasted already.
    I got three sets of ten with 25 20 and 15.

    Tricep cable pressdowns
    all to failure

    french press
    all to failure, nice and slow with deep stretch and no lockout

    One arm over head DB extension
    all failure sets

    DB shrugs
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    14 April 2012 is what I saw for the NC State show. What shows did you compete in last year (or previously)? You appear to have made some decent gains...good luck to you.

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      Definitely some great gains. Hows that True Moo Chocolate Milk taste?


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        Originally posted by slide View Post
        14 April 2012 is what I saw for the NC State show. What shows did you compete in last year (or previously)? You appear to have made some decent gains...good luck to you.

        Hey slide, the only show I have done so far is the Elite Muscle Classic here in NC. That was in Nov. of 2010. I took all of 2011 off to try and put on some muscle without getting too fat. I think I'm in a much better place to start a prep than where I was the first time.

        I'm glad you found that poster, the last time I checked the NC NPC site I couldn't find anything and usually they post on FB too that kinda stuff. So April 14 gives me 14 weeks from the start of the week we are in. I'm going to give it a honest shot. It will be pushing it by a few weeks at least but hey what the hell. If I'm not looking ready in March I think I'll focus on trying to do the Gold's Classic June 2.
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          Originally posted by Adam2433 View Post
          Definitely some great gains. Hows that True Moo Chocolate Milk taste?
          Dude, True Moo is the truth brother! Unfortunately for me I'll have to cut milk out at some point as I do tend to look a little fluffier when I drink a lot of it.
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            Wed. 1/11/2012

            Hammer Strength Pull Down(the one dorian likes)
            3 plates +10 for 9
            2+35 x 10
            2+20 x 12

            BB Rows
            350 x 8
            315 x 10
            285 x 12

            Hammer Strength Iso Row
            4 plates a side x 12
            4 x 9
            3 x 12

            Seated Cable Row
            250 x 7
            220 x 8
            200 x 8

            Rack Deadlifts
            225 x 5
            405 x 5
            Did 455 for 9 a week ago but my lower back was bugging me and this was all I could get out.

            Treadmill incline 4 speed 3.2 for 30 min.

            had 3 omega 3 eggs and 3 slices turkey bacon with 8 oz pinneaple juice for

            chobani greek yogurt for a snack

            8oz NY strip cut up and sauteed with onions and bell peppers in tortilla with a little low fat sour cream and low fat cheese.

            60g whey shake post workout and then bed(workout was kinda late again)

            Going to try and get my actual contest diet plan today. Guy that owns my gym is going to help me out. He's been a very good state competitor here and has helped his son and some other guys get in very good condition around here. I just gotta make it to the gym while he's still there.
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              Good luck in your prep. Get some pics posted when you can so we can follow the progress.


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                Wish you the best for your prep bro!
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                  OK, update time.
                  Thursday 1/12/2012 Chest and bi's
                  Decline Bench
                  345 x 10
                  300 x 11
                  270 x 12

                  Incline HS press
                  3+10 x 6
                  2+25 x 10
                  2+10 x 9

                  Incline Fly
                  75 x 8
                  60 x 9
                  45 x 10

                  Cable X-Over
                  90 x 11
                  80 x 12
                  70 x 12

                  BB Curl
                  110 x 10
                  90 x 9
                  80 x 8

                  Arnold Conc. Curl
                  35 x 6
                  30 x 7
                  25 x 7

                  Nautilus Preacher Curl
                  100 x 10
                  90 x 9
                  80 x 12

                  30 min. cardio on treadmill. Elev. 4.0 Speed 3.2
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                    Leg press
                    8 x 10
                    8 + 1 on top 10

                    Hack Squat supersetted with HS kneeling leg curl
                    3 x 12 180 x 9
                    2 x 12 140 x 10
                    1 x 14 110 x 10

                    Donkey Calf Raise
                    200 x 20
                    300 x 20
                    400 x 20
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                      OH, I almost forgot the most important part! I got my diet on Thur.
                      It's going to be pretty much same thing everyday so I don't know that I'll post it every day or not but here is the general outline:

                      First AM meal is shake consisting of 1 cup oats, 1 oz almonds, 2 scoops whey, put in blender with water.

                      8-10 oz Chicken or fish with green veggies every 2-3 hours when hungry

                      PWO is same shake as AM

                      Pre bed is 2 scoops whey and 1 oz almonds.

                      My training split is going to change a little bit based on his recomendations.
                      I was doing delts/tris/traps, back/rear delts, off chest/bis, legs, off, off repeat.
                      Now what I'll be doing is mostly the same but no "off days. The middle off day will be abs/forearms cardio and at the end of the split on day six I just repeat day one.
                      I will be doing 30 min. cardio starting out after lifting except leg days, and 45 min on the ab days.

                      I'm going to run this for a couple weeks and see where I'm at. I will increase cardio as necessary and maybe ad a skipload day in.
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                        Good Luck with the prep!
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                          Ugh! So I realize I did it again and haven't updated my log all week! I promise though I have been going to town, and I do in fact have all my workout's logged on that old fashioned shit called paper.
                          Diet is going super well, I mean it sucks, but I have stuck to it so far which impresses me just a little bit. This low of carbs feels like shit, my strength is really starting to take a beating. I've dropped a couple reps on several exercises this week, but I will keep pounding with at least the same weights I'd been on before, untill I literally cannot.

                          I'll see if I can get some decent pics taken early next week. Scale weight is down to 232, so about a ten pound loss over two weeks. I'm sure at least half is water, but if I'm down just 4 lbs of fat I'm doing well. If I can do two lbs a week for the next 12 I could be all the way down to a flat 208, so maybe a carbed up 215. All conjecture at this point obviously but I feel good, so I'm looking forward to making more progress.

                          Odd point of note here, I gained three lbs after leg day this week? Holding more water from inflammation of a bigger muscle or what? I think I read something about this from Skip at some point or am I crazy?
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                            Are Arnold conc curl where you're bent over like a bent over row and kind of curl it up to your chest?
                            PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.


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                              Originally posted by RedSkull View Post
                              Are Arnold conc curl where you're bent over like a bent over row and kind of curl it up to your chest?
                              Yup. I put my free hand on the db rack and bend over about 90 degrees and let my working arm hang straight down. Then curl up towards chest, really squeeze at the top. I get a great pump and really feel it in my biceps, much more so than a standard curl where you brace your elbow on your knee/leg.

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