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    I'm 6'0'' 171, and 21 years, recently enlisted in the U.S. Navy and thought I'd spend my time until I ship out in May lifting weights. I got into it more than I thought I would and now feel committed enough to keep a public journal.

    August - began lifting. Local gym had a membership special so I started out in late July on "the machines" and got bored fast. Did some research and discovered powerlifting.

    Bodyweight 155-160 lb

    Sqat: 160 lb
    Dead: 240
    Bench: 135

    Pathetic... I was committed to make a change. Thus began the Smolov base mesocycle, followed by 4 weeks of 5x5 training, the results...

    September -

    Bodyweight 170

    Sq: 215
    DL: 305
    Be: 155

    Currently, I am working through Askold Surovetsky's Deadlift cycle. I broke from the 5x5 because I wanted to deadlift more; I fell in love. I feel strong on the squat but nothing gives that same satisfaction as performing the simplest movement with the most weight.


    3 x 135
    3 x 185
    3 x 245
    2 x 255
    2 x 270
    2 x 270
    2 x 270

    Incline Press:
    5 x 5 x 95

    BB Row:
    5 x 5 x 140

    Behind-The-Neck Pull-ups:
    5, 3, 5

    Mixed Grip Pull ups
    5 x Left supinated
    5 x Right supinated

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    its good that your rowing strength is on par with your bench, i definately think some of my injuries are related to the fact my chest recieved much more attention when i first started training years ago.

    what martial arts do you practice?
    Overtraining should be one of the lowest concerns. You should focus on optimal training.
    -John Ceasar


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      I've actually been rowing about 10 lb less than I've been benching simply to make sure I'm rowing correctly, whereas initially the rows were 10 lb more than the bench but sloppy. And trust me, I see over half the guys in my gym doing nothing but benching, so I made sure to look for a varied routine when starting out. The good thing is the ONE squat rack is rarely in use... always available for me!

      And I practiced Kuk Sool Won off and on for years, I would estimate 5 years combined. I was all set to test for my brown belt when my instructor basically gave up on his school. Informal training with some wrestling and jiu-jitsu with friends, and a couple months of sparring with a "MMA fighter" friend constitute some other exposure.


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        4 x 135 lb
        4 x 185
        4 x 4 x 235

        3 x 5 x 95
        4 x 95
        1 x 95

        Push Jerk
        5 x 95

        BB Row:
        2 x 7 x 135
        3 x 5 x 135
        2 x 1 x 135

        Behind-Neck Pull-Up:
        3 x 6

        Mixed Grip Pull-Up:
        5 x each side

        Neutral Grip Pull-Up:
        1 x 5

        Wasn't feeling so great on the OHP, only got one on my last set so I hit my shoulders with some push jerks. Time to deload... I'll be doing 80 lbs Friday. For rows I tried to add some more volume because I've never rowed sets of 7; I like the feel of it. Next time I'll do 5 x 7. Proud of the BtN Pull-Ups, increased by one rep on each, probably due to the decreased weight on the rows. I'm shooting for another set on Friday, maybe of chins. Hammer curls and some front/45 deg/lat raises will most likely be added.


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          Just got home from work where I pushed a floor buffer all night and I am surprised at my lack of soreness. So surprised I felt like documenting it. My back feels amazing instead of fried... Just leads me to believe that any exercise people caution you about because it's "dangerous" (in this case the BtN Pull-ups and Deadlifts) means it's more worth doing, with correct form of course.

          A few notes here, I started doing the BtN Pull-ups because Surovetsky recommends BtN lat pulls as an accessory with this program. He mentions the PUs, but feels more control is to be had with the lat pull. However, I decided from Day 1 to do as little machine work as possible, and thus i discover a new, rewarding movement.

          Wednesday is the next work out day. I plan for Squats, Bench, Pwr Cleans, Dips, [insert leg excercise that isn't a front squat here], and Push-ups.

          Friday is heavy Deadlift day; I work up to 3 singles of 290, my working max at the start of the program. I plan to keep the rows at 135 to work on technique and deload the OHP, though I think 80 lb might be too much... maybe 75... one of the two will be the weight. DB raises to be added after pull-up session.

          Saturday my fiancee finishes her first week of Smolov (yes, she's that awesome). had an article that recommended Smolov only for those Squatting 300+ lbs, but I had great results when my max was 160. We brought her max up to 160 and now she's giving it a shot, so since I'll be at the gym anyways I'm wondering if I can fit in a front/overhead squat session with ab work. The log will tell...


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            5 x 45
            5 x 95
            5 x 115
            5 x 155
            5 x 5 x 195

            5 x 45
            5 x 95
            5 x 125
            5 x 5 x 150

            Pwr Clean:
            5 x 45
            5 x 95
            5 x 115
            5 x 5 x 135

            Decline (20 deg) DB press:
            3 x 10 x 70

            2 x 10
            1 x 5

            This session felt great; I was even high energy all through work until about 4-5 am. First time doing a decline press, I am doing this and the dips as assistance for more chest definition. I don't feel the incline is needed since i am OHP-ing 2x per week, but want to hit the chest some as it is lacking in strength. I was sure I was going to fail my 5x5 on both squat and bench because last time I tried i got three sets of each in and failed on rep 1 or 2 of the fourth set. But I made it so 5 more lbs next Wednesday it is. This is also my first Power Clean work out. I've done cleans before for front squats and OHP when the squat rack is in use (rarely) and since I suck at the snatch and wanted another lift on Squat day, the clean was included to replace Rows, which moved to back day as per Surovetsky's program (the program is strict about which assistance you use for each workout, but since I'm staying away from machines in an effort to keep things simple, I just do rows and pull-ups).
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              where you training at in mb?
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                The X. It's a pathetic gym, but free since my fiancee cleans the place on Sundays. Can't beat free.


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                  i been down there working some of the fighters. i train in little river......
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                    like, just doing some MMA on the wrestling mats or down there for the tournament that recently happened? Either way, Little River seems like a chill spot. I used to party with a co-worker up there when I was a fine dining server. His roommate was crazy into MMA and used to be a strongman-type lifter. Ironically I lost contact with him after I started hitting the gym regularly.


                    10 pull ups
                    39 push ups


                    3 x 135
                    3 x 245
                    2 x 275
                    3 x 290 PB!

                    FELT EASY. I forgot I was supposed to do 3 singles and did a set of three. Can't wait to pull a new max... but I have to.

                    5 x 7 x 75

                    5 x 5 x 135
                    didn't feel like pushing these today

                    BtN Pull-Up:
                    3 x 6

                    Mix Grip PU:
                    5 x each side

                    Hammer Curls 30lb DBs
                    haven't done curls in forever, I'm seeing if these will help the rows/pull-ups

                    Neutral Grip PU:
                    2 x 5


                    Fiancee was using the squat rack, so for legs today...

                    BW Squats
                    2 x 20

                    135 lbs
                    Pwr Clean x 1
                    Front Sq x 5

                    145 lbs
                    Pwr Clean x 1
                    Front Sq x 5

                    155 lbs
                    Clean x 1
                    Front Sq x 3

                    165 lbs
                    Clean x 1
                    Front Sq x 3

                    170 lbs
                    Clean x 1
                    Front Sq x 3

                    Clean x 0 Failed on an attempt for another set at 170

                    Pwr Clean x 1
                    Front Sq x 10

                    Zercher Squat
                    2 x 5 x 135
                    Very interesting, my first time attempting a Zercher lift. Too much stress on my back for post-DL day.

                    Bulgarian Split Squat
                    5 x 60 lbs x each side


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                      mma stuff. they used to have a boxing ring in there as well.

                      you talking about marvin?
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                        negative, I believe his name was Drew. He could have moved back up to NC by now. They still do have a boxing ring, but they use it for C4W "pro wrestling".


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                          Thank you and best of luck in the navy.

                          As far as deads go.... I loved them since the first time I did them like 25 yrs ago...Lol, yea I'm old now! Anyway I always considered deads to be the best way to truly judge a man's strength. Bend down and pick it up... Simple.. either you can or can't.

                          Unfortunately I'm on hold doing deads rt now... Still working my way back post surgery.

                          Again man, thanks, best of luck and keep at it.

                          Follow my NEW journal if you please:


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                          I would like to thank all the stupid people of the world. Without you guys I would only be average.

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                            Thank you for all the encouragement, I feel like the Navy is the best way for me to get ahead, seeing as how I dicked around in high school and screwed myself out of college (I could argue the circumstances and bad luck this, excuse and whine that, but ultimately I messed up when I was a teenager on the regular). Hopefully I get put on a carrier, they have multiple weight rooms and bench press tournaments ...or I could end up on a submarine, with hydraulic weight machines and treadmills

                            Sorry to hear about your back (NO DEADLIFTS!? HOW DO YOU LIVE!? lol), but at least you have a legit limitation. My dad refuses to do anything lower body because of his knees or back, (neither of which has been critically injured, the knees blew out when he was in the Army... all of 30-40 years ago) but does push ups and pull ups like they're going out of style. I've tried to tell him that the whole point of squats/deadlifts is to make those areas stronger and take stress off the joints and put it in the muscle where it belongs... but hey, you can't force fitness on your pop can you? Hope everything heals right for you.


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                              4 x 135
                              4 x 205
                              4 x 4 x 240

                              40lb DB Reg Park Press
                              5 x 5
                              had to try these out after all the big to-do over them in the PL forum. Much harder than the standard OHP, at least for me...

                              BB Row
                              5(or 6) x 5 x 140
                              I was spotting my fiancee for her bench and lost count of my row sets. So at least 5, maybe six. Better to do an extra set than not do enough. We were pressed for time so I didn't get to do my usual workout. Since I don't have an angled pull-up bar or stretching pole for shoulder dislocations, I skipped the BtN pull-ups and just did 2 x 5 each side of mixed grip pull-ups before eating.