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    Hello, everyone.I was going to work with Skip ,but unfortunately i won't be able to afford that before new year.However i will hire him after NY if everything is going well with my job, cuz i really wanna work with him and get my conditioning to a new level.
    With that in mind i've decided to spend the next months for some lean bulk and i will keep a journal here to motivates me and possibly motivates you guys!
    So here we go.I'll incorporate IF and eat only 3 meals a day from 14pm to 22pm.
    Macros will be 250C 160P and trace fats from food.
    Training will be Mon-Fri:Chest,Back,Shoulders,Legs,Arms
    Training is mostly focused on mind-muscle connection,TUT and just overall feeling of the muscles been worked.
    My grocery list will include:
    For carbs:Oats,Brown rice,Whole grain pasta
    For protein:Chicken,pork,beef,egg whites and protein powder
    For fats:egg yolks ,EVOO here and there

    Supplementation is down to:
    Multi vit
    Vit D - 3000iu/daily
    Vit E - 1200iu/daly
    Vit C - 3000mg/daily
    Calcium/zinc/magnesium - 3x/daily
    Creatine monohydrate - 10g daily

    I will weight myself every monday morning to check where i stand.My current weight is 80.5kg ,but i'm sure that i'll drop some the next couple of days ,cuz last week i took full week off training and diet.

    Today was Chest day:
    15 mins of dynamic stretching followed by 3sets rotator cuff .

    Incline smith machine press:
    2 warm up sets x15 with 50kg
    1x12 with 70kg
    1x10 with 80
    1x8 with 90
    1x8 with 80

    Chest press machine:
    3 sets of 10 reps to complete failure with static hold the last rep

    30* incline fly supersetted with dips for 3 sets and then some stretching.
    I spend 10 minutes for abs and went home.It was a great workout ,felt strong probably from the break i took last week.Can't wait to hit the back hard tomorrow!

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    Did you switch around your protein and carbs?

    250c and 160p seems a little backwards to me.
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      Change in plan guys, i've just received a call from my boss(i work as a manager for a supplement company, don't wanna mention which one) and i was offered a sponsorship ,but i should log (on other local forum) and give publicity to some new products.The only term is that i should do a cutting log.So parallel with my work-project i'll log everyday here and explain in details what's going on.
      I'll however keep on the same macros for next 2 weeks and adjust from there.
      As an addition to my supplements arsenal i'll add Fish oil caps ~ 3g EPA, 1.5g DHA.I won't mention the products that i'll advertise ,but it's a regular pre/post workout formulas ,etc ,etc.


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        Day 2:
        Weighted myself this morning and i was 77.8 ,almost 3kg down in 24 hours.I probably held lots of water.Today was a hard day at work and i bust my ass nearly 10 hours.It's not a physical work but has to do alot with organizing and coordinating tons of things ,communicate with people ,call orders ,etc,etc.
        I finally made it to the gym around 20:30 local time and hit back.

        2 warm up sets of lat pull-down - 15 reps with 50kg
        3 work sets of pull-ups till failure with 10 sec static hold the last rep

        3 work sets of close neutral grip pull-downs - 10 solid and controlled reps
        3 work sets of t-bar supported row (underhand wide grip) - really focus on contraction here
        3 heavy work sets of dumbell rows with 45kg till failure i didn't count reps here
        3 sets of weighted hyper extensions - with 20kg plate for 10 reps

        Solid workout ,not great but after that shitty day at work it was the best i can give.


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          Random thoughts:I had a nice conversation today with a client on the phone ,when it happened that the same dude is one of the most respected guys here(ttalking about bodybuilding).He is well over 50 and in condition that i admit i was envy of ..except his experience in the sport as a competitive athlete he also has pHD degree in micro-biology and even some nominees.We talked for a very short time ,because it was a super busy day ,for both of us.
          In short:High carbs ,More cardio - that's what he said.I really can't wait the opportunity to sit with him and listen to what he has to say about that ,cuz i know that it will be backed up by super solid science ,except of course his insane results.
          Till that time ,which i hope will be asap ,what you guys think about that?It can be an interesting thread ,where we can talk about different diet approaches, etc ,etc and possibly even give them a shot


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            Day 3:
            Weight this morning was 77.4, so another 0.4kg drop.Took a day off gym and did 30min cardio on elleptical in the morning before work.Dropped my carb intake for today to 160g and upped my protein to 225g.Probably will switch to 4 day split Chest-Back-Off-Delts/Arms-Legs-Off-Off, because of the price tags in my gym.Cardio will be on Off days for 30 mins at a time 3 times per week till the end of the month.

            Random thoughts:I tend to hold water mostly in my mid section.My legs and arms/forearms may stay dry with thin skin but my mid section is almost always bloated ,except in the morning.What do you guys thinkcan be the reason behind that ?