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    Good work man, love sessions where things feel light.
    …Time is so precious….and you need to ask yourself, what are you going to do today but more importantly, you need to ask yourself – how are you going to do it?


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      thanks Mark, everything felt good and probably easier than last week
      "Its not the will to win that matters, everyone has that. Its the will to prepare to win." Bear Bryant

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        Let's GO CARDS!
        "Its not the will to win that matters, everyone has that. Its the will to prepare to win." Bear Bryant

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          Last Night:

          No-gi class
          25 minutes of technique
          •breaking down the turtle guard
          •getting a hook into turtle and then
          •rolling to take the back and get the other hook

          5 rounds of rolling. Each round was 5 minutes long with 1 minute rest between
          •round 1 - rolled with a blue belt and he absolutely dominated me
          •round 2 - rolled with another guy (white belt?) finished him with a triangle choke from mount, kimura, americana, straight armbar from mount and chicken wing
          •round 3 - rolled with a (amateur?) fighter. I was exhausted at this point. He controlled me very well, probably a wrestler, but I was able to escape some of his subs. He did more flow rolling b/c he knew how exhausted I was.
          •round 4 - sat this one out
          •round 5 - rolled with a white belt, 1st time around he got me in some weird neck crank, next few starts ended with me getting mount each time (had to restart a few time b/c space was limited). I managed a rear-naked choke at the end of the round.

          This is the first no-gi class I've had in a very long time and I really enjoyed it. The game is a lot faster and submissions are much harder to get b/c of the sweat.

          This is also the first time that I've been to this school. Really liked the class but afterward I had to sit thru a car-salesman like pitch to join the gym (they're located in a fitness gym). I think the most annoying thing that was by the time I walked out of there the sales guy had dropped the price by $40/mo and waived $200 in fees. The whole time I'm thinking: why didn't you just start here and why did the owner tell something totally different over the phone when I asked for a ballpark figure???

          So I'm going to think about it some more. I really don't want to sign a long-term contract (and the sales tactics pissed me off) but it's less than 5 miles from my house, has 2 BJJ black belts from American Top Team (not an affiliate though), classes 6 days a week and daycare.
          "Its not the will to win that matters, everyone has that. Its the will to prepare to win." Bear Bryant

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            BJJ - no-gi
            25 minutes of technique work
            went over two different defenses to the triangle choke:
            •first is to posture up, push your hips forward and shake the oppenent loose and into your side control
            •second it to posture up then sit back and get your legs around them and arch while extending your legs.

            Both worked pretty well for me and was able to actually use the 1st technique later in class while rolling

            Rolling - 6 rounds of 3 minutes each
            •Round 1 - went with someone who was in for his 1st class. Mostly just getting mount and then talking him through how to recover guard and/or bump me
            •Round 2 - went with one of the students, had a handful of escapes from subs and decent positioning once or twice. He subbed me a few times and definitely won the round
            •Round 3 - Sat this one out
            •Round 4 - pretty much the same as round 2 but with a different guy, felt like I had a little better defense this time around and didn't get subbed as often
            •Round 5 - Sat this one out
            •Round 6 - best roll of the class for me, was caught in a rear-naked choke and I very nearly submitted him b/c he left his feet crossed in front of me and I was able to leg lock him. After I tapped to the choke he said it was very close. After that we went back and forth several times him staying dominant in position and me mostly escaping. Just before the round ended he shot in for a take down and got him in a guillotine choke

            Very good class all around again. I'm about 90% sure I'm signing up this weekend.
            "Its not the will to win that matters, everyone has that. Its the will to prepare to win." Bear Bryant

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              Night BJJ Gi class - decided to grab my oldest and go back out for a second class last night. I wanted her to check out the daycare and I wanted to get in some gi work.

              A couple of surprises:
              •the class started 15min earlier than the online schedule said
              •it appeared to be a competition class

              So I walked in late to my first gi class and everyone was yelling and cheering on their guys that were rolling. The teacher was cool about me being late, he gave me a little crap (as he should) but got me on a team and then I had my 1st match.

              I've never been to a competition match and all the rollling that I've done for the last few months (except the classes here) have been pretty laid back and mostly flow-type rolling.
              Nothing I've ever done prepared me for the adrenaline rush and the 110% effort of a simulated competition match.

              I was paired up with a 1-stripe white belt of the other team. My one advantage was that I outweighed him by about 40lbs Unfortunately he had speed, skill, conditioning and age on me

              The Play-by-Play:

              3 minute match. Started on the feet, quickly went to his guard and defended several submissions. After a bit I was able to pass guard and get him side control. 2pts for me. After a while he got of my side control and with about 20 seconds left got my back. 4pts for him.

              Match over. 2pts to 4pts for the other guy. Really enjoyed it and was happy with my performance overall.
              We spent the rest of the night rolling with a little less intensity.

              1st Round - rematch. This time I passed his guard and basically laid on top of him working for arm locks for about 2 minutes. Never got very close to the submission but also kept my position for pretty much the whole time.

              2nd Round - blue belt. Lets just say he dominated me completely. He let me try a few things and I managed a few escapes but he probably subbed me 3 or 4 times in 5 minutes.

              3rd Round - 2 stripe white belt (that had managed to sub a blue belt about 15 minutes earlier). We were both about ready to puke. Once again my defence was adequate but he was larger, stronger and more skilled. I think he only manged to sub me twice and was never in any real danger from me. I managed a few good positions but never kept them for any length of time.

              Overall, great class. Really wish I'd gotten there on time. Based on my last 3 classes I've decided I've found a new home for my BJJ. Very excited about it.
              "Its not the will to win that matters, everyone has that. Its the will to prepare to win." Bear Bryant

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