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    I have been meaning to start a log here since I started working with Skip. He is doing my nutrition to get me lean right now. I have a hard time getting under 10% and I am hoping to be sub 8%. After that I will be bulking to add some muscle. I will be using DC training to bulk. Right now I am doing the advanced madcow 5x5 to get my strength up some more before I start DC. I am not a bodybuilder competitor but I am looking into possibly powerlifting or strongman depending on weight classes.

    Current Stats
    33 yrs
    170 lbs

    Current Lifts - Calculated 1rm
    Squat 365
    Incline 285
    Dead 445
    Press 170
    Row 235

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    8/29/11 week 3

    Well my workout last night went good except incline for some reason. I couldn't get the 5 reps. Here is what I did,

    Squat - 300x5x5
    incline - 195x5, 210x5, 225x5, 240x5, 255x2
    row - 160x5, 172.5x5, 185x5, 197.5x5, 210x5
    sldl accessory - 265x3x8
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      8/31/11 week 3

      My upper body is really sucking now. I have some shoulder pain so I think it is mental to not push so hard

      squat - 257.5x5x5
      ohp - 140x3x5, 140x2x4
      dead - 365x3x3


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        9/2/11 week 3

        I am really lagging on keeping my log here up to date

        squat - 247.5x5, 267.5x5, 285x5, 305x5, 325x4
        incline - 235x4x5, 235x4
        row - 195x5x5


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          9/5/11 week 4

          I am thinking my incline is over estimated for 1rm. I know my shoulder is bugging me and I am on some really low cal and carb for cutting right now so I get burnt out quickly as well.

          squat - 315x5x5
          incline - 202.5x5, 220x5, 235x5, 252.5x4, 267.5x0
          row - 167.5x5, 180x5, 192.5x5, 207.5x5, 220x4


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            9/7/11 week 4

            So my quads are just burnt out from monday. Monday was a really good day for them and my recover is just not there with the low calories right now. I took it easy since next week is my deload I kind of started it earlier since I won't have squats on wednesday starting next week. My upper body is suffering as well.

            squat - 267.5x3x3
            ohp - 147.5x2x4, 147.5x3x3
            dead - 382.5x5, 382.5x4, 382.5x3


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              9/9/11 week 4

              I am actually happy with my squats today considering its friday and I wiped them out in the beginning of the week. Chest on the other hand just sucks. I stopped after 4th set since the reps dropped to 2.

              squat - 260x5, 280x5, 302.5x5, 322.5x4, 342.5x3
              incline - 247.5x4, 247.5x2x3, 247.5x2
              row - 205x5x5


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                pretty damn strong dirty j, im your age a little heavier no where your strength. keep at man
                Overtraining should be one of the lowest concerns. You should focus on optimal training.
                -John Ceasar


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                  Thanks lhart. I have always been pretty strong for my size even when I take a year off. I have been very consistent for the last year. Planning on keeping it this way for as long as I can this time.


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                    9/12/11 Week 5

                    I feel pretty good today on upper body. Started deload this week so I'm sure that's why. I might have got all 3 reps for incline but had no spotter.

                    squat - 315x3x3
                    incline - 215x3, 240x3, 267.5x2
                    row - 175x3, 197.5x3, 220x3
                    sldl accessory - 275x3x3


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                      9/14/11 week 5

                      Deadlift - 382.5x3x3
                      ohp - 147.5x3x3
                      chins accessory - bw+25x3x5


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                        9/16/11 week 5

                        feeling a little burnt out after all the cardio this week. Still doing good on workouts though

                        squat - 275x3, 307.5x3, 342.5x3
                        incline - 247.5x3x3
                        row - 205x3x3


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                          9/19/11 week 6

                          Starting the intense phase of 3x3 this week

                          squat - 325x3x3
                          incline - 217.5x3, 245x3, 272.5x3
                          row - 180x3, 202.5x3, 225x3
                          sldl accessory - 285x3x3


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                            9/21/11 week 6

                            feeling pretty good with the intensity going up.

                            deadlift - 392.5x3x3
                            ohp - 152.5x3x3
                            chins accessory 35x3x5


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                              Workout was OK considering end of week and still dieting down. Wish I had a spotter to try and get 3 reps on squat.

                              squat - 280x3, 315x3, 350x2
                              incline - 250x2x3, 250x2
                              row - 215x3x3
                              bb curl accessory - 120x3x5
                              bb skull crusher accessory - 120x3x5