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    What's up IM . I have been lifting for 4 yrs now. Started with full body training then ventured into conventional bb'ing splits then strength training (5x5, etc.) then eventually Westside was my main style for a good part of 2 yrs or so. For the last month though, I have been doing the generic 1 body part a day. back, arms, legs, chest, shoulders...Never tried that style before and my body took off in terms of size.

    I Like to challenge myself, and my body. Want to do things I have never done before, so DC looks absoulutley sick, and here we go!

    oh yeah, 5'8 and roughly 190, 22 yrs old.

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    Welcome! Throw up some pics, your proposed blast, and diet and you will be ready to roll. Without these three things it will be pretty hard for the vets to offer any assistance.
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      8-22-11 - Chest - Shoulders - Tri's - Back (A)

      Flat Dumbell Bench
      90's for 11 RP
      stretch: 55's 45 seconds - brutal

      Smith Machine Press
      165 x 15 RP
      stretch for 60 seconds. I have to work on this stretch. Shoulder press was light too

      Weighted Dip
      45 for 12 RP
      stretch with a 45 lb plate on the flat bench for one minute each. - Really felt this one

      170 for 14 RP

      [B]Rack Deadlifts/B]
      405 x 6
      365 x 10
      plate jumps next workout for sure
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        The Proposed Blast:

        Chest, shoudlers, tri, back (A)

        Flat DB Bench
        Smith Shoulder Press
        Weighted Dip
        Rack Deadlift 6 - 9, 10+

        Biceps, Forearm, Hams, Calves, Quads - (A)
        Preacher Curls
        Hammer Curls - 15 - 20 SS
        Lying Leg Curl
        Leg Toe Press
        Squats 6 -9 , 20 reps

        Chest, shoudlers, tri, back (B)[/B]
        Hammer Incline Press
        DB Shoulder Press
        Skull Crushers
        BB Rows 6 - 9, 10+

        Bi's, Forearms , Legs (B)
        Weighted Chinup
        Reverse Curl - 15 - 20 SS
        Seated Leg Curl - 20 - 30 RP
        Toe Press
        Leg Press 6 - 9, 20+

        Chest, Shoulder, Tricep, Back (C)
        Incline Dumbell Bench
        Hammer Shoulder Press
        DB Extension
        CG Pulldown
        Floor Deadlift

        Bis, Forearms, Legs (C)
        Seated DB Curl
        Wrist Curl - straight set 15 - 20
        SeatedLeg Curl
        Front Squats

        I plan on to blast for at least 6 weeks. and just take it from there in terms of how my body feels.
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          I am not qualified to give DC help, but I do have a question for you. One of the general principles behind DC training is that you have a rep range that you work in. Once you get to the top end of a rep range, you increase the weights to send yourself back to the bottom and then battle your way back up again (at least in my understanding of it). How can you do this if you don't have a specific, pre-determined rep range you are working in?
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            here's a typical day for me in terms of Diet...

            i try to get as much protein as i can.

            Oatmeal Pancakes (6 - 10 egg whites, 1 cup of oats, 1 large bannana, other fruits) , 3 whole eggs, juice and coffee.

            snack; roughly 1 hour - 1.5 hour later: either a mrp bar or a shake with 1 cup of milk and some cream and honey.

            3hours later.
            lunch: hamburger or 2 chicken burger or 2 turkey burger on whole wheat bread; assorted condiments and veggies on it

            snack; bar or beefed up shake; (pb, milk, cream, protein powder)

            dinner: same as lunch; except ill throw either two chicken or hamburger patties on top of 1.5 cup of brown rice with again veggies or a piece of fruit. or 2 cans of tuna with some type of carb

            pre-workout; 48g protein shake with two RPM.


            post-workout; 50g protein, 1 cup oats, 3g of creatine

            then cottage cheese 1 - 2 cups of it.

            i also eat some almonds throughout the day occasionally
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              Originally posted by Macho Man View Post
              I am not qualified to give DC help, but I do have a question for you. One of the general principles behind DC training is that you have a rep range that you work in. Once you get to the top end of a rep range, you increase the weights to send yourself back to the bottom and then battle your way back up again (at least in my understanding of it). How can you do this if you don't have a specific, pre-determined rep range you are working in?
              Good point. I will revise it.


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                OK ...'s my general RP rep-range

                CHEST exercises: 10 - 15 RP
                TRICEPS exercises: 11 - 15 RP
                BACK WIDTH exercises: 15 - 20 RP
                SHOULDER exercises - 11 - 15 RP
                DEADLIFT and VARIATIONS: 4 - 9 first set; then just go nuts on my last set beating the reps next time.
                BICEP exercises: 12 - 20 RP
                FOREARMS - 12 - 20 SS
                HAMS - leg curls - 15 - 20 RP. SLDL; 11 - 15 RP
                QUADS - 4 - 8 first set; then 20 reps; leg press trying to get more than 20 reps..
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                  8 - 23 - 11 -- Cardio...

                  got up, popped 2 RPM with a 36g protein shake.
                  did around 16 minutes of jogging.
                  followed by 1 min walk, 1 min sprint, 1 min walk, 1 min sprint, etc..for i think 10 minutes or so...followed by a brisk 15 min walk...knees are totally raped. not good!


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                    8 - 24 - 11 -- Biceps, Forearms, Hamstring, Calves, Quads (A)

                    Preacher Straight Bar Curls
                    80 for 14 RP
                    stretch for 40 seconds..insane pain. I kind of like it

                    Standing Hammer Curl
                    65 x 14 each arm

                    Lying Leg Curl
                    170 for 15 RP
                    Went with extremely slow tempo. I can't stand leg curls
                    stretch; leg up on barbell; 60 seconds

                    Calves on Leg Press
                    4 plates for 6.
                    Wow. This was crazy. I was seeing stars on rep 4. This is by far the most intense pain i have ever felt during an exercise.

                    315 x 7
                    275 x 11. -- This was a complete failure. I really thought i could get 20 reps.
                    stretch for 40 seconds -- i have to work on this. Definitely felt it, but I did it kind of wrong after looking at pictures.

                    Left the gym feeling un-accomplished. squats really got me down. I don't like to make excuses but I had terrible sleep and I felt like a zombie all day. I definitely will dig way deeper next time.


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                      8 - 26 -11 -- Chest, Shoulders, Tris, Back (B)

                      Incline Hammer Strength Press
                      2plates+25 for 13 RP + 28 second static hold
                      stretch; 55 for 50

                      DB Shoulder Press
                      60 for 12 RP : totally weak
                      stretch for 30 seconds..burn baby burn! went on my heels

                      Skull Crusher with Straight Bar
                      90 for 13 RP
                      stretch 45 plate for 40 seconds. Pussed out like a little girl

                      bodyweight for 16 RP -- got to get to 20 before i add that weight

                      Pendlay Row
                      (after warm-ups)
                      205 x 6
                      185 x 10

                      gotta go more nuts on the rows. shoulders are weak as shit. Now I have to get ready to brace this bitch Irene...if it even happens. NYC is over compensating hardcore in result to the shit that happened with the snow storm. I hope noting happens so Bloomberg looks like even more of an ass. ..


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                        been busy -- heres my last workouts...didn't write em in my logbook, just going by memory here....

                        [BBi's Legs (B)[/B]

                        Weighted Chin
                        35 for 14 RP

                        stretch 50 sec

                        hammer curls
                        75 for 12 each SS

                        Seated Leg Curl
                        3rd pin from bottom for 30 RP
                        stretch for 60

                        Toe Press
                        4 plates for 8

                        Leg Press
                        6 plates for 18

                        stretch..forgot the time...

                        Chest, Tris, Shoulders, Back (C)

                        Low Incline DB
                        85 for 12
                        55's for 45 seconds --- damn, can't get past the 45/50 mark...

                        Hammer Shoulder Press
                        2 plates for 15 RP
                        stretch for 50? i forgot...

                        Seat DB Extension
                        80 for 16 RP
                        stretch with plate for 60

                        side laterals - 30 for 15 SS

                        CG Pulldown
                        170 for 15 RP

                        Floor Deadlift
                        315 x 11
                        Bi's Legs (C)

                        Seated DB Curl
                        50 for 13 RP each

                        Reverse Machine Preacher Curls
                        4th pin for 15 SS

                        225 for 13 RP

                        Machine Front Squats
                        5 plates x 18 ---- soooo pissed..
                        Chest Shoulders Tris Back (A)

                        Flat DB
                        90 for 12 RP
                        55's stretch -- 50...goddamnit

                        Smith Press
                        185 for 14 RP
                        cable side lateral - 45 for 13 SS each

                        Weighted Dip
                        45 x 15 RP - goin up to 45 and a quarter next time.
                        stretch x 60 with plate

                        170 for 20 RP

                        Rack Pulls
                        405 x 10
                        hang stretch for a while


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                          9 - 7 - 11

                          Biceps, Legs (A)

                          Straight bar Preacher Curl
                          80 for 17 RP

                          Hammer Curls
                          75 for 13 SS


                          Lying Leg Curl
                          190 for 20 RP


                          TOe Press
                          4 plates for 9 -- woo hoo! ( i go 5 seconds decent, and only 10 seconds stretch..I will utilize the 15 second stretch until I hit 12 repetitions with this weight)

                          315 x 11
                          225 x 20

                          stretch - extra brutal this time around

                          Squats sucked AGAIN. Gotta use more intensity and weight for the widowmaker. I just stripped the plate off each side immediately after the 315 set and blasted out 20 reps as fast as i could.
                          I see at least 2 more weeks of blasting. which would be a total of 6. Liking DC alot so far.


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                            9 - 9 - 11

                            Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Back (B)

                            Hammer Incline
                            2plates+25 for 15 RP
                            55's stretch 55 seconds

                            DB Shoulder Press
                            60 for 16 RP
                            side rises - 30 x 15

                            Straight Bar Skull Crusher
                            90 for 14 RP

                            Body weight for 20 RP

                            Pendlay Row
                            225 x 4 - Personal Record
                            185 x 9

                            Beat the shit out of my last workout - except for the last rowing set. But I hit a PR!
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