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    I feel like after close to two years of being back into bodybuilding I'm finally ready for DC. I tried it right off the bat back in 09 and that was dumb, just was not ready for the intensity after being out of the gym for close to ten years.
    I'm going to flesh out my program over the weekend here and start on Mon. with the 2 way.
    Anything anyone notices in terms of rep ranges or exercise order or whatever, would be cool. I will accept all constructive critisism.

    Chest (all 11-15 RP)
    Incline Bench
    Decline Bench
    Hammer Strength flat press

    Hammer Strength seated press 11-15 RP
    Standing Military Press 11-15 RP
    Seated DB Press 11-20 RP(higher on rep range cause I don't always have help to get the big boys up)

    Triceps (14-20 RP because my elbows SUCK)
    Dead Tricep extension
    Over head DB extension

    Back Width 11-20 RP for all
    Hammer strength pulldowns
    Wide grip pulldowns
    Reverse grip chins

    Back Thickness (6-9 + 8-12)
    BB Row
    T bar row
    Rack Deads

    Biceps (11-20 RP, again because of my elbows)
    Preacher spider BB curl
    Alt. seated DB curl
    standing straight bar curl

    Forearms (10-20 SS, although I really feel I could RP these without difficulty)
    Hammer Curls
    Rope Curls
    Rev. Grip Cable Curl

    Calves 10-12 DC style reps
    Seated calf press
    leg press
    donkey calf

    SLDL 10-20 SS
    lying leg curl 15-30 RP
    kneeling leg curl 15-30 RP

    Quads (6-10 SS, widowmaker)
    leg press
    front squat
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    Heavy squats fix everything.

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    Maybe I should add some current stats and goals in here.
    5'11" 232lbs, more than 9% but less than 14% BF. I'm soft at the moment but not chubby or fat.

    I wanted to compete again this year but after dieting down to around 214 I realized I was going to be like 200 in contest shape. And quite honestly IMHO that just isn't a BB look at my height. I feel that at the state level I need to compete at as close to 225 as possible. Eventually if I am ever good enough to go to the national level, I'm going to have to be a super heavy. Again, all just my opinion but these are my goals.
    SO, I'm not setting a time frame to get on stage. I'm going train on the two way split and eat my way up to 250-260. I'll maintain that for a couple three months to reset my set point and then look at what shows are coming up and at that time come up with a prep plan.
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      First day in the bag. Ended up getting done a little quicker than I thought I would, so that was a plus. Definately a tough workout, but I can't wait to hit legs on Wed!

      Incline Bench
      255x10x3x3 (16 RP)
      Fly stretch for 60 secs with 45lb DB

      Hammer Strength seated military
      115 per sidex9x4x3 (16 RP)
      60 sec delt stretch

      245x9x4x3 (16 RP)
      DB behind neck stretch 25lb DB for 60 secs

      Hammer Strength Pulldowns
      115 a side for 10 6 and 3 (19 RP)

      Barbell Deadstop Row
      Hanging lat stretch for 60 secs
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        DANG, am I sore today. Been eating like a horse too, my appetite is through the roof.
        I'm not on any specific diet though. I'm eating when hungry, taking shakes in between meals. I'm getting about 40-60g protein per meal or shake, aiming to get between 300-350g protein per day. I'm not counting other macros at the moment. I am however using lean protein sources and trying to keep my fats from healthy things like pasture butter, olive oil, omega-3 eggs etc.
        I'll see where I'm at in a few weeks and adjust, but I think as long as I get my protein in I'll be good to go. I'm also using a carb cutoff of 6pm. Doing morning cardio on non weight training days.
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          Been slacking in getting my workouts in the log, so here is the make up.

          Preacher Spider BB Curl
          20x15 55x10 75x10 warm ups
          85x15 RP
          60 sec. bicep stretch

          Hammer Curls
          30x10 40x10
          50x14 SS
          60 sec. stretch with BB(Dante described it somewhere)

          Seated Calf Raise
          185x12 185x12
          235x 10 DC style

          SLDL in smith machine
          110x10 200x10
          250x13 SS
          60 sec. hurdlers stretch(up on bar) per leg

          135x10 225x5 315x5
          405x3(haven't been squatting much before this and over estimated what I could do, thought I could get six)
          225x20 widow

          I'm including all my warm up sets in this log so people can see that there is a little bit more volume involved than most people probably think. I try to do two to three warm up sets of 15 10 8 or so.
          Heavy squats fix everything.


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            Decline BB Bench
            barx20 135x15 225x10 275x10
            335x11 RP I should have gotten more, but I think my last warm up took too much out of me.
            60 sec. fly stretch with 45lb DB's

            Standing Military Press
            Barx5 135x5
            185x15 RP
            60 sec. stretch
            I basically just did feel sets since I was already warmed up from the benching.

            Dead Triceps
            105x19 RP
            25lb DB stretch 60 sec. each arm

            Wide Grip Pulldowns
            100x15 140x10 180x10
            200x21 RP
            60 sec. hanging lat stretch with body weight

            Tbar rows
            90x15 WU
            Heavy squats fix everything.


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              Alt. Seated DB Curl
              20x15 30x10 40x8
              60x13 RP
              55 sec bicep stretch (the one on the smith bar is very awkward for me, I may have to figure out a diff. one)

              Rope hammer curls
              30x15 40x10 50x8
              65x15 SS
              BB stretch for 60 sec.

              Leg Press Calves
              275x20 365x20 455x20
              455x12 DC style

              Seated leg curl
              50x15 70x10 90x10
              110x28 RP
              60 sec hammie stretch (standing)

              Leg Press
              455x12 635x8 815x8
              995x9 SS
              545x22 widowmaker
              I was an idiot and in a hurry to limp out and forgot to do my quad stretch
              Heavy squats fix everything.


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                Good numbers. That standing press is really impressive.


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                  Originally posted by mchicia1 View Post
                  Good numbers. That standing press is really impressive.
                  Thanks man, I'm just doing what I can and trying to progress. I've been wanting to get to 225 for reps ever since I saw a vid of Wendler throwing it up like like nothing. I did 205 for six before I started this DC blast.
                  Heavy squats fix everything.


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                    Seated HS flat press
                    45 per side x15 90x12 135x5

                    135x8x5x2 15RP

                    60 sec fly stretch with 45lb DB's

                    Seated DB Press
                    80x8x4x3 15RP
                    60 sec. stretch
                    And let me say, rest pausing these was a BITCH. Getting the DB's up for the second and third part of the set was as much of a workout as pressing them.
                    My weight dropped A TON too by training chest first. A couple weeks ago when I was doing Yates style training I was doing delts and tris together, with delts first, and I was pressing 100lbs for 9-10 reps.

                    Reverse Grip Bench in Smith Machine
                    90x12 180x10 (just plate weight counted)
                    230x9x4x3 16RP
                    25lb DB stretch for 60 sec an arm

                    Reverse Grip Chins

                    Rack Deads (about three inches below knees)
                    barx8 135x5 225x5
                    60 sec hanging lat stretch
                    Heavy squats fix everything.


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                      looking strong man. How is Duke?


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                        Originally posted by youngbb View Post
                        looking strong man. How is Duke?
                        Just a fan who lives nearby.
                        Heavy squats fix everything.


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                          Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
                          Just a fan who lives nearby.
                          Cool, North Carolina, huh?

                          I'd never done the below knee racks, I see you have them in there too, are yours weaker than your floor deads?


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                            Originally posted by youngbb View Post
                            Cool, North Carolina, huh?

                            I'd never done the below knee racks, I see you have them in there too, are yours weaker than your floor deads?
                            No mine are actually a bit stronger, but I also haven't trained floor deads in some time. I do the deads to just below the knee so I work the posterior chain and lats/traps/rhomboids. Any lower and it gets the quads involved more than I like, and also seems to tear up my lower back more(not in a good way).
                            Heavy squats fix everything.


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                              Str8 bar curl
                              45x15 65x10 85x8
                              105x7x4x4 15RP
                              60 sec stretch

                              1 arm reverse cable curl

                              Life fitness seated calf ext.
                              70x20 190x20
                              250x14 DC

                              Life Fitness kneeling leg curl
                              25x12 35x10
                              50x8x5x4 17 RP

                              Front Squat
                              barx10 135x10
                              60 sec stretch

                              WOW front squats suck. I am really weak at these.
                              Heavy squats fix everything.