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  • Building to 220

    Some cliffs notes about me:


    6 years of bodybuilding intensive training

    Started at 135 and now sitting at 193 w/ 14% BF

    Stalled out with volume training and DC just makes sense to me. Ive tried it before with good results but I honestly wasnt ready yet but now Im feeling up to it and a solid goal with markers along the way.

    Starting numbers 1RM's.
    • Bench 300
    • Squat 325 (Bad right knee from an old injury. Working back up to it)
    • Dead 475
    • OH Press 195
    • Incline 275
    • RDL 335
    • CGBP 245
    • Row 300 (Poor form on the test though past 290)

    [email protected] 12% over the course of a year
    Prepare for and not embarass myself in my first bodybuilding show


    incline bench (11-15rp)
    hammer strength press (11-15rp)
    hammer strength decline press (11-15rp)

    front rack chins (11-20rp)
    close grip chins (11-15rp)
    front pulldowns (11-15rp)

    deadlifts straight sets (6-9reps) + (9-12reps)
    T-bar rows straight set (10-12 reps)
    rack deadlifts (6-9reps) + (9-12reps)

    military presses (11-20rp)
    hammer strength presses (11-15rp)
    upright rows (11-20rp)

    free squats (6-10 rep straight set) 3-5 minute rest and then (20 rep widowmaker)
    hack squats (as above)
    leg press (as above)

    lying leg curls (15-30rp)
    seated leg curls (15-30rp)
    sumo press leg press (pressing with heels only- straight set of 15-25 reps)

    preacher curls (11-20rp)
    incline curl (11-20rp)
    dumbell curls (11-20rp)

    pinwheel curls (straight set 10-20 reps)
    hammer curls (straight set 10-20 reps)
    reverse grip one arm cable curls (straight set 10-20 reps)

    reverse grip bench presses (11-20rp)
    close grip bench presses (11-20rp)
    EZ bar tricep extentions (15-30rp)

    leg press toe press (10-12 reps)
    hack squat toe press/sled (10-12 reps)
    seated calf raises (10-12 reps)

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    Not the best but the best I can figure out with this new phone.
    ^^^Pretty significant food baby
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      Incline Bench: 205x 15
      Rack Chin: BWx 16
      Deadlift: 255x12 345x7 (Didnt feel too strong today)
      Reverse Bench: 185x15
      Military: 135x15

      First day on a blast in a long time. Took it slow to see where I was strength-endurancewise and not too upset. 255x12 on deads took a lot out of me after only working in the 1-3 rep range for so long. Might drop reverse bench from the rotation if I keep feeling my shoulder pop.

      Other than that just building up to the really heavy weight in the next rotation.


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        Is the order listed the order in which you performed the exercises?


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            Are you aware that that is not the prescribed DC order?


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              Originally posted by Michael Travis View Post
              Are you aware that that is not the prescribed DC order?
              Yea. Time constraints forced me to knock out the bigger moves first.


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                gotcha. good luck with your blast


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                  Just as an explaination:

                  I work at a gym and the boss is okay with me finishing a workout when things are slowing down. I go to class till 3 and then squeeze everything into a 30 minute period then the rest is sporatic. So I choose to hit the biggest focus and intensity movements when I can take a second (chest + back) and then the auxillaries (tris and shoulders) as I can

                  I work the closing shift and I am in class from the time it opens until 3 so until I finish out the semester its the only option.


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                    Good stuff man. Good luck with your goals.

                    Are you doing that military standing?


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                      Yea I do military presses standing. I dont like seated military because I always feel like the seat is supporting me too much. I do have a day for the seated machine shoulder press though so I can have a big ass weight day


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                        Preacher Curl: Ez Bar + 50lbs x12
                        Pin Wheel Curl: 45 x 12 SS
                        Lying Leg Curls: 85x16
                        Leg Press Calves: 270x10
                        Leg Press: 450x10 Widow360x20

                        Holy fucking hell 6 second negatives on leg press is a bitch. Dropped working weight down significantly but my legs feel like someone took an ice pick to them all over.