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    Hey guys, I am relatively new...joined about 7 months ago. I am a casual poster, but I literally search this site for an hour each and every day to just consume as much information as I possibly can. This is hands down the best BB forum on the net. I first started reading about DC training last November...I gave it a shot at the end of December '10, but I just wasn't ready at all. I didn't understand what it really took to give it your all in 3 RP sets and my diet just EFFING SUCKED. The result was me getting the damn flu TWICE in 4 weeks.

    So I took the advice of the forum members here and the last 7 months I busted my ass to gain weight and add as much to my main compound lifts as I possibly could. I used a lot of the DC principles, but didn't rest pause..basically did a routine with two straight sets for upper body and one heavy and one drop down for lower body. The result was my deadlift going from 450 to 520 and getting 415 for 10 reps. My squat went from 350 to 415 and 185 x 15 to 315 x 13 and I got my bench press to 320, although I have dropped that from my routine.

    I also have taken the last 3 months to get my diet in check...I was a lifetime bulker before this and I got to 245 but it wasn't pretty at all! I took the last 3 months to slowly diet down using carb cycling. I purchased Starne's lean gains book and used the sample diet in there and adjusting the macros to my needs. Also watched, several times, the DC training DVD and project superheavy weight.

    Here are some before and after pics...

    I am almost 28 and I started the diet at 6'5" 245, although these before pics are at you can imagine how bad it was. I have been lifting since I was 24 and I was about 180 pounds then. Luckily, I started the right way by doing solid routines like starting strength and madcow 5x5 and got my compounds and body weight up rather quickly. Lifetime natural as well.

    FRONT AND BACK - Relaxed

    Back Flexed, lost the front flexed pic

    Two weeks ago at like 222
    Just messing around, no relaxed
    Front and back sort of flexed

    I got all the way down to 215 but I went a little to extreme and got a bit depleted, so I took the last 5 days off the diet and gym training and am back to about 219. I will continue losing weight at a steady rate until I am at or close to around 10%. I estimate I am 13% now.

    Some crappy vids


    510 deadlift, don't have 520 on vid. Crappy vid because I had to be stealth because LA Fitness doesn't allow video.


    My blast
    I learned a ton about my body during the last 7 months and know what I need to stay injury free. My trigger points are my lower back after deads and my left shoulder 1-2 days after squatting. For whatever reason, squatting kills my left shoulder. These rep ranges are what I found work the best for me. I generally use a 4 rep span for movements I can go up 5 lbs on and I use an 8 rep span for movements like DBs since you can only move up 10 pounds at a time minimum...( dont have micro plates)

    Upper 1:
    Chest: Incline Bench (11-15, rp)
    Shoulders: Seated DB Shoulders (12-20, rp)
    Triceps: Skullcrushers (20-24, rp)
    Back Width: Chins (11-15, rp)
    Back Thickness: Deads (heavy set of 4-6, back down of 10-12)

    Lower 1:
    Biceps: Standing BB curls (16-20, rp)
    Forearms: Hammer Curls (16-20, 1 set)
    Calves: Leg Press Calf (8-12, 1 set)
    Hamstrings: Seated Leg Curls (20-24, rp)
    Quads: Leg Press (heavy set of 8-12, then widow)

    Upper 2:
    Chest: Flat DB Bench (12-20, rp)
    Shoulders: Seated BB Military (11-15, rp)
    Triceps: Reverse Grip Smith (20-24, rp)
    Back Width: Neutral Chins (11-15, rp)
    Back Thickness: DB Rows (1 set of 6-10, 1 set of 10-14)

    Lower 2:

    Biceps: Incline DB Curls (16-20,RP)
    Forearms: Reverse grip cable curls (16-20, 1 set)
    Calves: Seated Calf (8-12, 1 set)
    Hamstrings: Lying Leg Curls (20-24, RP)
    Quads: Squats (heavy set of 4-6, then widow)

    Upper 3:
    Chest: Hammer Incline (16-20, rp)
    Shoulders: Hammer Shoulders (16-20, rp)
    Triceps: Rope Pulldown (20-24, rp)
    Back Width: Curl grip pulldowns (16-20, rp)
    Back Thickness: Barbell Rows (1 set of 4-8, 1 set of 8-12)

    Lower 3:
    Biceps: Seated EZ Bar Curls (16-20, rp)
    Forearms: Pinwheels Curls (16-20, 1 set)
    Calves: Standing Calf Raise (8-12, 1 set)
    Hamstrings: Sumo Leg Press (12-20, 1 set)
    Quads: Walking DB Lunges (heavy set of 4-8 each leg, back down of 8-12 each leg)

    Thought process behind the program...

    I start with deads..typically it takes my lower back 3-4 days to recover from that, so I made sure to give myself plenty of time by putting Leg press as the next leg day.

    The upper 3 day is a higher rep machine day. Typically after a squat session my left shoulder doesn't effect my actually pressing power, however, stabilizing weights becomes a problem. So my solution for that is to put a machine only day aside from the BB rows.

    I also realize chins aren't typically used (people prefer rack chins), however, I just absolutely love curl and neutral grip chins. I progress on them just fine and they crush my lats very nicely. I can always swap em out for rack chins later if they stall.
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    I started my blast with upper body routine 3 to ease myself into the program and give my lower back even more days off before I pull on Sunday.

    Hammer Incline Press
    2 plates + 25 each side x 14 + 3 + 2
    Very close to getting 3 on the last about 75% of the way up and missed it.
    I will increase weight next time since I just about got 20.

    Chest Stretch
    55's x 90 seconds
    Absolutely brutal stretch.

    Hammer Shoulder Press
    1 plus 25 each side x 14 + 3 + 3
    Hit top of rep range, increase next time.

    Shoulder Stretch
    All the smiths were taken so I had to improvise and used the weight holding pins on one of the hammer lat machines.
    90 second hold
    Pretty good stretch but not as brutal as chest stretch...I am sure I will feel it more when I can do it on the smith machine.

    Rope Pulldown
    130 x 18 + 4 + 3
    Will increase next time...beat top of range by 1.

    Smith tricep stretch
    Got 90 secs
    This hurt my abs more than my triceps lol, but still a good stretch. I am sure I will get the hang of them as I keep going. Ill prob watch the dvd again just to lock the stretches in.

    Curl grip lat pulldowns
    180 x 16 + 4 + 3
    Killed rep range by 3, definite increase next time.

    Pendlay Barbell Rows
    Very strict form, I start at 90 degrees and I might cheat to 100 degrees as I come up but thats it. If my form breaks down bad, I stop the set.

    215 x 8
    185 x 12
    Hit target, Will increase next time.

    Hanging Lat Stretch
    BW x 60 secs
    This hurt hurt my wrists more than anything from my crappy wrist straps. Ill try stuffing paper towels or something between my wrists and straps next time.

    For all sets, I listened to Fear Factory Zero Signal.

    Diet - medium carb day

    1 cup raw oats + 2 scoops cytosport whey in a shake.
    540 cals. P: 65. C: 114: F: 10

    Foot long subway oven roasted sandwich.

    1 cup raw oats + 2 scoops cytosport whey in a shake
    540 cals. P: 65. C: 114: F: 10

    1.5 scoops cytosport whey + 40g dex
    c: 360. p: 41. c:45: f: 3

    1 serving xtend bcaas

    Post workout
    1.5 scoops whey + 40g dex
    c: 360. p: 41. c:45: f: 3

    1 pound lean stew meat
    c: 880. p:88. c:0. f: 56

    6 hardboiled eggs
    c: 463. p:38. c: 3. f:32


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      Awesome vids. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.


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        Aiming for very low carb today. I will typically add these days in based on feel to try and spark some more fat loss. Typically I do them after an "easier" upper body day.

        2 scoops cytosport whey
        cal: 280. P:54. C: 6. F: 4

        2 pieces costco purdue chicken
        Cal: 200. P: 44. C:0. f: 0

        Snack 1
        10 McDs mcnuggets
        Cal: 470. P: 22. C: 30. f: 30

        Snack 2
        2 scoops cytosport whey
        cal: 280. P:54. C: 6. F: 4

        1 pound lean stew meat
        cal: 880. p:88. c:0. f: 56

        6 hardboiled eggs
        cal: 463. p:38. c: 3. f:31


        Cal: 2573
        C: 45
        F: 125


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          Watched the DC training DVD yet again last night...

          They did not show widowmakers for quads. Wojo did a 12-15 rep set for his FIRST set and then his heavy set. I had planned to do widows for both my leg press and squat but was just wondering why they don't show this on the DVD. Project superheavyweight shows it, however. Actually they go really all out in that DVD....they do a 4-6 rep heavy set, then a back down set of 8-12, then a 3 total.


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            They didn't touch the widows to avoid confusion. Do them for all quad movements and nothing else for the time being.
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              Seated Curl Machine
              1 + 25 x 20 + 5 + 4 = 29RP
              Seat position #4.
              Rep range was 16-20..way over shot this one but that's perfectly fine by me!

              Pinwheel Curls
              45's x 20 each arm, straight set
              Hit top of rep range...was a grinder though. I have never trained my forearms directly.

              Bicep Stretch on smith
              90 secs, just a slight knee bend
              I can add more pressure next time, but these were BRUTAL even with just a slight knee bend.

              Horizontal Calf Press
              3 plates each side x 9
              Did these by watching the clock, so a full 15 seconds each pause. Really effing difficult.

              Decline Abs
              10 lbs x 16 + 4 + 2
              Highest decline/setting #2
              Sounds easy, but with the weight behind your head, these are actually pretty damn effective. With the weight in front like a lot of people do, it is a joke.

              Sumo Leg Press
              2 + 25 each side x 20
              Never done these, so I went pretty conservative. Still really felt them in the hams and glutes. I typically leg press 7 plates, so I can see these going up pretty quickly as I progress.

              Hamstring Stretch
              Grabbed bottom of toes
              90 secs

              Walking DB Lunges
              100's each hand x 6 each leg
              85's each hand x 9 each leg
              Almost puked after the 2nd set. I was extremely tired after work, so I took 3 caffeine pills which made me very jittery. This combined with brutal lunges was not a good combo. I actually find higher rep lunges harder than higher rep deads and squats.

              Quad Stretch
              I basically just sat back on my knees...was very effective.
              90 secs

              I wanted to give up after 45 secs, but pushed on to 90.

              This was supposed to be my easier leg day, but man those lunges were BRUTAL. I wanted to give up after 6 reps on the 2nd set, but I remembered that quote from Hanshaw when he talks about how his mind wants to give up but that is his opportunity to put a gap between him and his competition because they just racked the weight. In this case, the competition is myself.


              1 cup oats, 2 scoops whey
              Cals: 580. P: 64. C: 60. F:10

              McD's Grilled Bacon Ranch Salad and 4 nuggets
              Cals: 450. P:42. C:24. F: 21

              1 cup oats, 2 scoops whey
              Cals: 580. P: 64. C: 60. F:10

              1.5 scoops whey, 40g dex
              Cals: 360. P:41. C: 45. F: 3

              5g Xtend BCAA

              Post workout
              1.5 scoops whey, 40g dex, 5g creatine, 5g beta alanine
              Cals: 360. P:41. C: 45. F: 3

              1 pound lean stew meat
              cal: 880. p:88. c:0. f: 56

              6 hardboiled eggs
              cal: 463. p:38. c: 3. f:31

              Cals: 3673. p: 378. c: 237. f: 134
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                I love the chicken nuggets in your diet. I will forever remember you as the chicken nugget guy.
                "Being tired isn't the same as being rich, but most times it's close enough" Chuck Palahnuik

                "The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least"


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                  Originally posted by Ajweins View Post
                  I love the chicken nuggets in your diet. I will forever remember you as the chicken nugget guy.
                  Hey, if it fits your macros!


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                    Originally posted by Ajweins View Post
                    I love the chicken nuggets in your diet. I will forever remember you as the chicken nugget guy.
                    haha that's awesome. :hungry:


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                      Solid lunging Mike. Lunges are such a pain in the ass. That's how I tore my hip flexor.


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                        Originally posted by ch3v3ll3 View Post
                        Solid lunging Mike. Lunges are such a pain in the ass. That's how I tore my hip flexor.
                        Thay are BRUTAL. I hate them. I breathe like a locomotive for like 20 mins after the set is done.

                        Originally posted by ch3v3ll3 View Post
                        haha that's awesome. :hungry:
                        Funny... I am eating a 20 piece from BK right now . IIFYM! Just too annoying cooking rice and chicken all the damn time, so I just try to buy a fast food meal every day. Most of the time its subway but I have been feelin the nuggets lately.


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                          Upper 1

                          Incline Press
                          200 x 9 + 3 + 2 = 14RP

                          Chest Stretch
                          60's x 90

                          DB Shoulder Press
                          70's x 12 + 3 + 2 = 17RP

                          100 x 15 + 4 + 2 = 21RP

                          BW was 222
                          +35 x 9 + 2 + 1 = 12RP

                          425 x 3

                          Did all the other stretches as well at 90 secs each. I did the lat stretch on the cable rows and felt it much more than hanging from the pullup bar.

                          Today was a sub par workout for sure...I spent 8 hours in the sun yesterday putting new heads and headers on my corvette. The result was a very tired lower back and a very depleted body. Yesterday morning I was 219. Today I woke up at only 214 pounds LOL.

                          I had to miss 6 months at the end of 2009 into 2010 for a low back injury, so I am very good at knowing when to push it and when to not. So on the deads, it just didn't feel right, so I shut it down. I am going to up the rep range for deads and take away 1 set. Basically just going to do 1 heavy single as a CNS warmup (like 90-95% of 1RM), then a set of 8-12. This worked really well for me the past 7 months.

                          No big deal, just setting baselines anyway. I am sure I will smoke past these numbers next time.


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                            Barbell Curls
                            95 x 15 + 3 + 3 = 21RP

                            Hammer Curls
                            45's x 15, each arm

                            Bicep Stretch - 90 secs

                            Leg Press Calf
                            3PPS x 11

                            Seated Leg Curls
                            150 x 15 + 7 + 6 = 28RP
                            These were way easier than lying curls...a lot easier to crank out the reps on the 2nd and 3rd set before failure.

                            Ham Stretch x 90 secs

                            Decline Abs
                            Setting 3
                            5 lbs behind head x 16 + 4 + 3 = 23RP

                            Leg Press
                            6PPS x 9
                            5PPS x 20
                            I am in love with leg press now...I adjusted my feet closer together and put them on the middle of the platform instead of the top. Holy quad burn batman! FINALLY I FIGURED OUT HOW TO HIT MY QUADS AFTER FOUR YEARS!
                            Quad Stretch x 90 secs

                            One problem though....

                            My effing lower back has been acting up BAD lately. Probably because I have been working 5-6 hours a day on my car to try and straighten out the issues its having. I am just about done with the car, but I honestly cannot see my lower back healing before Sunday's squats.

                            Therefore, I am going to swap out squats from this blast for another quad movement that is a little more back safe. I was thinking machine hack squats since I have never done them. Are they hard on the LB (compared to squats)?


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                              Maybe smith front squats? Seems like a good back safe movement. Or possibly just smith back squats? Never done those, not sure how they are on the LB.