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New to DC, Heres my little log.

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  • New to DC, Heres my little log.

    First off. not sure if this is in right forum but i do not see a journal section. I am gonna see how dedicated i can be to making a log. I've always planned to do one.

    Well to do a little update and if its in wrong forum please move it. Started dc april 12th so today its about 6.5 weeks or 7 weeks if im correct. And my starting weight was 194 and yesterdays weight was 204.5.

    My legs have got the biggest growth out of all of this. I always considered my legs a non responder so to speak. But they are growing amazing to me on this program. Calfs were non exsistant and i feel they will be a strong point come a few months. And my quads have came along way and hamstring which were also not visable at all lol, is now coming out finally.

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    Journal section is under main forums dude making nice progress so far so keep it up!
    Not just making up the numbers


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      Journal section's right here
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        haha I looked up and down the forums for it and didnt see it. Guess its just one of those times where you're looking to hard and keep passing it. thanks lol!


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          moved it for you.
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            also on a cruise right now so not much to update. Taking a few days off. Felt tired all time and lacked motivation and started feeling a cold coming on to.

            there goes to me thinking before dc wasn't enough volume when I'm already burnt out and I've seen measurment growth all over.