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  • Journal- 1

    Hey everyone,

    A little about myself.. I'm 21 and used to be very into lifting (hence my join date) but for the last two years or so got into muay thai and although I continued some weight training it did not receive a lot of focus. Anyway this summer I decided I would like to look like I work out again so I will be putting more emphasis on the weights and really try to pound the food. I am going to continue my martial arts training (muay thai 2x per week and boxing 1x per week) as I enjoy it a lot but have decreased it from 4-5x per week.

    This log will be about the weights though and I am posting it here as this seems to be the forum with the most knowledgeable members for weight training and bodybuilding advice and the least garbage.

    For the last month or so I really been pounding the food and have moved from 168 to 178lbs with a goal of 200 before reassessing my training and goals. I have been about 200 pounds before but not for a long time.

    Right now I am following the Westside for Skinny bastards template (seems to allow me enough recovery) and will try to ride it out until it stops working.

    Comments/Questions/Advice are welcome...

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    Higher rep day
    Incline db press- 70x10,6,5
    Dip machine- 150x12,12
    Sternum chinups- bwx11,6,5 supersetted with band pulls for rear delts (11,11,11)
    Seated db press- 55x4, 50x4, 35x7,5
    Hammer curls- 40x10,8,8

    I also do extreme stretches after each muscle group.


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      in theory i like ws4sb just couldnt make it work for me, but lots of people seem to do well with it. your numbers look strong. i train mma (i hate that term) and seem to do best on a 3day a week split, though you are a good bit younger than me so your recovery is probally better. i would just say that if you start feeling burnt reduce your volume on accessory lifts or tai/box
      Overtraining should be one of the lowest concerns. You should focus on optimal training.
      -John Ceasar