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Road to the USPF Nationals

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  • Road to the USPF Nationals

    I had a journal before but I let it go, but I have been keeping a blog about my training, so I'm going to keep one here also. I'm getting ready for the USPF Nationals here in Chicago and I'm look to break a 1600 raw total at 242. Gonna take some work, but I'm up for it.

    I recently hit a little bump in that I hurt my leg a bit doing squats. At the top of a 430 squat on the second rep, something popped in my knee and while it's fine now(actually squatted 225 on Monday) the knee is still a bit stiff. Still planning on PR's in that lift though.

    Enough rambling, heres Mondays training.

    Squats: 135/5,5 , 185/4,4, 225/5,3,3

    Attempted deadlifts but the knee started acting a little funny, so I iced it a bit after.

    Back raise: BW/10, (PINK BAND)10,10

    20 mins of cardio.

    I know there are a couple of people getting ready for some big meets, so I wish them luck on their quest also!

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    Bench Training

    Bench: 225/5, 255/5, 295/5, 315/1, 365/1, 335/2(paused)

    One Arm Rows: 100/8, 105/8, 120/8, 135/5

    Paused Incline Barbell: 185/8, 5, 225/5, 6

    Banded Pressdowns: 3 sets of 20

    Rear laterals: 20/15,15,15

    Good day in the gym today. I wasn't going to go that heavy on the bench, but I had some agression to workout and I believe that training is supposed to have a therapeutic effect when you need it regardless of what you are preparing for. It felt good to hit 365 after missing 375 once and then taking it again and nailing it.

    We had a bit of a stupid thing go on today. We had a one arm row challenge with 150 lb dumbbell. We had to row it for as many times as possible and the highest rep count wins. It didnt matter if you had ten reps with your left and fifteen with your right, fifteen was the winning number. I was able to get 10 with my right arm and thought I was safe, until the rules were changed and you could do a deadstop row. BOOOOOOOOOOO. I lost to my training partner Greg by one damn rep. Smart thing to do, no. But fun.

    Did 35 minutes of cardio after and felt pretty good. Deadlifts on Friday


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      Deadlifts tomorrow, and the bulls lose. Ugh.


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        Friday- Deadlifts: Was supposed to go up to 460/5 but my knee was acting a bit buggy, so I only went up to 315.


        Leg Curls: two sets for weight not even worth mentioning. Just a bit frustrated with my knee bothering me,

        Saturday: Bench assistance, press day or whatever you want to call this concoction.

        Military press: 65/5, 95/6,5, 135/3, 4, 155/2,2 (paused slightly above my clavicle with no leg drive)

        CG Press: 135/10,10, 185/10, 225/3, 4

        I had chains on for all these sets. Started off with one set of chain on the sets with 135 and went up to two with 185 and above.

        Lat pulldown for 3 sets of 12.

        Saturday is usually my military press day, but I decided I'm not going to put a whole lot of priority on it like I will come after the meet. Right now, Saturday is more or less a press day. I don't like to call it pres assitance because I may repeat the bench workout from earlier in the week. Press is my weakest lift, so the more practice I get on it, the better.

        Another heavy week coming up and we are 40 days away from USPF Nationals. Can't wait!


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          wow your military is really far behind bench. Lots of room for improvement tho I'd say.

          good luck with the 1600 raw.
          PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.


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            Originally posted by RedSkull View Post
            wow your military is really far behind bench. Lots of room for improvement tho I'd say.

            good luck with the 1600 raw.
            I know. I havent purposely tried to get my military for a couple months now. That will change though. I was just pressing whatever weight I wanted on that day. Thank you for the kind words. I will try my best


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              Squats: Top set was 365 /2

              Thats all I'm listing as that is all I could really take. No, scratch that. Thats all my knee, or what I perceive my knee could take. I wanted to go to over 500 but it was not to be I guess. I tried to take 405 but I just couldn't get through it. I felt that knee tighten on me and I just came right back up. Didn't even hit parallel. To have this happen and have only a few weeks before Nationals is incredibly frustrating. Am I doing all that I can in my squat, or am I just being a bitch about the whole thing and not pushing myself to the limits I'm capable of.

              I was reminded by Gregg(my training partner) that aches, pains, and injuries happen. This is something I'll need to work through. I am deadset on a 700 squat, but if i don't have it the day of the meet, then I just don;t have it. I have to remember to play it smart and not get pissed off to the nth.

              My warmup sucked also. I HAVE to warmup properly, if I don't then I'm shit. Period. Putting in goblet squats in my warmup also. If it takes 15 to warmup, then it takes 15. I did a warmup when my knee popped and up until that point, I was moving shit like a freight train. I felt great, form was tight and I was explosive. So when I get away from a proper warmup then I quickly get reminded of why I need to do one.

              Good thing is that my job is paying my entry fee into the Nationals. So thats money I don't need to worry about paying.

              Hope everyone had a Great Memorial day, but lets not forget why we celebrate it. It's more than a day off from work or time for barbeques and all that.


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                June 1st Bench training

                Bench: 255/5, 295/1, 320/1, 365/miss, 1, 315/2 (paused)

                Chest supported row: 90/10, 135/10, 185/6

                Pressdowns: 3 light sets of fifteen.

                Went into this one feeling pretty good and wanted to test the limits. I handled 375 after missing it once, and 385 proved to go the same way. I was stoked because this is only 6 lbs off a competition best of 391 lbs. I am on my way to a 400+ bench and I'm stoked. Deload week next week for all lifts and I have one more heavy cycle and openers with a 10-14 day deload. The reason I deload for so long is that I'm usually pretty beat by the time the meet comes around with a week deload. Last meet I did it for two weeks and PR'd in two of my lifts. So I will do the same this time.

                I am excited for Friday, not only is it Friday and payday, but X-men First Class comes out and I'm super excited!


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                  I haven't fell off, just in a deload week, so not much to report. Taking it easy. Doing plenty of foam rolling and just recovering. The entry fee has been sent in, so it's almost time.


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                    Awesome! Best of luck. I was doing a meet in Tombstone for the USPF tomorrow until I tore my calf. I am a 275'er. Stay focused!
                    International Elite Raw Powerlifter
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                      Ouch! Any idea when your next meet is? Thats some mighty impressive poundage in your avi


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                        Mondays squats went well. Only went up to 390. Felt slow, and I didn't video tape so I have no idea of the actual speed.

                        Yesterdays Bench

                        405/2 misses.

                        I can make up a myriad of reasons as to why I can't get 405 up but I'll go with the simplest reason. I'm simply not strong in the right areas and I got lazy with some exercises that were vital to benching. And after talking with a friend I'm going to have to put size on my back and shoulders even more. So me moving up a weight class may be coming.


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                          Doubled up on Friday with Deadlifts and Military presses. Did some extra back work also

                          Deads: 135/6,5 185/4, 225/5, 275/3, 315/3, 365/3. Really focused on technique with these and making my head go up instead of staying neutral.

                          Military press: Bar/12, 65/12, 95/8, 135/5,4. I'll be making these a priority in my next training cycle in really trying to push up the reps and weight. I need bigger and stronger shoulders for what I'm trying to accomplish which is pushing my bench press up.

                          Bent Rows: 135/12,10, 185/10, 225/10, 275/8
                          Seated Rows: 120/12, 150/12, 195/8

                          The last few days I have been running around for Muscular Development Magazine and loving every minute of it recording and interviewing people for the Jr.Nationals. It ended at the right time, so I can focus on the task at hand. Great job to DCBeliever on his recent performance at SPF Nationals. Still got it done despite injury!


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                            Squats from today.


                            Leg curls after.

                            I was not going to take 455 and unracked it and racked it back. But then I had my training partner Troy and a top level national female bodybuilder look at me like I was retarded so I went under the bar and got it. It was not a pretty sight but fuck it. I'm glad I did it because I hurt my knee at 430 and I handled 25 lbs more. I have paid to do a full meet, but I will take it week by week and let my body tell me what it can handle (a lot) I also need to keep reinforcing technique with the little while I have left. I'm not going to have a week where I pull openers as I have a pretty good idea of where I stand with that.

                            Feeling good right now. Off to eat, shower, read and then sleep.


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                              Originally posted by bad bad leroy b View Post
                              Great job to DCBeliever on his recent performance at SPF Nationals. Still got it done despite injury!
                              Thanks my man, keep pushing, I have a week to heal up and then I'm back pounding away! I have some records to break, personal and federation wise.
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