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    Ok ,guys here we go! I have 13 weeks to get my conditioning beyond my wildest dreams and i'll do whatever it takes !

    I'll update stats Sunday before my skipload but i'll start logging from today.

    Day 3:
    AM:Sprints - was unable to get them done cuz there was some weird event on the track.I ran back home to get some cardio instead but unfortunately the traffic was damn harsh and i had no time cuz i must go to work.
    Ok, that was one of the greatest pump-inducing workouts i've ever had.I get so pumped that was literally unable to touch the back of my head ..insane
    The workout consist of:
    Superset 1:
    Standing barbell curls /w close grip pushdown - 4x
    Superset 2:
    Concentration curls /w overhead dumbell french press - 4x
    Superset 3:
    Machine curls /w EZ bar french press - 4x
    Giant set:
    Seated curls /w behind the back curls /w dumbell holds - 4x
    Reverse EZ bar preacher curls - 4x
    Rope crunches - 50reps (in 4 sets)
    Roman-chair sit ups - 50reps (in 2 sets)

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    Day 4:
    AM:Cardio -45min Elleptical
    PM:6x100 meter dashes

    Good day , energy levels were great.I wasn't able to go all out on all 6 sprints because my ankles were sore for some reason.However i'm getting my technique better and better every time and will check my time on 100 meters next Thursday.