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    Over the past 6 months I have been sidelined due to Injury's. Over this time I REALLY let myself go feeling sorry for myself and it's time to get back. The past 6 weeks I have been slowly getting back into the groove of working out and testing the waters with my injury's. I am at the point where I feel comfortable going 100% so the time has come to get sh*t done!!! My immediate goal is to regain strength and achieve a re-comp. I will be slightly below or at calorie maintenance depending if it is a workout day or not. My long term goal is to BULK and BULK and BULK and get as big as possible. Below is my current diet and W/O. I will add pics tom morning so I can track progress . . . HERE WE GO
    All Feedback, suggestions, and help is welcomed

    DIET - M W F

    Meal 1 - 1 packet of Quaker oats and protein shake (55g pro, 42g carb, 2.5 fat, 470 cal)
    Meal 2 - PWO protein shake 2 low fat pop-tarts(or cytogainer) , 5g creatine mono(720 cals, 50g pro , 75g carbs, 9g fat)
    Meal 3 - 2 pieces grain bread, 2 cans tuna, low fat mayo, mustard (55g pro, 40g carb, 500 cals)
    Meal 4 - 8 oz grilled steak cubes and broccoli/cauliflower
    Meal 5 - Grilled chicken breast and broccoli with some type of low cal sauce/seasoning (50g pro, 3g fat, 300 cals)

    Anyone think I should add a before bed protein shake?? I am trying to recomp and burn fat but also wanna hold on to as much muscle as posssible, possibly even build new muscle??
    All other days I take out the PWO meal(shake and pop-tarts) and add a protein shake before bed

    The workout is my beginner version of DC. In the past I have done other routines with the M W F alternating split and worked great, I liked the way DC organized it so I went with his 2-way split with a 2 exercise rotation using straight sets. I am not doing squats or deads due to lower back, hopefully I can slowly add them in seeing how I feel.

    ***all exercises are done with 2 or 3 warm ups then worksets x12 and x8, or in that range. I am going to start out modestly, not going to failure and hitting those rep ranges. I will add weight on everything every workout untilll I get to failure then work on progressive overload getting more reps or more weight each workout.

    Incline bench
    Hammer strength shoulder
    Wide grip lat pull down
    Seated Pulley row

    Standing long bar Bicep curls
    single arm pulley reverse curls
    Hack squat (1 heavy then widowmaker)
    seated ham curls
    leg press calve raises
    Decline abs 3x25

    Flat DB press
    Palms facing lat pull
    Rack Deads

    Standing alternating DB curls
    Pulley reverse curls
    Leg Press (1 heavy 1 widowmaker)
    lying ham curls
    standing calve raises
    decline abs 3x25

    All my exercises are done with a VERY slow controlled negative, good form, focusing on really targeting the intended muscle and leaving my ego at the door.

    LIFTING GOALS: (current)
    500x6 rack dead (345x6)
    225x12 Incline bench (155x12)
    315 CGBP smith (205x7)
    185 x12 military (115x8)
    5 plate leg press widowmaker (3 plates+10lb widowmaker)

    230 lbs @ 13-15% bf (would love to be 12 but need to be realistic)
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    Ok so today was my first day on this workout and diet. I felt strong on some exercises and weak on others, pretty much what I was expecting. Kinda depressing being back tracked so much but trying to stay positive. I trained a few reps shy of failure and over the next workout or 2 I am going to push it to failure and hopefully be able to progress for the next few months. Todays diet is as posted except I still have some cytogainer left so Im going to use that for my PWO drink. Also I have a shitload of 100mg ALA pills lying around so I am going to use them with all my carb meals, 300mg at each


    Flat DB
    25 push ups wu
    45x12 wu
    55x8 wu

    Military (behind neck)
    65x12 wu
    75x8 wu

    RGBP (smith)
    barx12 wu
    135x12 wu

    Chet and Tricep stretch's

    Palms Facing lat pull

    110x12 wu
    130x8 wu

    Rack Deads

    135x12 wu
    225x12 wu

    Decline Abs 3x25
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      I think pwo you miscalculated the fat, 15g is a lot pwo. Two low fat pop tarts is approx. 7g if I am not mistaking.

      For the meatloaf, I would go with your leaner meat options. iMO, 40g fat in one meal is a lot. You also have steak before that meal that also has a descent amount of fat. Both of the saturated variety. I would opt for more fish oil/fat. I am not an expert, but these are my opinions.
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        Yea i'm going to drop the 80/20 and use 93/7 ground turkey. Today is my day off. MWF weights T-THR-S cardio.


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          Standing alternating DB curls
          10x12 wu
          20x12 wu
          25x12 wu

          Reverse Pulley curls
          45x12 wu
          55x12 wu

          Leg Press (weight on each side)
          machine x12 wu
          45x12 wu
          (3) 45's x12 wu
          (4) 45's+10 x12
          (3) 45's +10 x20

          Lying ham curls

          70x12x2 wu

          Standing Calve raises
          80x12 wu
          100x12 wu

          Decline Abs 3x25

          Again I am not going to absolute failure, but I am getting pretty close. Bye the end of next week I should be pushing every exercise pretty hard and can hopefully keep progressing. Im kinda pissed about no squats or deadlifts but I am feeling great and injurys arent hindering my workouts at all for the first time in a LONG time so I am happy with my current split. Just gonna focus on progress and diet, pretty much all I can do
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            A before Front shot
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              Working on back pictures. I hold ALL my body fat in my love handles, I just took a pic of my back and was grossed out what I look like from behind. . . LOL ohh well just another thing to work on

              Back Shots


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                This one I guess worked for you...
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                  This one doesn't work...
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                    Im working on it LG1, and thanks for being the only person checking this out

                    All the pics are up and should work
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                      No worries and good luck with that blast, looks good bro.
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                        Any guess on BF?? 20-22???


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                          Doing 30 minutes of cardio today when I get home. Looking forward to tomorrow and putting up some starting numbers for my other A workout


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                            Originally posted by MachMood View Post
                            Any guess on BF?? 20-22???
                            Clueless on that stuff bro....
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                              Incline bench
                              Barx12 wu
                              95x12 wu
                              115x8 wu

                              Hammer shoulder press (weight each side)
                              25x12 wu
                              35x8 wu

                              CGBP smith
                              135x12 wu

                              Chest/Tri stretches

                              Wide grip lat pull

                              110x12 wu
                              130x8 wu

                              Seated D grip pulley row

                              100x12 wu
                              120x10 wu

                              Back stretch

                              DB shrugs
                              I had a slap tear in my shoulder and these seem to help Stenghthen my whole shoulder and give them stability.
                              70x12x3 nothing crazy , before my left shoulder had a "hanging" and weak feeling, this seems to lift it up and strengthen it.

                              Overall felt pretty good but its glaringly obvious my push movements are weaker then everything else. Just glad I am pain free and able to push myself.
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