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  • The Road to DC with Logtrog

    Hey there,

    The name is Logan.

    I'm 19 and after two-three years of keeping my food log in a personal notebook, i want to start training with my journal being public, this way I can receive more feedback and hopefully this will help my overall training.


    I competed a month ago in my first PL event, won first place in 181 class, and set state record (for their fed) at 420 deadlift.

    Right now I am trying to work out my knee ( got an MRI the friday before last ) and found out I just have excess water in my knee and some inflammation and arthritis. Trying to currently work this out, but it hurts all day, everyday, so i haven't been able to do leg work the last few weeks ( which makes me very angry because i just started my love for front squats, and i MISS deadlifting badlyyyyy.)

    So, currently I am doing the following:
    Warrior Diet
    Exmgtoo's extended routine
    Focusing on mobility ( for upper body and lower body)
    And trying to be as healthy as possible

    All while I cut down fat and increase strength.

    THE REASON I AM CUTTING FAT IS TO GET TO THE LOWEST BF I HAVE (basically ever) BEEN AND THEN I WILL BE READY TO START MY FIRST BLAST. The plan is to DC train after I am at a happy bodyfat level.

    Currently weighing 179 at 5'9" and I plan to update this thread daily, ( to take place of me keeping a paper journal)

    Heading to the gym now. I'll post what happened afterwards

    This is what I have set up for myself though:

    Monday- Lift/Mobility
    Tuesday- Cardio/Mobility
    Wednesday- Lift/Mobility
    Thursday- Cardio
    Friday- Lift/Mobility
    Saturday- Cardio
    Sunday- Cardio/Mobility

    Workout Program:
    (Warm-Up: 5 minute treadmill walk, stretch, chin-ups)
    Front Squats 2 x 5
    Leg presses 1 x 20
    posterior core movement 2 x 10-20reps
    heavy abs 2 x 20
    hips 1 x 20-25 reps
    Calves 2 x 10

    Wide grip flat bench 2 x 6 (index fingers on the rings)
    hammer grip dbs 2 x 8-12 reps
    tricep push downs 1-2 x 8-100reps. (yup 100)
    db side laterals 1-2 x 10reps light
    db front raises 1-2 x 10reps light
    pull-a-parts 1-2 x 20reps
    (chin-ups between sets on press day)
    Dead lifts (Conventional/Sumo/Rack Pulls) 2 x 5
    posterior core movement 2 x 10-20reps
    heavy abs 2 x 20reps
    rows 2 x 4-8reps
    Reverse grip narrow grip pull downs 2 x 4-8reps
    Standing wide grip curls 2 x 8-12 reps
    hammer curls 2 x 8-12reps

    Posterior core movements: reverse hyper, GHR, good morning, pullthrough
    Hips- adductor/abductor machines

    Cardio- 45 minute treadmill walks (3.5 mph 10% incline), hill sprints, h.i.i.t. (30 sprint/30walk), Jump rope.
    GPP- Kettle bell hell 2 x 10 1 arm swings 2 x 10 1 arm snatch 2 x 10 1 arm clean and press


    A. Defranco "Agile Eight"
    1. Foam roll IT band
    2. Foam roll adductors
    3. Glute/piriformis myofascial release with static stretch
    4. "Rollovers into V" sits
    5. Fire hydrant circles
    6. Mountain climbers
    7. Groiners
    8. Static hip flexor stretch
    B. Foam Roll
    C. Other mobility work.
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    04/13/11:day one

    Rack Pulls 2 x 5 275 ( went light because this was the first deadlift variation since i've been to the doctor for my knee)
    Reverse hypers 2 x 10-20reps +45 plate
    heavy abs 2 x 20reps +45 plate
    rows(machine) 2 x 4-8reps 175x7
    pull downs 2 x 4-8reps 145x7
    Standing wide grip curls 2 x 8-12 reps 80x10
    hammer curls 2 x 8-12reps 40x8

    Was a pretty good lift, was at an unusual time, but the lift went well, i did a little upper body mobility before hand. Feast time now.


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      Yesterday my diet was perfect:

      Undereating phase:
      12:00 Started
      BCAA's (20g)
      Egg White Protein (25g)
      Preworkout: Apple, Pistachios

      Overeating Phase
      grilled chicken
      protein bar
      beef jerky
      casein shake (50g)


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        Cardio-basketball, and walk.
        Diet was spot on.
        Did some upper mobility work today too.


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          I got my MRI knee results back: pateller tendinitis and infrapateller britis, osteroarthritis in my knee as well.

          They said another month before i'll be able to squat again, gah.


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            Friday, April 15th, 2011:

            Since it's friday, it was my cheat day. Still got around 200 g's of protein.