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  • training log!

    I have a log over at IA's too but spend abit of time reading the stuff over here too so i figured i may as well just put my log on both sites.

    goals are -
    264lb close grip bench
    30 bw reverse grip inverted rows
    440lb deadlift
    264lb front squat

    I see all of those being achieved reasonably soon except mabye the bench press. I don't wear a belt anymore and i'm trying to get these numbers with good form.

    Food whise. I eat what i want when i want really. I usualy get at least 180grams of protein a day but some days i'll eat absolutely tonnes. I'm not a big eater so i don't force myself.

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    Front squats - 220lbs x 2, 2, 2

    Back squats - 220lbs x 15

    I dunno why i decided to do back squats. I hate them but basicaly just wanted to get in some extra volume with my legs. I'll go lighter next time on front squats. Was still good to hit 2 plates a side on the front squat though!


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      that was a great looking set of front squast. Im with you right ther 264 shouldn't be a problem at all!!! I don't understand how you hate back squats over fronts either! Front squats to me, are one of the hardest exercises out there. I much rather do back than front


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        cheers man. it was a struggle so next week i'll drop the weight down to 210 or somthing and might also do some paused ones before going back to 220.

        Back squats are real awkward for me. I can't get as low and and front squat feels alot more natural to me. I also think a big front squat is abit more impressive than a back squat. I remember a few years ago watching some guy doing a front squat with 500. Just amazing..


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          Close grip bench press -
          198lbsx 8

          220lbsx 3, 3

          132lbsx 20 (just to get a pump.)

          Inverted rows with various grips -
          No idea how many sets or what i did. Just did them.

          Today was a good session. 220 felt good.


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            Totally agree with you on the front squats being way more impressive. If I do raw, no belt 315 ass to grass it is a challenging # for me. Yet, if I do a PL squat, loose briefs, an inch below parallel 515 is a light weight. So you see it on the boards its hard to tell what a real impressive squat is, esp when you see a video and the reps are super high. Front squats are hard as shit and there is no cheating, so if you hit good #s it doesnt matter, it's a good lift eitehr way... strong pressing there too aaron nice work


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              Today was not feeling good. Everything was playing up today. Back, ankle and knee so took it easy.

              Partial front squats - 198x 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
              Wide grip inverted rows - bwx 15, 15, 15

              The partials were the bottom half of the lift.
              It doesnt matter today sucked as i've made some good progress lately.


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                Close grip bench press -
                220lbs x 5, 5

                242lbs x 2, 2

                Deadlift -
                374lbs x 1, 2, 2, 2

                Moved my grip out abit at Sand blaster from IA's advice. Hurt my right shoulder alot in the first few sets for some reason. Gonna do some mobility work on my shoulders to try help that.

                Deadlifts without a belt suck. Feel so weak atm on them.
                Things are progressing good though. Been thinking about changing things up but i've decided to just keep going till i hit my goals and beyond. I'm still in the beginner phase of lifting so may as well try and get us much out of the basics as possible...


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                  Front squats -
                  220lbs x 3, 3
                  231lbsx 1, 1, 1
                  132lbsx 10


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                    Good work Aaron!
                    SAVE 5-10% @ Use code: LG100

                    - Success is the best revenge


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                      yup strong liftin


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                        Close grip bench press -
                        231lbs x 2, 3, 3
                        220lbs x 4, 4
                        132lbs x 10, 10

                        Inverted rows with hands together - bwx 12, 12, 12, 12

                        Wasn't really feeling it today. My right shoulder was bothering me.

                        After todays workout i realised that i bench more than i squat. Yes i'm one of those guys. lol


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                          Front squats - 154lbs x 8, 8, 8, 8
                          supersetted with
                          Wide grip inverted rows - bwx 10, 10, 10, 10

                          Reverse grip inverted rows - bwx 10, 10

                          Doing a light week this week. Don't feel much like training at all so just did some higher rep work with light weight.

                          I'll do a similar thing for benching this week. I'm going to try and include more sets of inverted rows in future for my back. I haven't been doing enough.


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                            Close grip bench press -
                            198lbsx 5, 5, 5
                            132lbsx 20

                            Barbell curl -
                            66lbsx 10, 10, 10, 10

                            Wide grip inverted rows -
                            bwx 10, 10, 10, 10

                            Its weird ive pulled a muscle in my back on the left hand side in the thoracic region really close to my spine. Done some massage with a tennis ball there because it feels kinda tight as well. Felt it abit on the inverted rows so just did a comfortable amount of reps and didnt push it.
                            Its a deload so i think i need it. Aches and pains everywhere.

                            I'm surprised to be honest I need to deload. I train so infrequently. Usualy only twice a week and not with a lot of volume.
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                              Front squats -
                              220lbs x 4, 4
                              231lbs x 1, 1, 1

                              Inverted rows with various grips -
                              5 sets

                              Simple workout. PR on the front squats with 4 reps instead of 3. Nothing amazing though.