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    Sup bros. I staring this journal of my dc training cos i had this urge in me to share my training/s with anyone who's interested out there.

    Watch me trade blows with Mr. Loggbook. Rest assured that i'll thrash him.

    A little bout myself. I'm 18, 6'0, 207lbs. %BF i'm not sure, but i'm currently cutting. Won't be posting any diets, just my workouts. Here goes nothing.
    Consistency is the key

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    This was today's workout. Everything's gonna be in kg, forgive me for that!

    Wed 4-08-04
    Straight bar curls LT-21x15kg TT-25x15kg
    Reverse cable curls LT-24x30kg TT-25x30kg
    Standing calves raises LT-8xwhole stack+35kg TT-50xwhole stack+10kg
    Lying hamstring curls LT-18x30kg TT-17x35kg
    Front squats LT-4x50kg, 20x30kg TT-4x55kg, 20x40kg

    My arms are the lagging parts, so the higher reps. I've gotta push myself real real hard to beat the logbook on those first 2 exercises.. but its all worth it. For calves, decided to do something crazy today. Haven't gona above 15reps for calves in a long time, so gonna wait and see what a 50 repper does to them. Squats felt good. The 20repper was a fucker. The front squats, ass to the grass, on the smith machine totally burned to teardrop of my quads. Later..
    Consistency is the key

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      Friday 6-8-04
      Hammer strength incline LT-21x95kg TT-12x100kg
      Hammer strength shoulder press LT-18x59kg TT-22x64kg
      DB extensions LT-17x27.5kg TT-19x27.5 kg
      Rev grip assisted pullups LT-21x64kg TT-24x64kg
      Rack deads LT-6x140kg, 4x150kg TT-8x140kg, 4x155kg

      Everything felt good tday. But there was a slight problem i've been having for awhile. I'm real strong the first stage of the rp, but following the first and 2nd 15 deep breaths, i can't seem to gring out numbers that would be in proportion to my first number. Eg, for the hammer inclines, i did 10+3+1 and for the shoulder press, 12+5+5(and the 5's were very very very hard). For lats, decided to go a bit higher in rep range instead of going up in weight cos felt they were lagging =). The last reps of the 2nd and 3rd mini set were hard, but i managed to squeeze those out. Rack deads.. woohoo!! Tried to conquer 140 for 8 the other time but missed.. did it this time! 155kg! Record so far! (oops, don't wanna hear bout how you guys use 155kg=340lbs for warmup.. spare me.. i'm weak!)
      Consistency is the key

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