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  • James: journal/log book

    ok a little background info before i begin...

    i am 20 years old im an ectomorph. I have an rediculously fast metabolism and have a very difficult time gaining weight of any kind.

    It all started for me when i was about 17 years old and was very underweight..i think back then i weighed arround 130lbs or so. i had 9.5 inch arms!!!

    I was ashamed of my body and it killed my confidence ina big way especially arround girls.

    So anyway, instead of whining about it i set out on a mission to get bigger. ..

    i spent the first 2 years not really knowing what the fuck i was doing then i purchased a hardgainer program from the internet and managed to put on a bit of size.

    Even though ive put on muscle im still far from being happy with my body. I still see myself as quite small...most of you guys before ud even picked up a weight were bigger and stronger than i am now. put it like this right now my chest is 39.5 inches and my arms are 12.5 inches. which i suppose isnt bad considering where i started.. but like i said far from where i wanna be. :grumpy:

    i have to say that dante is a huge insperation to me considering he has the same bodytype as me and came from where i did- if he can do it then so can i. Ive got high hopes for this program and really think it will take me to my goal (200lbs)

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    i hope you keep up on this log. i would enjoy following along.
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