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  • eryanb
    started a topic EryanB's DC Log

    EryanB's DC Log

    I'm currently 212lbs, 12% bf. I've been dieting hard for 6 weeks now (no cheating) and lost about 12lbs of fat so far. My goal is 9-10% bf, ~206lbs. Then I plan to stay in that range indefinitely by building and burning phases. Basically I'll blast as long as possible before gaining a maximum of 4lbs of body fat. I know I can erase 4lbs of body fat in 2 weeks so these will be my cruise phases.

    I still have 2-3% more bf to go before I start to bulk so I'm not planning to start DC untill March 01. So I post now so I have time to plan and modify based on any criticism I hope to get here.

    Back Width: High Lat Pull
    Wide Grip Pull-Ups
    Rack Chins

    Back Thickness (no R.P.): Rack Deadlifts
    Barbell Rows (smith maybe?)
    T-Bar Rows

    Chest: Low Pulley Cable Bench Press (
    Barbell Bench Press (Chains?)
    Incline Dumbbell Press

    Shoulders: Seated Dumbbell Military Press
    Seated Barbell Military Press (Smith)
    Seated Barbell Behind-Neck Press (Smith?)

    Triceps: Dips
    Reverse Grip Bench Press
    Close Grip Bench Press

    My idea is to bring up my small chest using tricep exercises that also target chest, but I realize the key is in frequency, not volume during one session. Since triceps and chest are on same session this could do more harm than good on my chest? Any feedback here would be much appreciated.

    Forearms: Pinwheel Curls
    Barbell Reverse Curls
    Hammer Curls
    (also use my 100-350lbs grippers when appropriate)

    Biceps: Incline Dumbbell Curls
    Barbell EZ Drag Curls
    One-Arm Cable Curls (so stack won't be too light) [warm-up with both arms]

    Calves: Standing Machine Calf Raises
    Standing Smith Calf Raises
    Seated Calf Raises

    Hamstrings: Romanian Deadlift (no R.P. Like quads/back thickness)
    Lying Leg Curls
    Standing Single Leg Curls

    Quads (no R.P.): Back Squats (chains?)
    Front Squats
    Leg Press

    2-Way Split

    A1: Low Pulley Cable Bench Press
    Seated Dumbbell Military Press
    Wide Grip Pull-Ups
    Rack Dead lifts

    A2: Barbell Bench Press
    Seated Barbell Military Press
    Reverse Grip Bench Press
    Rack Chins
    Barbell Rows

    A3: Incline Dumbbell Press
    Seated Barbell Behind-Neck Press (SMITH)
    Close-Grip Bench Press
    High Lat-Pull
    T-Bar Rows

    B1: EZ Drag Curls
    Barbell Reverse Curls
    Standing Machine Calf Raises
    Back Squats
    Romanian Deadlifts

    B2: Incline Dumbbell Curls
    PinWheel Curls
    Seated Calf Raises
    Lying Leg Curls
    Front Squats

    B3: One-Arm Cable Curls
    Hammer Curls
    Standing Smith Calf Raises
    Standing Single Leg Curls
    Leg Press

    Monday: A1

    Tuesday: Cardio/Abs

    Wednesday: B1

    Thursday: Off

    Friday: A2

    Saturday: Cardio/Abs

    Sunday: Off

    Diet: 4500Cal/day (50:30:20) start, but we'll see how it goes. Likely I'll have to ease slowly into the carbs while my metabolism adjusts from all this dieting.

    Do not include any of the protein from CHO sources (RICE/PASTA) for total protein count. Do count for tracking Calories.

    Meals 1-2 160g CHO
    48g PRO

    Meals 3-5 80g CHO
    48g PRO
    14g Fat

    Meals 6-7 48g PRO
    28g Fat

    30min Pre-Workout Take taurine/glucuronolactone/NAC/Vit. C/creatine
    40g whey isolate

    During Workout 20g BCAA/24g Hydrolysed Casein

    Post-Workout 160g WMS, 25g Whey Iso, 20g PP, 10g Mic. Cas., 20g glutamine peptides, 20g BCAA, creatine, NAC/Vit. C
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  • eryanb
    Been awhile. I've been focusing a lot on endurance over the last 4 years and I've learned that I can keep all my lean body mass, even while doing 12-20hr/week of cycling and running.

    In Thailand I'm in the top 1% of trail runners now. In the past year I've got 4/800 overall at the Columbia Trail Masters 50km, 1st at the CM6 44km, 2nd at the Pong Yaeng Trail 66km, 1st at XTERRA Nan 52km, 6th at The North Face 50km.

    The North Face I should have been top three but I let my weight creep up over 84kg/185lbs. Still I ran all of the above races at an average weight over 82kg, a good 12kg heavier than my average competitor.

    Street running. I can do 5km <18:00, 10km <38:00, 21km 1hr 24min, 42km <3hr.

    Well over a year now I haven't had any supplements. Not even a scoop of soy protein. A couple years back I was still holding on to this idea that supplemental protein would help me at least in extreme spots. I would have a protein shake ready for immediately after 8hr mountain running sessions or trail races.

    In the past year I phased that out as well and realized there was no significant difference.
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  • milkstud
    Nice work there Eryanb!!! Have a good time in vancouver

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  • eryanb

    Tittle says it all. I'll be away for most of the rest of the summer. Leaving earlier than I expected. Family stuff.

    Back from Vancouver Aug. 19th.

    I'm from Vancouver so I know where a lot of the gyms are. I'm going to make sure I hit all my compound lifts just enough for maintenance and bring lots of protein powder in my main luggage (had no problems with that when I flew to Edmonton in May).

    Wish all you guys a great summer!

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  • eryanb
    A3 #5

    Found out I had to go to Vancouver and so the pressure has been on my big time to isolate this product I've been observing in my reactions. Had the worst luck all week trying to get the right conditions...finally got it clean yesterday only to find that it is actually not the right I'm F$%ked!!

    Honestly today I just wanted to crawl under a rock.

    I have to go to Vancouver for two weeks on Aug 03, so I'm hoping my blast will go until that date.

    Incline Dumbbell Press:

    LT: 90lbs X 13, 3, 3 (19 R.P.)

    TT: 95lbs X 10, 2, 2 (14 R.P.)

    Stretch 50lbs X 60s

    Seated Barbell Behind Neck Press (Smith):

    LT: 205-#4bands X 5
    175-#4bands X 7, 3, 3 (13 R.P.)

    TT: 165lbs (NO BANDS) X 7, 3, 2 (12 R.P.)

    Stretch 90s

    Reverse Grip Bench Press (smith, #3 bands reversed):

    LT: (285-bands) X 12, 4, 3 (19 R.P.)

    TT: (285-bands) X 12, 4, 3 + 1 forced rep (19/1 R.P.)

    Stretch 50lbs X 90s (each arm)

    High-Lat Pull:

    LT: 170lbs X 9, 4, 3 (16 R.P.)

    TT: 170lbs X 10, 4, 3 (17 R.P.)

    Stretch 250lbs X 90s fully extended.

    T-Bar Rows:

    LT: (Bar + 145lbs) X 10, (Bar + 190lbs) X 4

    TT: (Bar + 145lbs) X 11, (Barr + 190lbs) X 3

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  • eryanb
    DC Training Squat Progression

    DC Training Squat Power Progression:

    This is why I really like to take videos. In a few more months I'll be looking at my 405 X 6 and be shaking my head in embarrassment thinking damn I was a pussy. Just like I do now for my 360 X 4 video.

    March 24 (2008). Getting owned by 360lbs.


    July 04, 2008. Owning 405lbs.


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  • eryanb
    B2 #5

    Well today was ok.

    Lower back still feeling very sore and slightly numb, but nothing like Wednesday-Thursday.

    Went for 405lbs on squats today and only squeezed off 6. I was contemplating going for 7, but I knew I would bend my back and the way my lower back is feeling, I don't want to risk an injury.

    So overall 405 X 6 = 470lbs 1RM, which is only a 7# gain compared to last B2.


    So actually my biggest gain was with the follow up widow maker of 335 X 12 = 483lbs 1RM.

    After my squats there was no way I was going for the RDL's. In fact as much as I hate to do this I probably have to take RDL's out of my routine. The combination of reversed band smith squats, floor deadlifts, squats, romanian deadlifts has been too much on my lower back and it is going to force me into an early cruise.


    Incline Dumbbell Curls:

    LT: 36.25 X 15, 4, 3 (22 R.P.)

    TT: 36.25 X 15, 5, 4 (24 R.P.)

    Pinwheel Curls:

    LT: 41.25 X 36 (S.S.) (18/arm)

    TT: 41.25 X 38 (S.S.)

    Stretch (bar 10 holes up, ~4 inches above bell button and sitting right down)

    X 50s...couldn't hack it today...(left elbow couldn't take the pressure and grip failed)


    LT: 385 X 7, 335 X 11

    TT: 405 X 6, 335 X 12

    Stretch 60s

    Donkey Calf Raises (15s stretch, 5s negative each rep)

    LT: 275 X 10
    TT: 285 X 8

    Romanian Deadlifts:

    LT: 355 X 6, 265 X 14

    TT: Not a chance....lower back is at its limits and I'm not risking an injury for this.

    Will have to restructure my routine and possibly sub in seated leg curls here.

    It pains me to do so though, since this exercise doesn't hammer my hamstrings anything like RDL's.

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  • eryanb
    Originally posted by ROB550 View Post
    Hey great vid's and good workouts eryn!
    I like rev band benching i do them on flat and decline-decline close grip
    Thanks, ya I'm really enjoying the bands for decline bench, my chest is totally wrecked after that workout.

    I'm thinking they could help me with my deadlifts big time if I start doing reversed band deads for a little while.

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  • ROB550
    Hey great vid's and good workouts eryn!
    I like rev band benching i do them on flat and decline-decline close grip

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  • eryanb
    Originally posted by bigchino View Post
    You are dedicated, that is for sure. Shake off the bad workout, happens sometimes. While I was perusing your journal I noticed that you had a high volume session prior to your last cruise (I believe that's when it was?)--I am wondering what prompted you to do that? (Just out of curiosity.)

    Keep up the good work!
    Thanks for dropping in man. Appreciate the encouragement.

    Last time before I went on a cruise I did high volume workouts just because I still had tons of energy and wasn't ready for a break yet. I had to cruise because I had to go to a week long conference out of town. So I figured since I had over a week to recover I might as well let my muscle have it.

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  • bigchino
    You are dedicated, that is for sure. Shake off the bad workout, happens sometimes. While I was perusing your journal I noticed that you had a high volume session prior to your last cruise (I believe that's when it was?)--I am wondering what prompted you to do that? (Just out of curiosity.)

    Keep up the good work!

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  • eryanb
    A2 #5 whipped my ass hard !

    So probably the worst workout I've had in a long time last night.

    My log book slapped me around, tripped me on my ass and the proceeded to urinate on me while I was down.:cry:

    My stress levels have been ultra high this week and I've been putting in long 12 hour days in the lab working well past midnight. Which means lots of solvent vapours ect.

    Just not feeling well last night. Anyway hope to feel better tomorrow... I'm going for my B2 #5 and attempting 405lbs X 8 (free weight).

    Also for the past few days the left side of my lower back has been feeling not just sore, but actually going numb. I'm not sure if this is somehow related to my weakness yesterday?

    Read on if you want to see the worst failure of a DC workout since I started this program....guess it's bound to happen once in awhile.

    A2 #5

    Free Weight Incline Barbell Press:

    LT: 260lbs X 8, 2, 2 (12 R.P.)....(bit of help with last rep of each)

    TT: 275lbs X 2 (maybe could have got 3, but just stopped)............guy spotting me was useless and way too in my space.

    225 X 8 (spotter annoying and helping with last 3 apparently)

    185 X 11, 185 X 7...........third attempt to do a rest-pause set and the guy still wasn't getting it so I had like 2 minutes in between those sets...just gave up after this.

    Incline Dumbbell Press 65 X9

    Stretch 50lbs X ~60s

    Standing Barbell Military Press:

    LT: 170 X 8, 3, 3 (14 R.P.)...cheating for all last 3 reps.

    TT: 175 X 3 ............once again totally sucking.!!!!!! This is when I started accepting that I was not meant to be in the gym today.

    135 X 7, 3, 2 (12 R.P.)

    Stretch 90s

    Narrow Grip Bench Press:

    LT: #3 bands double looped + 170lbs X 7/1, 3/1, 2/1 (12/3 R.P.)

    TT: 185 X 6

    135 X 14, 5, 7 (26 R.P.)

    Stretch 50lbs X 90s each arm

    Parallel-Grip Pull-Ups

    LT: BW X 9, 3, 2 (14 R.P.)

    TT: BW X 8, 1

    Stopped stretch no barbell rows.......lower back still bad this week from Friday/Sunday.:cry:

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  • eryanb
    B1 #5

    Good workout. Was really good at selecting the right weight increases today.

    Bodyweight seems to be plateaued at 228lbs, but body fat is dropping, so I'm upping the calories this week and pushing for 230+. This will be the heaviest I've ever been in my entire life at any bodyfat.

    B1 #5

    EZ-Barbell Curls (with #2 Bands attached to 2 100lb dumbbells):

    LT: (Bands + 70lbs) X 12, 4, 4 (20 R.P.)

    TT: (Bands + 75lbs) X 12, 4, 4 (20 R.P.)

    1-arm reverse cable curls:

    LT: 37.5lbs X 17 (S.S.)
    TT: 40lbs X 17 (S.S.)

    Stretch (bar 10 notches up like last time and sitting) X 69s (just couldn't hack it on 90s today...this hurts so damn bad)

    Seated Calf Raises:

    LT: 150lbs X 10, 5, 4 (19 R.P.)**

    TT: 165lbs X 10, 5, 4 (19 R.P.)

    Stretch (270lbs on donkey calf machine) X 90s

    **This is really stupid but I've been counting 1 45lb plate as 90lbs without even thinking about it so last time I wrote 3 X 45 + 15lbs as 285. Just from habit of counting every 45 as 90 since its usually in pairs.

    I've been counting the weight right for T-Bars though!

    Lying Leg Curls:

    LT: 117.5lbs X 14, 6, 5 (25 R.P.)
    TT: 125lbs X 14, 6, 5 (25 R.P.)

    Stretch 90s each leg.

    Smith Squats (with reversed #5 bands/blues):

    LT: 425 - Bands X 9, 375 - Bands X 13

    TT: 495 - Bands X 3 (band slipped off on 4th rep, I know I had at least two more in me


    Tried again after resting a few minutes and getting set up again: 495 - bands X 3.........this time really failed at 3 reps. Too late.

    Finished off with 405 - Bands X 11.

    Skipped quad stretching today as I actually got lured into talking with some guy and by the time I was done I was cold.....this is why I really try to avoid talking to people in the gym.

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  • eryanb
    Originally posted by jstout View Post
    Man, that's some serious stuff there. You're lookin' a little red in the face in both videos there - big-time effort and intensity.

    We need to get you a nickname. How about: The Scientist of Slag Iron

    Thanks jstout! I'm working hard. Glad to see your log up and running again as well. Diet looking strict.

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  • eryanb
    A1 #5

    Everything went well enough today. Was a bit too ambitious on my weight increases but it still works out to a 37lb 1RM increase on deadlift today.

    Previous 1RM 470lbs. Current 380lbs X 10 = 507lbs 1RM. 455 X 4 = 496 1RM

    Just matched my rep ranges on the body weight exercises (dips and pull ups) but still a progression because my bodyweight is up over 10lbs since I last did this workout two weeks ago.

    A1 #5

    Decline Smith Barbell Press (#4 Bands reversed):

    LT: 405 - Bands X 9, 4, 2 (14 R.P.)

    TT: 405 - Bands X 13, 2, 3 (18 R.P.)


    Stretch 50lbs X 70s

    Seated Dumbbell Press:

    LT: 60lbs X 14, 4, 3 (21 R.P.)

    TT: 65lbs X 12, 3, 2 (17 R.P.)

    Stretch 60s

    Dips: (#4 band tied to 100lbs dumbbell):

    LT: B.W. (~220) + Bands X 8, 3, 2 (13 R.P.)

    TT: B.W. (~230) + Bands X 9, 2, 2 (13 R.P.)

    Stretch 50lbs X 90s each arm

    Wide-Grip Pull-Ups:

    LT: (BW-#1 Bands-20lbs) X 13, 4, 4 (21 R.P.)

    TT: (BW-#1 Bands -20lbs) X 13, 4, 4 (21 R.P.)

    Stretch 80lbs X 60s


    LT: 430 X 5, 360 X 11

    TT: 455 X 4, 380 X 10


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