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    Hey guys,

    So im competing July 25th and I want to start journaling about my progress post show. Shit I wish I knew about this forum 18 weeks ago I would have logged the entire prep for myself and anyone else interested.

    Some notes on everything:
    • Started a 20 week prep March 7, 2020
    • Starting weight was 210lbs
    • 2 weeks out im fluctuating between 186-188(hit a new low a week ago and it just shot back up to 187-188 and stayed)
    • Current PEDs at 2 weeks out
      • 75mg tren ace ED(dropping monday before show)
      • 75mg mast prop ED(dropping monday before show)
      • 75mg test prop ED(dropping monday before show)
      • 50mg winny ED(goes to 100mg 1 week out)
      • 20mg halo ED(goes to 30mg 1 week out)
      • Just dropped GH which was 2.5iu prior to cardio 2.5iu prior to training
    • Training is 5x a week. Chest/shoulders, back, arms, legs, repeat. Taking Monday & Friday off
    Ill be logging some pics from the show, my training & food and how I approach that moving forward. Prob won't post much until post show as im pretty beat down, but to be continued

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    Dude this will be great to follow. I just started my prep. Competing November 26th. Post some pictures so we can see your conditioning. Warning, you can only post five at a time. Also, what show is it and division?


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      Tennessee State Championships classic division, I am moving up to bodybuilding in a couple years but for now I want to give classic a run to see where I stack up. I may or may not post pictures depending on if I want to keep my anonymity on here to random individuals as I do hold a real job as well. Ill determine that in the coming weeks.


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        Hey guys,

        So I did very well at the show! I do want to keep my anonymity on this site so I won't be posting pics or letting you know what class/place I was in.

        Im going to end this thread as I don't want to toss numbers and all that at you without pics. But we are 1 week post show, weighed 189 the AM of the show and wakeup 189 today as well. We were able to carb up pretty hard and bring a full look.

        Food went to 275/275/70 immediately after the show and now were at 400c/275p70f. Going to run a higher test dose(750mg EW) and ride out this rebound phase before stepping back on the gear for 4-8 weeks.

        This will be my last post in here, I just don't see value without pics!