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  • Lifting stuff in the garage

    As a bit of introduction, I used to be a member here under a different username. However, after like decade of inactivity I have changed enough that I am not sure I want that to be associated with my current life.

    I'm currently running a Rest-Pause based PPL, andcand some body fat. In true IM fashion, my diet is based on Skiploading. I'm going to post my workouts and some of my Skiploading foods to get me through the week

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    Morning Weight: 229.6

    Front Squats: TT: 365*4; 315*11 LT: 365*3; 315*10
    High Bar Back Squats 405*1,1,1,1; 315*15
    Hanging Leg Raise BW*10,10,10,10
    Weighted Plank: 45*75,75,75 (seconds)
    Good Morning 315*5,5,5,5
    GHR BW*8,8,8,8
    Cable Crunch 90*15,15; 110*8,8

    Skipload Highlights:
    12pm: 1lb beef, 3 hamburger buns, ketchup
    Two large sweet potatoes
    Pudding with almond milk
    Nutrigrains with almond milk

    2pm: protein pancakes (protein powder, gluten free flour and blueberries) with jam, pbfit, and syrup

    5pm: 3/4 lb beef, 3 hamburger buns, hashbrowns

    9pm: Chocolate chip cookies made with protein powder, gluten free flour, chocolate chips, sugar and brown sugar
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      Morning Weight: 241.5
      30 minutes fasted LISS

      Seated OHP: TT: 245*7+4+3; 195*10+6+5
      ​​​ LT:245*5+2+2; 195*9+5+5
      Close Grip Bench Press: 315*8+4+3; Switched to Larsen Press-style 225*15+8+7
      Larsen Press: 275*8+5+3; 225*15+6+5
      Behind The Neck Press: 135*6+4+3; 115*14+7+6
      ​​​​Dips: 90*12+5+4; (tempo) 45*11+6+6
      Overhead Rope Extension: 115*12+7+7; 105*17+9+8

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        AM Weight 239.5

        ​​​​​​30 mins LISS

        Continuing my trend of taking a long time to drop the water from my skipload. Dropped 5lbs on the last day last week. We shall see this week.

        Pendlay Row 285*9+6+4; 245*15+8+5
        DB Preacher Curl 40*8+5+3; 40*11+7+4 (first 40 is plate weight on loaded dumbbell, second is an actual 40lb dumbbell)
        Rack Chin 70*9+4+3; 25*15+8+5
        Shrug 655*5; 585*16
        Rope Curls 100*8+5+4; 90*14+7+5
        Cable Row 370*8+5+4; 325*15+8+5
        Neutral Grip Pulldown 370*9+4+4; 325*16+8+5


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          Morning weight 237.7

          30 Minutes LISS

          ​​Squats 455*7; 405*10
          Hanging Leg Raise BW*12*4
          Heels Elevated High Bar Squats 315*8*4
          Lunges 70*8*3
          DB SLDL 70*10,10,90*8
          Plank 45*60*3 (seconds)
          ​​​​​​Good Morning 315*3*3
          GHR BW*8*4
          Lying Leg Lifts BW*8*4


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            Some impressive weight being tossed around in here.
            Looking forward to following along.
            My greatest opponent is myself. Every time I walk into the gym, I have to beat the person I was before!


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              Morning Weight 236
              30 Mins LISS Off day

              Originally posted by johndylan15 View Post
              Some impressive weight being tossed around in here.
              Looking forward to following along.
              Thanks bro


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                Axle Press: 215*5+1 (Struggling to get a good brace with belt and max weight, subbed this exercise out)
                Tempo Axle Press 170*6+3+3; 140*12+6+4
                Axle Close Grip Bench Press: 350*7+4+3; 300*12+5+4
                Axle Low Incline Bench Press: 300*8+4+3; 260*14+6+4
                Machine Shoulder Press: 140+9+6+4; 120*13+7+5
                Machine Chest Press: 120*6+4+3; 100*11+6+6
                Tricep Pressdown: 150*11+7+6; 130*15+9+8


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                  ​​​​​​AM Weight 234.5
                  30 Mins fasted LISS
                  Axle Deadlifts 480*2; n/a felt a twinge in my lower back. May take deadlifts out of the rotation during the cut. I hate to, but I'm struggling with not re-injuring my lower back

                  ​​​​​Pullups 45*12+7+4; 75*7+4+3
                  Curls 125*8+4+3; 105*8+5+4 still struggling to find good form on barbell curls where I'm not artificially reducing weight but also not causing massive foramen pain
                  Axle Rows 300*7+5+3; 260*10+5+3
                  Rolling Thunder Curls 25*12+10+6; 35*7+5+3 these I am really liking
                  ​​​​​Pronated Grip Pulldowns 395*9+5+3; 340*7+4+3
                  Pronated Grip Cable Rows 340*7+5+4; 290*15+8+5

                  Although I hadn't baselined from last week, I ended up loading Friday night. Between staying up late with my family and realizing that the Saturday schedule gets all messed by the load, plus a desire to shorten the load this week, I made an executive decision. Probably not an optimal bodybuilding decision but ultimately I decided the sanity and family unity was worth the 12 hour change in load home. I also just like loading at the end of the week to both give me something to look forward to and to feel fuller through the weekend



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                    AM Weight 240.5
                    30 Minutes Fasted LISS
                    Interesting day today. Checked in with what I am doing and thinking I am going to cut this hypertrophy block a little short. I'm just not enjoying my sessions, even though I thought I would.

                    That may not be the greatest reason, but I am orbitally primarily a strongman competitor. I
                    ​​​​think I am going to run Seb Oreb's Thor:'s Power Program with a few modifications (specifically a little added volume, as it's very low volume as written). Did a little bit of a bridge session today. Will likely start the program tomorrow or early this week.


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                      AM Weight 234.1
                      30 Minutes Fasted LISS
                      Putting the finishing touches on the new routine. Trying to learn my lesson and avoid beating myself to death with volume right out of the gate. Fortunately the program also starts out relatively light for the main lifts out of the gate, so I may be able to give my joints a break before lowering the reps


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                        AM Weight 233.8
                        Log press plus accessories. Topset of 180*8 (strict)

                        Interesting day. Glad to be back to back to strongman training. Tired.

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                          AM Weight 230.8
                          30 Minutes LISS
                          Snatch Grip Deadlift 365*8*4 (4 sets of 8 reps)
                          Farmers Walk 200*50' Down and Back*3
                          DOH Axle Deadlifts worked up to 280*5


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                            AM Weight 230.3
                            30 Mins LISS
                            4 working sets of 405*5 on high bar, Beltless squats
                            Front Squats 315*3*4
                            2 Yoke Runs with 440, 1 with 530
                            ​​​​​Lower back/hip flexor strain slowly healing up this week.


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                              AM Weight 228.2
                              ​​​​​​30 Minutes LISS Off/Recovery day today
                              Will be doing a one meal (2-3hrs) Skipload this evening. Definitely feel ready both mentally and energy/depletion wise.

                              Fired up the breadmaker to make some sourdough for burgers and will probably throw together some sort of dessert (either French toast or pancakes likely). Maybe an enchilada pie if I'm feeling crazy. Will also probably eat the sweet potatoes I have because...I like them and gotta stay "healthy"


                              • johndylan15
                                johndylan15 commented
                                Editing a comment
                                How long have you been using Skiploading? I know you said in your OP that you use to post here way back when so I assume you have some experience with it. Is it something you have used regularly, when dieting, throughout your time here or something recent that you started to incorporate?