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  • Still out of the gym, hoping I can return by Sunday. Going to use Skip's off season 3 days a week to ease back into it. Looking forward to doing cardio again as well. Had bloodwork today, see my primary tomorrow, a nephrologist(kidney Dr.), endo on the 21st, hematologist for my iron after 10/16(my wife is the nurse manager in the clinic). I've dropped a total of17lbs since coming home from the hospital. I don't expect to get below 217 because I have been eating freely, however I'm only eating 2x a day to limit calories and fat gain since I'm sedentary for the time being. Blood Pressure is coming down.


    • Well, turns out I am in stage 3a kidney failure, they want me to limit protein intake to 100g or less per day, obviously back to TRT. So I've started Intermittent Fasting and eating between 12-8 and limit my protein to 25g over 4 meals, I have been back in the gym but I'm only doing High Rep Work, they do not want me to train heavy but I need to move so 15-20 reps sets are where I'll stay. Using Pepto Pro during exercise, not allowed to use any other supplements. I did purchase Revive MD Kidney and Liver Supplements and MPA Supps Heart/Cardiosolve. Have to focus on health and being around for my family. So I may never get bigger which is fine but I can still get leaner. I will never compete again, that was a hard pill to swallow.


      • Second session back in the gym yesterday, high rep leg work just to get a pump:

        Leg Ext superset with Smith Squat
        Leg Curls Lying and Seated
        Stand and seated Calf
        20 min on bike to finish session

        This morning I did a 40 min walk, blood pressure is back to normal.


        • I've been MIA while we figured out my health issues, I'm currently in Stage 3a Kidney failure. I've had to switch to a 90% Plant Based Diet, adjust training and I need to lose weight/muscle per the Nephrologist. It's been a tough adjustment knowing I won't be able to train, eat or compete the way I would like to. My diet has to be 100g or less of protein per day due to the amount of protein in my urine. My blood Pressure is better than it's been and I recently obtained my medical marijuana card, I take an 8:1 CBD:THC during the day and take a heavy THC:CBD 20:1 at night for sleep and I sleep great. I've had to cut down to half TRT dose but I've added 25mg DHEA and 10mg Pregnenolone as well as Injectable L-Carnitine. No pre workouts or protein shakes, guess I'll save a ton of money. So we'll call it smaller by the day like Matt Porter did.


          • So I started Josh Bryant's version of Escalating Density Training, it's 3 days a week which is all I really want to be in the gym now anyway.

            Quarter 1 15 min Time Limit 50 Reps for first Exercise
            Leg Press 8 Plates x8,8,8,8,8,10
            Seated Leg Curl 105x6,6,6 120x6,6
            9 minutes to complete

            Quarter 2 12 minute Time Limit 40 Reps for first Exercise
            Pec Deck 105x10,10,10,10
            Reverse Pec Deck 105x10,10,10,10
            7 minutes to complete

            Quarter 3 8 minute Time Limit 35 Reps first Exercise
            Standing OHP 135x8,8,8,8,3
            Pulldown 130x10,10,10,10
            6 minutes to complete

            Quarter 4 5 minute Time Limit 30 Reps First Exercise
            Cable Curl 75x10,10,10
            Rope Extensions 85x10,10,10
            4 minutes to complete

            Weight 223.9