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    Originally posted by Roche View Post
    Updated list has him on it ( I'm also interested in seeing Justin Maki's size improvements.
    Yes Awesome news!! very much looking forward to the show, will be interesting to see how he shapes up to the other guys


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      Originally posted by Ganggreen View Post
      Been seeing Hunter's impressive stuff on IG, but I can't get into the actual shows. Do you watch them? Or are you just interested in the results?
      Plenty of content on IG after the show.. depending on the time of the show.. its better than staying up as I need my sleep to make sure I'm Growing as fast as possible lol.. obviously UK US time difference


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        Hi Team,
        how are we all ????
        Okay update from me.. (been while)
        217.2 last check in ( Thursday 6th Aug ) Photos below

        Strength is still progressing, food and AAS is the same everything is going very well
        HOWEVER, weight isn't coming on as fast as we would like..
        Also, its been about a year since we got rid of any fatigue... lol we go til the wheels fall off.. now the wheels are half off JP has given be 5 Days of FULL rest
        3 days in and i can tell you i now i didn't even realised how fatigued i was.. sometimes determination and passion can blunt how your body feels.

        So come after this rest we should be nice and responsive.. see some lovely progression in lifts leading to lovely progress in physique and BW

        Hip update.. hip is back to 100%
        last pull session i started rack pulls and did hack squats on legs

        Overall things are about to get interesting and I can't wait