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    What's the final goal for the bulk


    • gg101
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      We will keep on pushing body weight u, til we are competitive for a 2brospros show (the NPC in england)
      so weight on scales isn't really necessary the goal, more of the look

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    Hey mate nice log so far!!
    Whats a leg workout for you..? Sets-reps-exersices?


    • gg101
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      I follow a 3 rotational split
      so leg day will look like this

      Leg day 1
      Lying leg curls 2x8-10
      Hack squats 2x8-10
      Leg press 1x8-10
      Leg extension 1x8-10
      Single seated leg curls 2x8-10
      abductors 1x15
      toe press calfs 3x10-12

      They are all petty much 1-2 working sets
      all sets will be all out failure
      I follow low volume high intensity approach

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    I hear ya. As a recent entrant to weight-classed sports its such a pain worrying about scale weight again


    • gg101
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      Yes.. also having enough muscle to be competitive.. however who doesn't want to be 300lbs leanish

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    Hi Team,

    Hope everyone is okay and safe
    so a little update from me
    woke up this morning and weighed in 214.8lbs
    just over 4lbs up in 3 weeks

    current training day food is
    Workout Day Meals
    Meal 1 - 60g whey 60g nut butter
    Meal 2 - 300g beef mince 65g rice with greens
    Meal 3 - 300g chicken 1 bagel 5g fat from cheese with greens, 1 apple
    pre - 100g ground rice 60g whey 100g banana
    65g peptopro 80g cyclic dextrin
    pwo - 250g chicken 75g rice 100g cocopops 1 bagel 40g jam
    Meal 7 - 200g 0 fat greek yogurt 25g whey 65g mix berries 100g oats

    Training is awesome !!
    progressing lifts week in week out.. literally increasing in load ,reps or both each week
    So the log book is look very very nice.. TBH i cant even remember last time i did have a session where i haven't improved

    Recovery is still good even tho lifts are progression at such rate.. Really using this time to rest up as much as possible
    currently having naps if i'm feeling a little tired and on rest days having extra 1 hour in bed if i need it
    (at the minute i have woke up before my alarm every rest day )
    Still feeling very fresh upon wake up and have plenty of energy for training and PROGRESSING THOSE LIFTS !!!
    Here are some photos from thrusday's ( last check in with JP )


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      Great log. Way to push for that progress. How are the meals going? Is it a struggle to get all six in every day just due to the volume of food and likely increase in food now that you are working with Jordan?
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      • gg101
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        Hi mate,
        meals are going really well, I have a "fat boy appetite" plus i'm pretty relentless in getting my exact NEAT level activity in
        So far getting in meals have never been a problem for me
        Food will likely increase when my body warrants more food..
        but atm performance and strength are progressing and weight is increasing

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      i really like your approach to training and I believe with jordans approach u will go far !!

      Can you post a typical push and pull day for you,,??


      • gg101
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        Sure thing bro
        push 1
        Db shoulder press 2x8-10
        DB low incline Press 2x8-10
        Close grip smith press 1x8-10
        Cable lateral raises 3x12-15
        Pec dec chest flys 2x15
        Tricep rope push downs 3x10-12
        Single arm seated curls 2x8-10
        Dual cable curl 1x15

        Pull 1
        lat pull down 1x10-12 1x same weight for a set
        Rack pulls 2x8-10
        Ass chins 2x10-12
        Seated cable row (narrow grip attached) 2x10-12
        high cable rear delts 3x10-12
        standing Db curls 1 quad drop set
        Standing calves - 3x8-10

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      Also mate .. what's your general philosophy about special sups?

      Total mgs per week compounds used duration etc as far as off-season and precontest keeping health as priority..?


      • gg101
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        Hi mate currently 5 weeks on cycle
        current cycle is
        700mg test e
        500mg nandrolone
        300mg Mast e
        I'm taking 0.5 Arimdex (AI) 3x per week too

        My take is get the most out of what you can and also choose drugs that you can eat on!! Eating is EVERYTHING
        We run cycles for around 18-20 weeks - i'm not saying this is right just what I've been doing while scaling my body weight up

        When it comes to maintaining health, I believe a healthy body is a responsive one..
        For starters bloods are essential !
        also I like to check Blood Pressure twice per week am and pm
        Health supps are essential too.. Over here in the uk we have such a good range of health supps, Jordan has his own line which are incredible, there are other brands such as strom and supplements needs who make awesome health supps..
        Tbh there isnt any excuse to why you can't 'try' and limit collateral damage now with health supp brands making properly dosed, effective and specific health supps.. they have us covered from all angles

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      I do not know whats more impressive, the progress or the beard. Both are glorious.
      My greatest opponent is myself. Every time I walk into the gym, I have to beat the person I was before!


      • gg101
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        haha i like this one
        The beard has all the anabolic power

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      Back shot from Thursday check in
      As Jordan said my RDB is exceptional i thought i would share it with guys
      Alot of muscle to be put on this frame.. but damn we are working on it


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        Do you play with volume or you keep those sets as they are and keep pushing the intensity as high as u can ?


        • gg101
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          We keep the volume the same and aim to keep push the intensity til we completely maximise the lift

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        Also .. how you progress your cycles ( as far as total mgs per week ) those 2 years u r working with Jordan from 167 to 217 pounds mate?


        • gg101
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          Hi mate
          167lbs was coming of the junior British finals so i was stage lean
          In terms of cycle progression we have slowly gone up (shown below
          cycle1 of offseason
          500mg test about 12 week mark bumped to 600mg
          300mg mast
          300mg nandrolone
          last 3 weeks 50mg var per day

          600mg test 12 week in bumped to 700mg
          300mg mast
          500mg primo 12 weeks in changed for 400mg nandrolone

          Finishing weight 217lbs

          And just for reference
          Current cycle
          700mg test
          300mg mast
          500mg nandrolone

          So you can see from cycle to cycle its small changes extra 100mgs than last cycle etc

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        Hey mate good afternoon!
        How you and Jordan decide when to up food and / or meds to keep progressing up in muscle /wheigth ?

        And if if needed an increase in cals or mess what's the way are you going as far as cals macros compounds etc..?