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  • Physique Update:

    Coach made some temporary changes to accelerate the fat loss, and i really cant be happier. This is the leanest i've been at this weight now that i think about it. I weighed in at 228.2 2 weeks ago. He bumped my later from 4L min a day to 6L min a day. We also increased cardio another 15 mins for 45 mins in total, which really seemed to do the trick. I was down to 227.0 a week ago with a much sharer look. So he decided to keep the changes in the plan for another week to see how much more we can push it.

    The bump in cardio wasnt physically a huge deal... but the mental advantage its given me has been invaluable. I do the majority of my cardio on the stairs (because that's what bodybuilders do right? ) and when cardio was first put into my plan the thought of getting to 25 mins seemed impossible... i used to have to break it up into 15 mins on stairs and 10 on the treadmill.... until 1 day i was able to get to 25 mins and it changed everything. From then on i knew i could do it. So this time around i was planning on doing the same thing... 30 mins on the stairs and 15 on the treadmill until i remembered those initial days. I decided to really push as far as i could go and before i knew it i was closing in on 45 mins. it was hard as hell, but i proved to myself i could do it and anything i do once i can do twice. In terms of cardio and outside looking in that is not that big of a deal... but realizing that same mindset is put into everything i do... that's the real magic!


    • Offseason Update:

      We have officially started the adding tissue phase. I took a 2 week deload period for the first time in almost a year which my body really needed. I took one week completely off all training, sticking only with cardio. The second week was just light pump work and cardio. I had my rest day meal plan for the duration of the deload since the energy expenditure was so low. I couldnt have been more pleased with this push! I hit All time PR's at some of my lowest bodyweight. As it stands right now 216 is y lowest bodyweight this offseason, and i'm definitely leaner than i've been so this was really a 6 month recomp, which turned out beautifully.

      After a full week back it feels great to be back in the swing of things. My weight has continued to drop, so the boss man said if it drops again we're going to start adding some food into the plan. Check ins tomorrow morning, so i will update with any changes that need made


      • Finally....

        Finally back on here. I have been quiet for quite a while and I wish i could say it was because my head was to the grind stone and putting in work, but that would be a lie. The last 8 months or so have been extremely inconsistent. Training is the only thing that has been consistently going, but even though i have been in the gym prior to a month ago i had been merely going through the motions. diet was probably 70% consistent, but nothing close to the level that it takes to achieve my goals. Finally the flip has been switched and switched on for good. I owe a big thank you to my coach for sticking with me as i worked things out mentally and emotionally, and for putting his foot up my ass when it was needed as well to get the ball rolling. So here's where we stand... its make or break time for me. It's all in... i'm giving myself permission to focus on this goal of achieving maximum size for a certain time table. It's do or die in my mind and i couldn't be more excited. With so much going on, and so much tissue to potentially be added i couldn't be more excited to see where we go. The main goal right now is to check off every box, every day.


        • 1/14/2022
          Food got bumped up again this week which has been so nice. It’s made all the world of difference in the gym. Pumps have been more intense than usual, and strength has taken a nice jump. Someone I add 300 calories/ day and lose 3lbs for the week. I’m not really sure how that works but I’m thinking it was just water my body was holding onto.

          Yesterday’s leg day was extra special. Thanks to a story on Instagram I got the great idea to throw in a deep 100 rep rest pause set. That was a full awakening. I wasn’t able to complete it in 3 attempts like I initially set out to do however that leaves room for progression for the next time. I’m determined to grow these legs specifically. My legs have been a strong point for me, however I’ve noticed that my growth and strength have been stagnated… so we’re coming out swinging with a vengeance