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    Wed 07/29
    Weight 236

    Push 1

    Decline bench – 135x8,225x5, 275x8 135x15
    Rope push downs - 120x13,6,4rp 60x15
    Machine ohp - 140x15,10,6 90xfail
    Fly machine – 170x12,6,4 110xfail
    Side lateral machine – 100x20,10,7rp

    My right shoulder felt a big tight on the bench. Nothing bad, just didn't feel right so i didn't push as hard as i should have. I also didn't have a spot so that is always a bit of a mind screw. On one side you know you have to get that last rep up but i know i left some in the tank. On to the next one.

    6/22/13 - 2013 NPC VICTORY CLASSIC
    1st - Novice Men's Lightheavy & Novice overall


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      Too much to cover with all the bullshit that has gone on since I quit posting but glad to be back. To this day the gym I was training at is limited capacity and require mask so have not been back. I found out about a smaller gym my cousin was training at that never shut down and just let they guys come in and out through the back not to draw any attention back around September. Its like stepping back in time 25+ years with the machines they have but it gets the job done. Was back rolling again when in November I made the dummy mistake of setting a 110lb dumbbell on a not so stable bench while talking to another guy and it rolled off right on top of my foot and broke it. Said screw it 2020 sucked anyway and took off till first of the year to heal up my foot.

      Been back at it since January trying to just get back in a regular routine and clean up my diet. I guess you could say i'm doing a push/pull/legs split with couple days mixed in for delts. End of the year i was a sloppy 240 but dropped to 230 quickly and have been holding between 227-232 for last coulple months but condition is slowly improving and weight is going up on lifts.

      04/28 - Delts 1

      Rear delts on fly machine - 170x10,10

      120x15, 100x15, 80x15, 60x15

      Machine ohp- 275x20,12
      220x12, 190x12, 160x12, 130x12, 100x12, 70x12

      Delt raise machine 150x18,14,12,10,8

      Stretches x 50

      Adding in the additional days for delts because I don't feel like my delts have the same cap they used to. I can't do heavy free weight ohp anymore without causing shoulder pain so hoping the extra delt work will at least help bring back some of what I had. Couple pics below of current condition. Still have a good way to go to be where i want to be but knowing where i was 4 months ago I am ok with how things are going.

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      6/22/13 - 2013 NPC VICTORY CLASSIC
      1st - Novice Men's Lightheavy & Novice overall


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        Chest 2

        Press machine 325x15,11,7 250x13

        Dips -bw x 16,16,16
        Fly machine 200x14,14,15

        Oh cable exts 160x15,15,15

        Incline press machine cluster 270x4,4,4,4,4,3

        Underhand cable ext 70 to 30 x 14

        Very little progress on this one. Its been a hectic week so not sure its not just catching up to me. I was able to at least meet what i did before and went up on a couple so thats still progress. I really figured now that i have been back at it hard almost 4 months the linear progression would start to flatten out big time but i'm ok with that because then i can swap out some of the movements.
        6/22/13 - 2013 NPC VICTORY CLASSIC
        1st - Novice Men's Lightheavy & Novice overall