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    Hi everyone,

    I am new on this great forum, and wanted to share with you my diet, so that you can give me some advice to improve it.

    But first, I think a little background is needed (sorry if I make mistake, I am French and do not master perfectly English).

    I am 30, 175cm (5'10) and 65kg (~145lbs).
    Due to several health issue, I have hypogonadism and hypothyroidism, which results in a very low test that makes it quite difficult for me to maintain - let alone gain - muscle.
    The upside is that I have a low bodyfat year round (~6-7%).

    I use a carb-cycle strategy for my diet.
    I work out first thing in the morning (wake up at 4AM, start training around 4:30AM).

    Here is what I do:

    Meal 1 (pre-workout):
    - 30g whey isolate
    - 30g WMS
    - 2g leucine
    - 10g electrolytes
    => 216kcals, 27p, 27c, 0f

    Meal 2 (post-workout):
    - 30g whey isolate
    - 120g banana
    - 2g leucine
    - 500mg Vitamin C
    => 224kcals, 24p, 24c, 0f

    Meal 3 (~90 minutes after):
    - 2 whole eggs
    - 3 egg whites
    - 100g oats
    - 2 fish oils
    => 567kcals, 36p, 63c, 19f

    Meal 4:
    - 140g of chicken
    - 80g white rice
    - 200g brocolis
    - 5g coconut oil
    - - 2 fish oils
    => 510kcals, 40p, 65c, 10f

    Meal 5:
    - 140g chicken
    - 50g white rice
    - 20g cashew
    => 440kcals, 39p, 44c, 12f

    Meal 6:
    - 140g chicken
    - 250g sweet potato
    - 200g brocolis
    - 5g canola oil
    - 2 fish oils
    => 457kcals, 39p, 55c, 9f

    Total: 2414kcals, 209p, 282c, 50f

    Being natural, I guess that I am too high on protein and too low on fats.

    If you guys have any comments / critics about my diet, I would be more than happy to discuss these with you.

    Thanks for reading me.