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Bio-individual hormone replacement

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  • Bio-individual hormone replacement

    I saw Suzanne Sommers on a Fox News Highlight that I think had been taped a few weeks ago or months ago last night on tv.

    She of course is the blonde bombshell that starred on Three's Company sitcom many years ago.

    Suzanne is well into her 50's and looks DAMN HOT if I might add...of course I do not doubt that there may be some cosmetic surgery (I have no proof so it is not fair for me to say one way or the other).

    However what was very captivating to me was that she is a huge proponet of what I think is called Bio-individual hormonal replacement therapy.

    Apparently this is a therapy where the MD customizes a hormonal package to replace what you have lost....and supposedly it is a very impressive therapy indeed.
    Ms. Sommers is totally ecstactic about it and has written a book ( yet another book that I must in regards to the therapy.

    I am sure many of you have read some of my posts indicating that some forward thinking MD's have been observing the decidely beneficial results of supplementing exogenous testosterone in men for prostate difficulties, cardiac patients, and the life extention crowd imbraces it also.

    As high profile stars such as Sommers and more jump on this band wagon, sooner or later the media and the medical authorities are eventually going to have to admit that the "Testosterone Witch Trials " have been totally unfounded, biased, and flat out wrong.

    I personally can not wait for these 2 worlds to collide....some bigtime medical people will surely have egg on their face.

    Actually during the interview Ms. Sommers was painstaking close to actually turning the interviewers on their heads. She went into detail about how she had regained her youth, felt so much better, had a greatly increased appetitie for fun and sex, and that everyone should live their life like this. She even mentioned that their are better alternatives to Viagra for men, namely testosterone!!!
    I was almost screaming at the TV for the interviewers to "ask the question!!!" ASK THE QUESTION!!!!!!!
    The question was of course-"Isn't testosterone a steriod?"

    Of course the question was not asked. AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

    Ms. Sommers even said that while she was investigating this therapy that she learned that the average MD gets about 4 hours of training in med school concerning hormones!!

    Guess they are to busy being brainwashed by big pharma on how to prescribe patentable drugs to learn about hormones.

    I say congratulations to Suzanne Sommers. I believe she, along with the majority of BBers, know much more than 99% of MD's concerning hormones.
    And yes, I will gladly buy her book.
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    " We know that to err is human, but the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is one hell of a mistake"
    Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry for inventing the Polymerase Chain Reaction

    "The fact is that you can not start off with bad science and end up with good medicine"

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    That is an interesting thing....Bio-individual hormone replacement.


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      I'm looking for a doc in San Diego for hrt if any know of one please pm


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        I have no idea how much training MDs get on hormones, but that's what an endocrinologist is for. But as a D.C., I have to take courses in basically every major system, a basic endocrine course, and three levels of biochemistry. Each course discusses hormones, system physiology courses only going into direct hormones in that area.

        That aside, I will be using blood work in my practice to optimize hormones and vitamins/minerals. Just some very interesting ideas on health and wellness.
        "Busy Gettin' Big"


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          There are a lot of HRT clinics out there...some with decent prices too